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Family Guy solved the secret to ScarJo and Ryan Reynold’s marriage in this week's "Stewie Goes for a Drive." How else do you explain two hot young stars breaking up?  It’s because Reynolds wants his spirit in another man’s energy, of course.


In an awesome guest voice role, this actor brought some life to Quahog.  As sexy in cartoon form as he is in real life, he successfully tricked Peter into falling in love with him.

When Peter attempted to tell Ryan that he’s not gay, Reynolds turned the tables around and informed narrow-minded Peter that he isn’t gay, either - he just surrounds himself with different spirits and energies.  Well, excuse us for not knowing better!

The secondary plot of Stewie and Brian was pretty entertaining as well. Although Stewie-the-baby driving is no more unlikely than Brian-the-dog driving, the former got into trouble with the latter by crashing his car.

The best part of the Storyline B was easily Stewie gunning down everyone at Consuela’s house. As someone who harbors an irrational dislike for Consuela, I thought it was kind of awesome that Stewie taught them all a lesson. You don’t mess with Stewie!

The recurring theme of the episode was how well everyone made fun of pop culture. From Stewie’s reference to Carrie Underwood and Glee to Ryan Reynolds making fun of his own movies, Family Guy proved that it’s still a satirical gold mine.

Did you enjoy Ryan Reynold’s pit stop at Quahog for “Hotler?" Weigh in now and then read through the latest Family Guy quotes.


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To Whom It May Concern: Earlier tonight, I re-watched the newest and recent Family Guy episode Stewie Goes For A Drive. This time, I watched it OnDemand. Anyway, thank you for pointing out my error. And...MY BAD!!!!! Ya'll, until next time...Peace-Out.


It's been a long time since I LOL at a Family Guy episode. Stewie's recording to Brian was hilarious. "Go get'em child!" I'm still smiling. But his music selection is what cracked me up - I blushed, I have the same tastes as a fey, fictional character?? I hope they weren't tongue-in-cheek; go Stewie! jaybird369 Watch the episode again, Stewie just shot up the place, no one died. Sorry to disappoint.


I liked this episode last night, Stewie of course being a riot as always. RR making fun of himself was hilarious. The Peter-Ryan feeding scene was killer. FG has been hit & miss this season.


Last night's new episode of Family Guy (Stewie Goes For A Drive) was pretty funny. Also, it was NOWHERE near as depressing as last week's new episode. Last week's episode just proved that violence against women is BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!!!! Anyway, the Ryan Reynolds appearance or whatever was pretty funny. But, to me, the other part of the episode (where Stewie accidentally wrecked Brian's car) was EVEN FUNNIER!!!!! Seth MacFarlane...dude, I thought that it was a clever and funny touch by having that old and perverted Herbert win those Justin Bieber concert tickets instead of Stewie. Talk about doubling Stewie's humiliation!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Most of all, I give Stewie KUDOS AND PROPS for (finally) killing that annoying and leech-filled Consuela!!!!! I know, I know...Stewie gunned down a woman. But, remember...Consuela was BEYOND ANNOYING!!!!! Seth, all in all, Stewie Goes For A Drive was Family Guy at it's BEST!!!!! Well done.


Oh,Snooki died. Decent episode, 3/5.

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