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Wow. ABC promised an astounding episode and, boy, did it deliver. The midseason finale of Grey's Anatomy offered up some serious cliffhangers, including the careers of two doctor in question, and a truly sad death.

So let’s waste no more time. Go ahead and put down your tissues. Let’s discuss "Dark Was the Night."

Bye Bye Zola. A few minutes into the hour and news broke that Grey’s favorite couple would not be getting its baby back. Social Services delivered the news that Der and Mer will be baby-less once again. And to think, this wasn’t even the saddest news of the episode. Many of us viewers have differences of opinions on the Zola situation.

Of course, we all want them to have a family, but I have to admit, I’m not truly disappointed that Zola will not be returning. This series is about adults. The baby situation works for Sloan/Arizona/Callie because we don’t see Baby Sophia often. There is no way for Der and Mer to have a baby and it not be up front and center. What do you think? Are you okay with McDreamy and Mer being alone again?

A Mer, Der Pic

Denny 2.0? We all knew it was going to happen at some point, but I didn’t know it would feel like this. Teddy’s patient, husband for insurance purposes, husband fell victim to his tumors during a surgery being performed by Cristina and Webber. This was, of course, without Cristina knowing who the patient was. First, let’s point out that what Teddy said was right, the girl is a machine. She has proved time and time again that she is someone who can maintain composure and Sandra Oh is in serious need of some recognition. And no, I don’t mean a nomination. I mean an award. In her hand. Now.

It’s easy to forget that Teddy and Owen have been friends for years, outside of the hospital. To keep Teddy out of the loop about the death of her husband is a serious decision, though. Not too sure Teddy will be able to forgive him for that. By hour's end, she still didn’t know the fate of her husband. I’m not sure I can physically wait until the show returns to see her reaction to the news. Seriously heartbreaking.

Meredith and Derek Shepherd

When Denny Duquette rolled into our lives, you knew you were in for a tragedy. The arc moved quick and serious and before we knew it, Izzie was lying on that bathroom floor. The situation with Henry, although similar in many ways, has felt authentic all the way through. His death is a definite loss for Grey’s Anatomy. The bright side? We will get to see the delicious Scott Foley on True Blood this summer. 

Screwed. "Dark Was the Night” brought a new meeting to getting your heart screwed over. Callie and Jackson’s spinal patient ended up with a screw loose , one that was tearing apart her heart. This could hold some serious repercussions for Seattle Grace’s most hardcore ortho surgeon and the doc with the world’s best eyes.

Oh Baby. Anytime the docs head out for a case, something bad happens. Mer and Alex’s ambulance adventure had me on the edge of my seat. I kept waiting for it to blow; I never expected to see three bodies laying in the road. Having Derek and the others on speaker when the ambulance got hit? Shonda Rhimes knows how to work the drama. 

On a side note, who else loved Derek shopping on eBay for 1960 scalpels for Mer? That’s the McDreamy we love. 

Doctor Derek Shepherd Picture

So we were left with some serious cliffhangers: Callie’s patient is still in surgery, Meredith and Alex are on a dark abandoned road with a newborn and three bodies, and Teddy still hasn’t learned about the death of her husband. We have to wait until a new year for answers?!?

Overall, a really solid midseason finale that has us viewers already wishing it was January. Until then, hit the Comments and let us know your predictions for when the show returns. Did you love “Dark Was the Night,” or did it fall short? Sound off and remember to check back for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. 


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One thing I didnt understand was... where was dr. stark when all this new born urgency came up? has the actor left the show? it's kinda irritating this thing when some caracthers appears and then disappears for no good reason, like happens to ben all the time. it makes me feel the show has lost its continuity and that some plots are there but are not at all important. Owen is a weird guy. How could him lie like that to his friend? I mean, of course he shouldnt have told teddy that henry died while she was opperating, but he could have gone on omitting. i cant imagine how he will break the news now.
"you husband is alive. not." I really miss the xmas episodes too, its a pitty that the hiatus is for so long...


Nothing in the episode made it clear that Zola won't be back. Meredith assumed the worst, but as she said herself, "no one wants to tell us it's over" and no one has definitely said no. Even Janet did not what the judge said other than the hearing was cancelled, which very well could have been because of the judges illness, which Mer doesn't know about. Seems like ing the minority, but I WANT Zola with Mer and Der...loved them with her and loving an ill child from an impoverished country is so suited to Merediths personality...she's always for the underdog, always adopting "strays". Zola is hers!


I thought it was a great episode - still unclear why we are waiting until January?? Next episode should be after Thanksgiving in early December. Teddy and Owen dynamic was interesting - you could see such pain in his eyes & it has been unusual to see his emotions so conflicted. Like many others, I liked the Teddy/Henry romance and it was a nice addition. But realistically, that relationship couldn't last forever based on his medical condition. I would have preferred a different death - maybe at her hands at home etc. I would like to see Mark become the mcsteamy he once was - lose the grandpa look. Lexie needs to be alone for a bit before diving into any more relationships. As a former EMT, I was a bit surprised that they didn't leave the ambulance lights on to warn other drivers (of course you lose the dramatic effect), the engine can still be off and the battery on to run lights for quite some time. One of the first training sessions I had before being able to drive the rig was about how an ambulance is not designed to save people if it is involved in an accident, "it's a tin box on wheels", that can cause a lot of injuries. With the force that was exerted on Alex & Mer, I would have suspected a lot more damage and potential rollover. The bodies on the ground in relation to the turned vehicle are interesting - wondering if one of them was the driver of the ambulance getting struck on his way back? Can't wait to see how this gets resolved.


I thought the next episode wills show December 8th? Please tell me I'm right...I can't wait for January!! D:


This episode is so heartbreaking.. I can't believe that Henry has to die. It's heartbreaking.. Time For Goodbyes made my heart skipped a beat. I can't wait to see what will happen next year on G.A. S08E10


i don't think it's really a "bye-bye zola". Remember the judge has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. Maybe he's sick and that's why the hearing is cancelled. And once Shonda said that Zola is transformative for Merder relationship. I believe they will get Zola back.


@Aussie- I saw that pic you're talking about. Where did you see, however, that it said MerDer are playing with Zola??? All I saw as that it said scene 1 starts in MerDer's living room and the title is called "This Maggic Moment". Zola isn't mentioned anywhere that I could see....


Why do we have to wait until Jan its not even December yet? So theres no Christmas episode are all shows doing this????? I dont get this? The episode was amazing I am crushed about Henry I love that actor hr is so gorgeous and I loved the story. If I was her I would be furious I can't see why he couldnt take over the surgery, she has the right to know, to be with him before they take him to the morgue just awful even in the drama shows life sucks :'(


Felt bad about Henry just when I'm getting back into it it's taking a break o well


@Joan Slone...The ambulance had been stopped for quite some time when Mer and Alex went flying. I believe the ambulance might have been hit from the front, hence no damage visible to us. Also might explain why the oxygen tanks remained intact.

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