Grey's Anatomy Review: Time For Goodbyes...

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Wow. ABC promised an astounding episode and, boy, did it deliver. The midseason finale of Grey's Anatomy offered up some serious cliffhangers, including the careers of two doctor in question, and a truly sad death.

So let’s waste no more time. Go ahead and put down your tissues. Let’s discuss "Dark Was the Night."

Bye Bye Zola. A few minutes into the hour and news broke that Grey’s favorite couple would not be getting its baby back. Social Services delivered the news that Der and Mer will be baby-less once again. And to think, this wasn’t even the saddest news of the episode. Many of us viewers have differences of opinions on the Zola situation.

Of course, we all want them to have a family, but I have to admit, I’m not truly disappointed that Zola will not be returning. This series is about adults. The baby situation works for Sloan/Arizona/Callie because we don’t see Baby Sophia often. There is no way for Der and Mer to have a baby and it not be up front and center. What do you think? Are you okay with McDreamy and Mer being alone again?

A Mer, Der Pic

Denny 2.0? We all knew it was going to happen at some point, but I didn’t know it would feel like this. Teddy’s patient, husband for insurance purposes, husband fell victim to his tumors during a surgery being performed by Cristina and Webber. This was, of course, without Cristina knowing who the patient was. First, let’s point out that what Teddy said was right, the girl is a machine. She has proved time and time again that she is someone who can maintain composure and Sandra Oh is in serious need of some recognition. And no, I don’t mean a nomination. I mean an award. In her hand. Now.

It’s easy to forget that Teddy and Owen have been friends for years, outside of the hospital. To keep Teddy out of the loop about the death of her husband is a serious decision, though. Not too sure Teddy will be able to forgive him for that. By hour's end, she still didn’t know the fate of her husband. I’m not sure I can physically wait until the show returns to see her reaction to the news. Seriously heartbreaking.

Meredith and Derek Shepherd

When Denny Duquette rolled into our lives, you knew you were in for a tragedy. The arc moved quick and serious and before we knew it, Izzie was lying on that bathroom floor. The situation with Henry, although similar in many ways, has felt authentic all the way through. His death is a definite loss for Grey’s Anatomy. The bright side? We will get to see the delicious Scott Foley on True Blood this summer. 

Screwed. "Dark Was the Night” brought a new meeting to getting your heart screwed over. Callie and Jackson’s spinal patient ended up with a screw loose , one that was tearing apart her heart. This could hold some serious repercussions for Seattle Grace’s most hardcore ortho surgeon and the doc with the world’s best eyes.

Oh Baby. Anytime the docs head out for a case, something bad happens. Mer and Alex’s ambulance adventure had me on the edge of my seat. I kept waiting for it to blow; I never expected to see three bodies laying in the road. Having Derek and the others on speaker when the ambulance got hit? Shonda Rhimes knows how to work the drama. 

On a side note, who else loved Derek shopping on eBay for 1960 scalpels for Mer? That’s the McDreamy we love. 

Doctor Derek Shepherd Picture

So we were left with some serious cliffhangers: Callie’s patient is still in surgery, Meredith and Alex are on a dark abandoned road with a newborn and three bodies, and Teddy still hasn’t learned about the death of her husband. We have to wait until a new year for answers?!?

Overall, a really solid midseason finale that has us viewers already wishing it was January. Until then, hit the Comments and let us know your predictions for when the show returns. Did you love “Dark Was the Night,” or did it fall short? Sound off and remember to check back for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. 


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those involved in Henry's case played their part. but i do believe that Teddy played the biggest part and really decided the fate of her husband in this. had she trusted Webber, perhaps they would have alternatives how to treat him correctly even though the tumor had already spread to the aorta. i understand what Cristina said that there was nothing else they could do specially when they used up all their time doing the laser surgery and the bleeding pretty much exacerbate the situation. it just was too late already in the end. i hope Cristina and Owen can pull through this (it wasn't even his choice to involve Cristina in the first place). also, she was really keen on blaming Callie big time for the botch surgery of that woman. Teddy wasn't afraid to tell her off. this sort of foreshadows her blaming Cristina (questioning her ability and consistency in surgery). the surrogate came up tonight. perhaps they're planting ideas in the future. it seems like Zola ended abruptly. but i think eventually Meredith will find surrogate wouldn't b a bad idea. a lot of people do it. anyways, just can't wait til Jan. oh and the people on the ground by the ambulance (i think those could've been the EMT's).


People, stop saying she will adopt the baby! If they don't want to give her Zola, it is less than likely they will give her a newborn!


Although I really like this episode, I think it was over the top. The only one who escaped disaster was Arizona. I not at all sad about Zola. I agree with the comment about Zola will be up front in episodes and I can so without that. Why was Henry doomed and written out so quickly. He gave Teddy happiness and she certainly deserves that. There's always drama surrounding Mer and Alex. putting them together in the dangerous situation provided the opportunity to work it out and move on. The staging of the bodies lying in the street looked very strange and almost laughable. Let's hope that when it returns the baby will be saved, Teddy will forgive Owen,


@Sherlock yes they still use screws, especially for spinal fusions which is what this patient had done.


Dear god, can people please stop saying Patrick Dempsey is leaving if you have actually read any interviews he has done recently eg.Mens Health magazine he was the one who gave the scoop that he was renegoiating currently, Ellen Pompeo has also stated she is happy to stay on. So the photo's that were taken of them back in July at Dan Tana's was when they actually had dinner with Tony Phelan to discuss the direction of the characters.
Whoever is thinking that the over turned vehicle looks like Derek's van your way off track, he doesn't have that anymore Mer and Der have a family car now they both sold there orginal cars in season 7 take a look at when Derek get's caught speeding certainly not the old 4wd.
Mer/Der/Zola SL is certainly not finished a believe Janet has jumped the gun, let's face it she's not the best social worker out there, i'm saying the courtdate has either been cancelled because they are getting Zola and that message didn't get through to Janet, or because the judge has become sick with his Prostate CA and needed further treatment. Shonda wouldn't just give up on a SL like that, especially one so close to her, being an adoptive mother herself. I'm gonna say we will see Janet arrive with Zola end of episode 10 either at the hospital or at Mer/Der's house. Which sets up the episode 11 opening of Mer/Der in the living room watching Zola play (remeember the accidental photo from JW on twitter last weekend. (if you haven't seen it i suggest going to or and taking a look.
Overall loved the episode, it's gonna be a long 2 months but at least it's summer where i am :-)


Did anybody else think that the screw they found in Callie and Jackson's was awfully big? In this day and age, do they still use screws?


Great episode. On a side note, as this doesn't really have anything to do with the episode but more with a comment (and previous comments from other sites) I read, why does April "need" to lose her virginity? It's a requirement now? I'm not a prude, but perhaps instead of "needing" to lose one's virginity, I would think it should be the other way around. Some people "need" to practice abstinence, then they wouldn't be so..."****ed up" as one might say? But then, this is Grey's so it's normal, as it keeps the drama continually rolling in (duh). But the "needing" to lose virginity comments are rather disturbing and ignorant.


I enjoyed the episode, but really had a few problems, maybe due to working in a hospital. What doctor would send a woman home after spine surgery without doing an MRI to check screw placement? That was just a stupid mistake. Alex and Meredith are sitting in the ambulance under signs that say "fasten your seatbelts" yet they get thrown around. It looks like the ambulance has been hit, but when they get out there is no damage anywhere. Be real people!


This show was a real heart-breaker! From the very beginning, whenever Mer said that she was never going to see Zola again - *sniff*
Then the whole Henry thing. I honestly thought that they weren't going to kill him. They got me good! Poor Teddy!!! How awful!
And finally, Mer and Alex in the ambulance!


Still in shock... this is why I love grey's anatomy DRAMA. It's really sad that Henry died... why does Cristina always have to save everybody's husband? First she had to operate on Derek with a gun pointing at her head... now Tedy's husband? but this time it's worst because she didn't know who the patient was, I am really sad for Tedy, I almost cry when Hunt told her that he was alright. My heart stopped when the ambulance got hit... but you always know when something it's going to happen -dying baby+middle of the night+rain=disaster- Can't wait for episode 10!!! I watched this episode online and I read that the next episode will be aired on December 8.

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