Glee Round Table: "The First Time"

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Glee aired an episode about sex and relationships this week, as two couples went through with their first times; Coach Beiste snagged a man; and viewers were introduced to an evil Warbler.

Join panelists Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger now, as they respond to questions regarding "The First Time" and debate various points from the installment...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Coach Beiste bench pressing, no doubt. First off, there were 405 pounds on that bar. That's the equivalent of like six Emma Pillsburys! I also just loved how dense she was when Cooter asked her out, soon followed by waterworks when she realized he was serious.

Steve: The concluding montage, featuring both couples going through with their sexual experiences. You can call it cheesy. I call it perfectly done on Glee's part.

Eric: Probably the gay bar because I know how much Matt hated the Karofsky storyline. I, conversely, thought this was also handled and gave us a realistic look into another aspect of that culture.

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What was your favorite number from the episode?
Matt: "Uptown Girl," definitely. Sorry to say it, New Directions, but the Warbler are sort of amazing.

Steve: Gotta give West Side Story some love. "America" all the way!

Eric: I can't really break it down by number, but the way the show interspersed Rachel's sex dilemma with shots of her and Santana rehearsing for the show was VERY cool. Unlike anything Glee has done before.

What was your first impression of Sebastian?
Matt: Deliciously evil. He ought to make for an interesting foil, though I was very happy to see Blaine not seeming interesting at all. In fact, in reference to the first Round Table question above, my second favorite scene was when Blaine took Kurt's hand and assured him he didn't care about Sebastian at all.

Steve: My very first impression? Talk about straightforward! He might as well have jumped Blaine over the table based on the way he immediately came on to him. But, like Matt just said, it is nice to know Blaine would have fought off those advances.

Eric: Desperate, both for fame and affection. Why go after Blaine, who made it so clear he has a boyfriend? Just because he's a talented singer? Because Sebastian wants what he can't have? Makes me wonder if there's another agenda going on with this guy.

Did Glee handle the topic of teenage sex well?
Matt: Absolutely. Like I said in my review, not sure how I feel about heavier episodes such as this - I'd be excited just to see Sue walking around insulting everyone on a weekly basis - but at least I was aware going in that the episode would be serious in nature. And, yes, only positive, realistic messages were sent.

Steve: Sure. We heard from all sides - easy Santana, clueless Brittany, regretful Quinn, loving Tina - and the characters involved weighed the pros and the cons before making a decision. What else could you ask for, the show to act like teens don't have sex? That's just silly.

Eric: Who cares?!? It's a TV show! It's job is to entertain, not educate. People have got to relax.


It was beautifully done. Written, directed, acted, lighting, editing, music chosen, singing, dancing,everything was absolutely exquisite. The best episode of this season so far. So proud of all of Glee family to present this topic and oresent it ina delicate way but informative and entertaining. Kudos to all. And btw, you guys are good reviewers.

Ronald simkins

Thought Uptown Girl was the perfect into to Sebastian who I absolutely love as a foil to the too saccharine Klaine!






Favorite Scene: The scene where Kurt and Blaine were just hanging out in Blaine's room. They were comfy with each other, and I adored that they were shown acting all couple-y. Favorite Song: A Boy Like That/I Have A Love. Santana's voice was amazing, and I liked hearing a more classical application of Rachel's voice. It was also meshed very well, in my opinion. Impression of Sebastian: Obnoxious? Unecessary? Annoying? Not as attractive as I'd thought he'd be? (Alright, the last one was mean.) My thing is, why do we need him in the first place? Why does every couple have to have problems that revolve around a love triangle? (Except for Mike and Tina, which is why they are my OTP.) Why can't they stress over the inevitable year they'll spend apart? Or Blaine's alcohol problem? Why does another guy, who's very full of himself and honestly annoying as hell, have to come in and try to mess everything up? Did Glee handle teen sex well?: Honestly, I don't think the focus should be on trying to send a message as much as it should be about showing two couples' experiances. Why should Glee become a PSA because it features a hot button topic? That's not to say they handled the topic poorly; I think they showed alot of different view points and made the point of how important the person you're with is, I just don't like how so many people put pressure on the show to educate teens about sex. That's kinda a parent's job, so....

Claire mac

this was a great episode :) it actually made me like kurt who i can't usually stand!!


I liked this episode. Yes it was heavy and a bit too serious but hey, it's certainly better than the sex education episode they had last season. Actually all eps this season is better than everything they came up with last year. I'm loving s3. Don't know what the heck they were doing in s2. Just know that it was utter rubbish, for the most part.


What was your first impression of Sebastian? --->>> I'd follow him on Twitter and you know what, I've never done something like this before


1.Coach Beiste warms my heart so it was so sweet and sad how oblivious and insecure she was with being hit on. I also liked the return of Karofsky...I hate the fact that they never explained why he was gone up until this episode and I hate the fact that he's gone period. It seemed like a hell of a storyline to throw in..only to drop it and move on. 2.Rumor Has It/Someone Like You Adele mashup by Santana and Mercy...oh wait wrong episode. 3.Sebastian was forward. Very forward. I was torn between being amused and appalled. 4.yes. It was realistic and thoughtful and heavy. Honestly I tune in for the witty quips and silliness...when they discussed covering the first time for both couples I was expecting a certain level of Ryan Murphy indecency, witty quips, silliness and physical action that pushed the envelope. What I got was again, thoughtful, realistic, ryan murphy showing more restraint than I ever imagined...enough so to make me feel pervy anticipating more ( I just knew he was going to really go there with emphasis on lust and passion rather than love and sweetness), and just a heavy episode. I still don't know how I feel about just how deep it was...almost too heavy, but well written, acted, executed.


i disliked this episode

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