Carrie Preston Previews Return to The Good Wife

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Carrie Preston reprises the role of attorney Elsbeth Tascioni on this Sunday's new episode of The Good Wife, the third time this actress has come on board the CBS hit.

So, what prompts the reemergence of a character Preston joked to me over the phone is "not like the other kids?"

Carrie Preston on The Good Wife

"She's been hired by Alicia to help with a difficult case," Preston said. "Alicia is in a Catch-22 with a client: if she speaks out about him, she'd damned. If she does not, she's damned."

Conversations between Elsbeth and Alicia will be "strictly business," Preston added. Don't expect the latter to ask the former for any advice on her love life.

"It's tough for anyone to keep up with Elsbeth in the professional world," Preston laughed about a character she describes as "scatter-brained." "Much less talk to her about girlie things."

Aside from work on True Blood, which begins shooting season five in three weeks, Preston has a pair of movies coming out:

In Bag of Hammers, she portrays a single mother named Lynette. This woman ends up renting an apartment from a couple of con artists, who become far too prominent in the life of her son. It will be released later this year.

Preston also plays a small, but critical role in Sironia. She describes the part as a "cameo," but one that appears at the beginning of the film and then during a turning point later on. No release date has been set. Amy Acker, Jeremy Sisto and Courtney Ford, among others, also star in the movie.

The Good Wife airs Preston's "Executive Order 13224" Sunday night at 9 p.m. Watch its official preview NOW.

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I hate the Sunday showings. I have to set my dvr because I am not homemade I always get stuck with the taping of "amazing race". Something got to give. Cone on CBS.


She thought the cat was out of the bag and she will not know how to explain to the kids about her secret affair and what it would do in a divorce and custody.

Beverly brooks

I hate the fact that Good Wife is on Sundays! I think that writing this year is not as good. From one week to next, Alicia feelings toward Will run hot and cold. Did you notice her expression when he told about meeting her son?


MarekDupek----Hi John your still a oneway dirtbag.


"she is still in love with Peter" You've GOT to be kidding. She's not a complete and total idiot! Sleazy dirtbag Peter is history. You're just not paying attention.


That little bubble Alicia was enjoying is about to burst,the little bubble the writers are enjoying is about to burst too!


Its about time to get this show off the ground and put the Alicia/Will BS to rest, we all know this is a sexual game she is playing trying to find out what went wrong in her marriage. This is the big reason there hasn't been any divorce, she is still in love with Peter.
The biggest problem right now is what would happen if the cat gets out of the bag and the world comes tumbling down, who is going to be her friend then she has none.
What has been going on since the start of season 3 has brought the ratings down and keep on going, this is a sign of being dropped at the end of 3.


You're right,"Many of the other characters like Celeste, Caitlin, Tammy, etc are just annoying," I suspect the writers crazy, also add a Caitlin, I suspect that this role will be to destroy the TGW, let it ended early. Caitlin has been so much criticism is a kind of shock and indicate. Let us wait and see.


I like her.


It doesn't make sense that Alicia's feelings toward Will could change so much from Season 2 to Season 3. I think that she has changed from a decent moral person to a person who is selfish and thinking only of herself. Do not like her so much this season. The show is not as good as last year. The writing is not brillant. The main characters need to go to counseling so that they can learn how to recognize their feelings and express them to others. Many of the other characters like Celeste, Caitlin, Tammy, etc are just annoying,

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