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The school put on West Side Story this week, but the play merely served as a backdrop for a discussion on sex. Both Blaine and Rachel wanted to experience it in order to better relate to their characters, and each did end the episode by experiencing it.

But not as a study for their roles; as a loving experience with their partners. It was all sweet and very well done.

Elsewhere, Beiste started to date a football recruiter named Cooter, while Finn was told his college future would not include football.

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Facebook conversation coutinnesYesterday at 8:06am b7Vaughn KellerVaughn KellerThis is a highly questionable hypothesis given research in other venues.Yesterday at 8:23am b7Gloria FeldtGloria FeldtWait for my book where I'll say more:-)Yesterday at 8:51am b7Lisa CohenLisa CohenI'm with you, Gloria. I only see about 3 women. A lot is always made of military experience during elections. I'm am sick to death of the waste of war. When are we going to wake up and use our resources for better causes?Yesterday at 11:30am b7Mike ONeilMike ONeilAgree with you, Gloria, re the paradigm. In the last election, Hillary positioned herself as the toughest (and most pro-military) candidate. She assumed she had to do this, and was probably right in this judgment. (9 times in 10, she would have won; she just happened to run head into a once-in-a-century phenomenon that could not have been predicted in advance). BTW, I don't think she cracked the glass ceiling; she obliterated it. That barrier is gone; its only a matter of time and luck.Yesterday at 12:19pm b7Lucinda MarshallLucinda MarshallOne plausible explanation that has been offered elsewhere is that they missed the photo op because they were stuck in line at the ladies restroom.Gloria FeldtI just watched a documentary on Alexander the Great. Was musing about how when adolescent boys are in charge, the urge to combat is strong and the resistance to risk is almost nonexistent.


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Glee Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

As your friend, I support your strange aversion to fun. But as a directed, I'm concerned.


When a man finds his calling, all is right in the world.