Gossip Girl Caption Contest 181

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Welcome to the 181st Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama! So who emerged victorious in this week's edition?

Your Caption Contest winner is JennfromCalgary. Congratulations and well done!

The winning entry appears beneath the photo below. Honorable mentions go out to heavenscent9222, XOMoniXO and jehszs. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next week!

Chuck and Blair Image

"So where'd you put our piano?"

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Blair: Be honest, Chuck. Does this dress make me look fat?
Chuck: No, Blair, the dress doesn't make you look fat. It makes you look ridiculous.


Blair: I left Louis. I couldn't stay with him a moment longer after what he's done.
Chuck: You mean paying my therapist to get me to snap?
Blair: No. He made me wear this hideous dress, just so he wouldn't have to admit to anyone that I'm pregnant.


Chuck: I know, Blair.
Blair: Know what, Chuck?
Chuck: The baby your carrying? It's mine, isn't it?
Blair: How did you find out? Who told you? Were you snooping through my drawers?
Chuck: It was a simple deduction, Blair. Only my child could be giving you this much heartburn, before he or she is even born.


Chuck: This scene is going to be all over twitter and tumblr tomorrow...
Blair: Totally. Let's make it an epic one so we get a lot of attention.


Chuck: This scene is going to be all over twitter and tumblr tomorrow...
Blair: Totally. Let's make it an epic one.
Chuck: Okay. Apologizing for everything I've done to you seems like a good start.
Blair: Well that took long enough!


CHUCK: Blair, I said it before, just because it was you grandmother's IT DOESN'T MAKE IT VINTAGE!


Blair: Be warned, Chuck Bass. If you blink first I'm going to choose Dan.


Blair; Be warned Chuck Bass, if you blink first I'm going ti choose Dan.


@jehszs Ha!


Chuck : Did you look in the mirror after dressing up? You look hideous.
Blair : It's what pregnancy does to people. You would have known if your dearly beloved mother hadn't abandoned you then lied about it. But then again, who can blame her? After giving birth to a baby with a head that huge, she had her share of misery in the world.
Chuck : Well, it's your turn to give birth to another huge headed heir.
Blair : Oh please, let's stop acting like you have genitals.
Chuck: I have genitals.
Blair : I meant male genitals.

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

They say every road comes to an end, but sometimes the end feels just like the beginning. Even when you think you've come a long way, you can suddenly find yourself right back where you started. Because every journey is fraught with twists and turns.

Gossip Girl

Chuck: I'm sorry for losing my temper the night you told me Louis proposed to you. I'm sorry for not waiting longer at the Empire State Building. I'm sorry for treating you like property. I'm sorry I didn't tell you I loved you when I knew I did. Most of all I'm sorry I gave up on us when you never did.
Blair: Thank you.