The Good Wife Round Table: "Executive Order 13224"

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Good Wife Round Table, as panelists Lisa Palmer, Christine Orlando and Carissa Pavlica have gathered to discuss "Executive Order 13224," an episode that featured the return of Carrie Preston, a confrontation between Peter and Will... and terrorism fears.

Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Lisa: So many to pick from! The sexual harassment video at the end; "Mom, pick up the phone;" and the scene with Alicia, her red-headed attorney and the cupcake man. All the dramatic tension throughout the hour made this episode the best yet this season.

Christine: The sexual harassment video at the end made me laugh because I've sat through them before and they are just that cringe worthy. Having Will and Alicia sit there and watch it together was brilliant.

Carissa: Agreed. The sexual harassment video. I found it to be funny and was surprised that the entire room wasn't cracking up. They make it look so juvenile. The things they call harassment are more annoyances that can be stopped by telling the person to go away.

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Does Peter have a real case against Will or is he just being vindictive?
Lisa: I think it's too soon to tell, and the ambiguity is part of what makes the tension so great. But yes, he does seem to have every excuse to pick on Alicia's firm.  And him recusing himself means that he knows he has bias ties to the case. .

Christine: It was 15 years ago and Will gave the money back. This is a fishing expedition just as when he asked LG to be his attorneys and asked for a full audit of their books but didn't ask it of the other law firms in the running. Peter's searching for an angle to take Will and LG down.

Carissa: He's being vindictive. Absolutely no amount of spin will make it otherwise. Even Cary was uncomfortable with it, and he's always out for revenge. I find it disappointing that Peter has decided to focus so much of his time on Lockhart Gardner. He was just asking them to be his attorney, and now this? 

Grace and the wacky tutor? Grace searches for God? Zach bypasses the proprietary software on his Mom's computer? Name your least favorite Florrick kid storyline.
Lisa: The tutor because I just don't feel like the point of having her around was worthwhile time spent. I know the show strives to remain topical, but I couldn't see the point in having her around.

Christine: The Florrick kids are painful to watch. I was most annoyed with Zach removing the proprietary shareware from Alicia's computer and snarking that they shouldn't have to pay for that stuff. A freebie is fine if your a kid but if your a high priced law firm sending confidential information you just might want professional software for that. I wanted to smack both Zach and Alicia in that scene.

Carissa: I find the Florrick children to be horrid little beasts, and have enjoyed none of their storylines. However, the tutor story was so out there that it will win for now. I can't even believe that tutor was 22. It's so embarrassing to think about.

Should Diane actually confront Will about her suspicions about his relationship with Alicia?
Lisa: She did! In The Good Wife way: completely subtly.

Christine: Well, if they never have the conversation and this all blows up she can at least say she never knew but that won't protect the firm. There are so many ways for this to blow up both personally and professionally for Alicia and Will. It's only a matter of time.

Carissa: Yes. The sexual harassment bit was hilarious, but doesn't address real life adult situations. And, when you spend so much time at work, what better place to meet someone? I think they're keeping it quiet more for Alicia's involvement with Peter and her family, and there new proximity to Eli rather than because it's a bad decision for the firm.

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"In my world when someone even talks or approaches my wife they are in for a ride of no return and that will be the END!" Another clueless person who hasn't been paying attention! When Peter bangs hookers (and others) all through his marriage, he doesn't get to act all high-and-mighty to the guy the wife he cheated on chooses to be with instead of him. Alicia kicked Peter's lying, cheating ass OUT, and he has nobody to blame for that but himself.


Focus on the cases,please! Do not waste time increasing the new roles of boring. Writers really live in their own bubbles? The story more and more boring. 308 Perhaps is the last episode I watched.


As a avid viewer I was for backing the right side till the resident asshole cross the line and banged the wife. Now I'M ALL FOR Peter getting a big payback and hit where it hurts, Will is talking about balls how about a big kick in them for starters then have at it till he screams uncle. In my world when someone even talks or approaches my wife they are in for a ride of no return and that will be the END!


Please more Kalinda, more Diane, no more Caitlin. Or get off all the female roles, just leave this blonde Caitlin. TPTB can take for themselves. Particularly prominent on Caitlin's make me sick. Because of she, Kalinda almost disappeared. Because of she, Alicia almost become a witch. Because of she, Diane is superfluous.They can be renamed as "The good blonde lawyer".


(When Catlin began to seduce Will. TPTB trying to make us like her? She is the last straw end of the TGW.) ——————————————————————————————————————————
She will, she's young, beautiful, talented, everything stronger than A! If W does not choose her too unreal. Congratulations A / Wshippers,you finally like me, you will eventually have to give up.


I hate that blonde niece, very contrived, very sick, reminds me of the same disgusting Tammy. As long as EPIS HAVE THIS blonde,I'll done it. Red hair is good! We need more male roles, I had enough of the kind of blonde roles, enough!No more please! Male role!


Viewers like red hair is because the new roles are too boring, and also remembrance of wonderful S1.


I think the ratings of TGW will soon less than 2.0.CBS want to save it? It has lost half the audience will soon lose the other half of the audience(When Catlin began to seduce Will. TPTB trying to make us like her? She is the last straw end of the TGW.). It’s the story has continued into the dead end. Dwell on the emotion is not a good clue. It should act decisively to stop the emotional entanglement, and turning their attention to the case. A can of P’s good wife ,or can also be W’s good wife,but not entangled. Emotional cues in the drag on longer, it is from the end of the more recent.


Burn baby burn, thats whats going to happen!!!!!

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