Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Dark Was the Night"

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Welcome to our weekly Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down Thursday's episode, "Dark Was the Night." Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for a Round Table Q&A.

Come along as we further debate, discuss and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace:


1. What was your favorite scene/quote from the episode?

Courtney: One name. Cristina Yang. Hands down. Sandra Oh has proven a thousand times that she is one of most talented actors on this show. Her silent reaction to the news that her dead patient was her mentor’s husband was amazing. Raw and actual emotion. Loved it!

Sean: I completely agree with Courtney. I kept waiting for Cristina to find out about Henry and when she did it was a powerful scene. It was the perfect transition from calm and collected to broken and upset without having to use any dialogue. Fantastic.

Christina: Meredith: “I had a terrible day. We say it all the time; a fight with a boss, a stomach flu, traffic. That's what we describe as terrible when nothing terrible is happening.” I can always count on Mer’s voiceovers to sum up an entire episode and completely relate to what’s going on in my everyday life.

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2. What was the best case/cliffhanger of the hour: Teddy performing surgery without knowing her husband is dead, Meredith and Alex left alone with a baby and bodies, or Callie and Jackson’s botched spinal surgery turned heart patient?

Courtney: Although I never expected for Mer and Alex to see bodies in the road when they exited that ambulance, I’m going with Teddy. The poor girl is all types of chipper while performing surgery and has no idea her husband is dead. I can’t wait to see the fall out from this. Who will she blame? Will she pull an Izzie? I can’t wait.

Sean: It’s true, Teddy not knowing will probably have the most impact when the show returns and it’ll be interesting to see who she blames or how she will handle it.

Christina: Like Courtney, I thought Teddy performing surgery without knowing her husband is dead was the best case of the night. I, too, can’t wait to see the fallout and repercussions of what happened.

3. Now that the first part of the season is over, what was your favorite arc so far?

Courtney: Hmmm. Cristina has been hilarious in working towards her bucket list and Alex has been adorable trying to redeem himself. But I’m going with Meredith. She has grown so much over the past several seasons and has gone through so much. I have really enjoyed watching her interact with Webber, him taking the fall for the clinical trial and her dealing with the fall out from Bailey. Grey’s got some guts now and it is one of the best parts of Season 8.

Sean: I continue to enjoy watching Alex attempt to redeem himself. I enjoy his scenes, whether he’s acting like an ass or not, because it’s obvious that he cares and he’s passionate about his work.

Christina: Tough question. I’ve loved all of the storylines involving the original characters, but I’ve definitely appreciated Meredith and Derek’s storyline the most. Although they received devastating news about Baby Zola, I’m hoping that their hopes of becoming a McFamily are far from over.

Definitely in the Running

4. We are now nine episodes in. Who is the most underused character of Season Eight?

Courtney: Sloan! My answer is biased due to the fact that I would watch an hour of him just standing there, but he hasn’t really gotten a good story yet this season. He has his bromances with Derek and Jackson, his daddy moments with Sophia, and a quick moment with a lady. This man used to perform insane surgeries and has the single most hottest scene on the series to date - McSteamy exiting the shower in a towel, anyone?

Sean: Lexie for sure. She’s been kind of a background character and her only real storyline so far has been about her relationship with Jackson and Sloan. She needs something more to do than just worry about which hunky guy she can be with.

Christina: Lexie. Minus the most recent episodes, we’ve seen very little of L'il Grey. I feel like Slexie fans have been waiting patiently for some time and am ready for the best comeback couple to bring it. 

5. Give some predictions for the January return of Grey’s Anatomy. Will you be able to make it until then?

Courtney: Teddy will learn that Henry is dead and will go off on Cristina and Owen. Meredith and Alex will be left out on that road for a long time and Alex will have to save the baby in that cute, underdog way he does. Callie will be put on probation for her spinal surgery and Lexie will try and get back with Mark (one can only hope)! One thing is for sure, January can not come soon enough.

Sean: Teddy might leave? I can see her taking out her anger and grief on all the doctors and driving a huge wedge between them. I don’t see Meredith and Alex in too much danger and of course they’ll pull off the miracle save. As for Callie and Jackson, someone is going to have to suffer some sort of repercussions for the botched surgery. All in all, there’s still plenty of drama to keep this season from going under. January is too far away!

Christina: Once Teddy finds out that Henry is dead, she will blame Cristina. In turn, Cristina will be upset with everyone (especially Owen) for not letting her know that it was Henry she was operating on. Alex and Meredith will find a way to save the baby regardless of the circumstances. The medical board will investigate Callie and Avery’s case while their jobs are in jeopardy. And will I be able to make it until then? I thankfully have my DVR which holds everything from doctors, vampires, ghosts, princesses, the UES, and more to help me stay alive.

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


When I saw this episode I literally started tearing was so emotional deep. I have absolutely no idea what's gonna happen next..but I can't help but hope that this season ends with no main characters dieing (like George) and nothing completely crazy happening....but I guess it wouldn't be grey's anatomy if it didn't....right?
*Excited for what's next!!!!*


I have been a fan from the beginning and as much as I love the show - one thing that always serves as a bit dissappointing is these mid-season cliff hangers and then the way they pick up with the show being three months later. Leaving you hanging to wonder exactly how things happened which seems like it's a cope out for the writers. They can think of a lot of exciting or inticing story lines but you don't get any closure by finding out how things really work out. A la...Meredith build's the house of candles and then the season picks up with Derek dying in a dream... but needless to say I will find it hard to wait until January. Predictions: I like the previous thoughts of Teddy's grief drawing her and Owen closer together because he'll have to "make-up" for lying to her and he'll have to corner her in an elevator perhaps to seek her forgiveness. Christina may have trust issues with him given her comeback to surgery and all it took for her to trust her skills again. Bailey and Dr. Ben will get back together. Lexie and Sloan back together. Sloan is definitely under utilitzed. Alex's character will get the peds fellowship but maybe the ob/gyn that took his job in Africa will come back and be a real relationship for him. Webber will be chief again...Mer/Der should move into their new home but it seems like their happily ever after swings in the balance every season...the house may not be ready until the final seaon whenever that is. I hope that stop writing all of the anger for Derek it's not believable based on their history. I think he'll ask her to come back to neuro. There are enough characters to have their own complicated joys and tragedies that they can afford to really let Mer/Der live out their happily ever after. It won't be w/o trials but the question of whether they're going to be together or not shouldn't even be on the table anymore after 8 seasons. I don't get the Jackson screw ups either...too hard to make him imcompetent...I thought he and Christina were going to be together when he first came to the show but they quickly killed that inference...but if Owen gets with Teddy out of guilt...then Jackson and Christina find comfort in losing patients and messing up the woman's heart they could get together. I was thinking the three people in the road were the EMTs that were sent to get them since their ambulance broke down. So now a third ambulance comes or either Derek goes himself since he walked out of surgery.


i don't think mer and alex liked being out ther in the dark. and besides mer's hubby is like freaking out.


I looked again at the ending of 8x09. Three bodies on the road,the car had a flame by the back wheel. Mer and Alex climbed out of the ambulance, Mer was holding the baby. What happens next, guessing the emergency services will arrive.
Also the wife who was operated on was already in a great deal of pain and wincing when she was talking to Callie when she was being discharged. Avery seems to have been negligent during the op.


I rewatched the ending and I got the same feeling, that it was the ambulance that was on fire and the bodies were that of Mer, Alex and the baby....hope not but....


I've been thinking for a long time that Owen and Teddy are going to have an affair that will end up with her pregnant, and she chooses to keep the baby and Owen leaves Christina to be with her. This in my mind, is the catalyst. Teddy will be looking on the outside like she's really taking it well, but Owen will know better and come upon her at some point either drunk or a sobbing mess or both, and with the problems he and Christina are bound to have discussing the whole children thing again, he gives in to better judgement. I think Owen and Teddy are going to be parents, not Owen and Christina.


Has no one realized the jealousy in the spinal patient's husbands eyes hen he saw Avery for the first time? He even made a comment on how his wife talked about Avery's eyes. I think her husband abused her and dislogded the screw.


@Janine geez way to go with the buzz kill, but obviously you haven't seen any of the pics being posted on twitter of BTS and also the comments being posted by some of the acters themselves. eg JCap this is just one comment sitting here answering your questions with Karev.
So i'm not going to agree with you on your theory (no out of body experiences there)


We all know about the speculation that something drastic is happening this season - that it's not a done deal that both Ellen and Patrick's contracts are being renewed after this season. I just watched the final scene of Dark Is The Night over just to make sure - you guys obviously didn't notice that there were three burnt adult bodies, one infant, and one vehicle the size and shape of an ambulance - also on fire... The out-of-body experience is certainly not a new area for the writers... So unfortunaly, and it breaks my heart to say this, my understanding is that THIS is the end to MerDer...


My cliffhanger is to see how Christina deals with Teddy. I love their connection and how they've grown and worked together. I love me some Christina, so now that Teddy has asked her to make her dream-surgery list, I'm going nuts to find out how they will move on...? Ps. I want so badly for Alex to have someone like Izzie (maybe even have Izzie in the series finale?)...

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I had a terrible day. We say it all the time; a fight with a boss, a stomach flu, traffic. That's what we describe as terrible when nothing terrible is happening.