Grey's Anatomy Review: Time For Goodbyes...

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Wow. ABC promised an astounding episode and, boy, did it deliver. The midseason finale of Grey's Anatomy offered up some serious cliffhangers, including the careers of two doctor in question, and a truly sad death.

So let’s waste no more time. Go ahead and put down your tissues. Let’s discuss "Dark Was the Night."

Bye Bye Zola. A few minutes into the hour and news broke that Grey’s favorite couple would not be getting its baby back. Social Services delivered the news that Der and Mer will be baby-less once again. And to think, this wasn’t even the saddest news of the episode. Many of us viewers have differences of opinions on the Zola situation.

Of course, we all want them to have a family, but I have to admit, I’m not truly disappointed that Zola will not be returning. This series is about adults. The baby situation works for Sloan/Arizona/Callie because we don’t see Baby Sophia often. There is no way for Der and Mer to have a baby and it not be up front and center. What do you think? Are you okay with McDreamy and Mer being alone again?

A Mer, Der Pic

Denny 2.0? We all knew it was going to happen at some point, but I didn’t know it would feel like this. Teddy’s patient, husband for insurance purposes, husband fell victim to his tumors during a surgery being performed by Cristina and Webber. This was, of course, without Cristina knowing who the patient was. First, let’s point out that what Teddy said was right, the girl is a machine. She has proved time and time again that she is someone who can maintain composure and Sandra Oh is in serious need of some recognition. And no, I don’t mean a nomination. I mean an award. In her hand. Now.

It’s easy to forget that Teddy and Owen have been friends for years, outside of the hospital. To keep Teddy out of the loop about the death of her husband is a serious decision, though. Not too sure Teddy will be able to forgive him for that. By hour's end, she still didn’t know the fate of her husband. I’m not sure I can physically wait until the show returns to see her reaction to the news. Seriously heartbreaking.

Meredith and Derek Shepherd

When Denny Duquette rolled into our lives, you knew you were in for a tragedy. The arc moved quick and serious and before we knew it, Izzie was lying on that bathroom floor. The situation with Henry, although similar in many ways, has felt authentic all the way through. His death is a definite loss for Grey’s Anatomy. The bright side? We will get to see the delicious Scott Foley on True Blood this summer. 

Screwed. "Dark Was the Night” brought a new meeting to getting your heart screwed over. Callie and Jackson’s spinal patient ended up with a screw loose , one that was tearing apart her heart. This could hold some serious repercussions for Seattle Grace’s most hardcore ortho surgeon and the doc with the world’s best eyes.

Oh Baby. Anytime the docs head out for a case, something bad happens. Mer and Alex’s ambulance adventure had me on the edge of my seat. I kept waiting for it to blow; I never expected to see three bodies laying in the road. Having Derek and the others on speaker when the ambulance got hit? Shonda Rhimes knows how to work the drama. 

On a side note, who else loved Derek shopping on eBay for 1960 scalpels for Mer? That’s the McDreamy we love. 

Doctor Derek Shepherd Picture

So we were left with some serious cliffhangers: Callie’s patient is still in surgery, Meredith and Alex are on a dark abandoned road with a newborn and three bodies, and Teddy still hasn’t learned about the death of her husband. We have to wait until a new year for answers?!?

Overall, a really solid midseason finale that has us viewers already wishing it was January. Until then, hit the Comments and let us know your predictions for when the show returns. Did you love “Dark Was the Night,” or did it fall short? Sound off and remember to check back for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. 


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Great article, but I think you meant "whole new meaning," not "whole new meeting" in your "Screwed" section. Also, weren't the scalpels from the 1860s, not the 1960s?


Owen for sure is going to be climbing a great feat for Teddy's forgiveness but if Teddy is going to hold it against Christina for losing Henry, then that's truly unfair. Not that death isnt' a serious thing and there's no excuses etc etc, I know I've lost a loved one before. But It was Teddy's idea to have Christina do the surgery and to have her unaware of who it is. Teddy's a doctor, she knows people die on the table everyday. Yes, it's different when it's a loved one but...bottom line is I will be surprised if Teddy holds it against Christina hard core or anything. And as always, stoic, tell it like it is Christina, breaks down exceptionally well when it's called for! You know an actress is good when the silent pantomime is enough to make you say "Wow...that's good acting" As for Callie and best eyes in the world's patient, I think she'll pull through and the most drama for them will be the flack they'll get for it in it's own way being a botched surgery previously. Callie will probably take the blame to heart (no pun intended.) just as much as Dr. Best eyes will. Alex and Meredith, hmm firstly I must say I was kinda thinking what Alex suggested that, Christina will carry a baby for Meredith...I think if ever Christina is preggers again that would be the ONLY reason she'd stick it out.For Meredith. Not that I think Owen would want her to give a baby of theirs up to Der and Mer. But here's another thought, maybe...maybe Lexy would do it for her sister? Moving on...I seriously thought the Ambulance was rolling, I was seriously misled by the camera movements lol. Do we know for sure that the people are all dead from the SUV? People have lived through some crazy things. I've heard most people say they're all dead. In any case though, and ambulance was on the way to Meredith and Alex anyways. But if for some reason that detail was forgotten, I'm guessing one will continue on with the baby and the other will try to tend to the accident victims if they're still alive. If they're dead though, then It's either wait for the other ambulance or over the river and through the woods for McAttitude and McMeredith. As for Der and Mer, I don't think the Zola story is over... Well those are my thoughts, I'm intrigued for January when it returns! I hope I didn't offend anyone with my bits of humour, I think it was well placed :s


@M I suppose it's hard to get pregnant for her, but it's not impossible! I just hope she can have her own baby


@sofia I dont think Mer can have chrildren on her own ,I think women with hostile uterous reject their babys eventually, so although I know Shonda never really said , I really think she cant be pregnant. Ever.that's why alex was giving her alternative ideas. Right?


Oh My God. They did it. They killed Henry!!! I am heartbroken. And god, poor Teddy, not only has she lost her husband but she has lost Christina and Owen as well - you know those relationships are never going to be the same again, if she can even forgive them, after this. And poor Christina has lost a fantastic mentor - and its yet another hit for her career. I just love any scenes with Alex and Meredith together those two are amazing - and Alex's concern for Meredith. I love this guy. Also lovely to see some Merder moments again - Derek showing how much he does love Meredith and that he has forgiven her and doesn't blame her for Zola - thats what worried me the most, that he would blame her. I hate American TV shows having a break at this time of year - um...why? I need to see Teddy's reaction now, not months down the line when we've all moved on.


@JM - I know! im surprised she hasn't been nominated yet! i mean, katherine heigl won an emmy!? ok izzie was quite annoying with whining all the time but katherine played her well, really well. though i wouldn't say sandra oh is less of a great actress. in my opinion, she is doing a lot better job that heigl ever did. don't get me wrong, she deserved the award but sandra oh deserves it 200%. i really hope she gets one, she's one hell of an actress! in EVERY episode! and she pretty much has the best lines too (i guess she makes them the best with her great acting)


i just have to mention that these three bodies outside of the vehicle just looked ridiculous. i mean the way they were lying there!? it wasn't like an accident had happened, it was like they were put there (which they were). i know movies are movies, everything is possible and very often you find yourself thinking "oh c'mon! this could never be!!" but with greys that happens very rarely (with me, personally) and with some bigger stuff like extreme surgeries etc but a car crash and bodies laying there like that? that just didn't look real AT ALL and that's something that's not hard to make look realistic...


Now more than ever I think Mer is (or will be) pregnant. Did any of you realise all the clues they said in the episode? First one: Meredith when she said to Derek "I don't want another baby". Second one: Derek when he was talking with Mark about Meredith saying she didn't want another baby. Third one: Meredith talking with Alex on the ambulance about how sad she felt about what happened with Zola. I trully, strongly believe more than ever than they will have their own baby with these clues


It's interesting how apparently everyone was only waiting for Henry to die when I firmly believed they would not pull another Denny Duquette on us. First of all - seriously? And second... I appreciate the drama, I really do. There is a reason why Grey's Anatomy is my all-time favorite show. But is it really necessary to milk every single storyline so far that it's really obvious what's going to happen? I was counting on the writers to be a little more surprising and actually let the patient with the impossible tumor condition who developed this beautiful relationship with a doctor with no other love interest live. Especially after they went with the all-too-obvious story arc when Callie and Arizona get hit by a bus and ooooh, surprise, Callie's life is in danger and her daughter gets born in impossible circumstances. I mean, really? I was expecting more. And now this. Sure, the episode was beyond heartbreaking and I'm sure the next will not be any different. But is it really necessary to always kill people off just to get more plot possibilities? Wouldn't it be much more interesting to just let Henry live and drive Teddy crazy with his med-school plans? Apart from those protests about the disappointing lack of oriinality, the episode rocked. Of course. Everyone's acting once more surpassed expectation and especially Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd make me wonder why in the world they don't get Emmys for every single episode they have intense scenes in. Honestly, the Zola storyline doesn't interest me that much, but I agree with all the others who say they'll get her anyways. No one ever said they wouldn't. They've been through too much crap to not get their daughter and this is merely a cliffhanger. What the deal is with those dead bodies in front of the ambulance... I don't exactly know why that should be the big cliffhanger to end the midseason with. I don't know these people. I'm much more interested in getting Meredith, the teeny tiny baby and most of all Alex to safety, but I don't know what the problem there should be, apart from the baby thing. I must honestly say, the real shock from this episode comes from Henry's death and the fact that Owen is forced to lie to Teddy's face about it. It's heartbreaking to see her be so happy and convinced he's fine and just a pain in her ass about the med school thing - their FUTURE together - while we all know that this wonderful woman and her relationships with the most important people in her life - Owen and Cristina - will be shattered come January. And while I can't wait for the next episode, I also dread it because of this. All in all a 4 star episode, certainly the best in this season so far and very deserved midseason finale.


Ok seriously, please sight your sources! People keep saying "I read this" or "I hears that" please tell where you saw it. If you read that the next episode is on December 8th, where did you see it? We already know that on Shonda's Twitter it says this was the last until January.

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