Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Dark Was the Night"

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Welcome to our weekly Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down Thursday's episode, "Dark Was the Night." Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for a Round Table Q&A.

Come along as we further debate, discuss and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace:


1. What was your favorite scene/quote from the episode?

Courtney: One name. Cristina Yang. Hands down. Sandra Oh has proven a thousand times that she is one of most talented actors on this show. Her silent reaction to the news that her dead patient was her mentor’s husband was amazing. Raw and actual emotion. Loved it!

Sean: I completely agree with Courtney. I kept waiting for Cristina to find out about Henry and when she did it was a powerful scene. It was the perfect transition from calm and collected to broken and upset without having to use any dialogue. Fantastic.

Christina: Meredith: “I had a terrible day. We say it all the time; a fight with a boss, a stomach flu, traffic. That's what we describe as terrible when nothing terrible is happening.” I can always count on Mer’s voiceovers to sum up an entire episode and completely relate to what’s going on in my everyday life.

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2. What was the best case/cliffhanger of the hour: Teddy performing surgery without knowing her husband is dead, Meredith and Alex left alone with a baby and bodies, or Callie and Jackson’s botched spinal surgery turned heart patient?

Courtney: Although I never expected for Mer and Alex to see bodies in the road when they exited that ambulance, I’m going with Teddy. The poor girl is all types of chipper while performing surgery and has no idea her husband is dead. I can’t wait to see the fall out from this. Who will she blame? Will she pull an Izzie? I can’t wait.

Sean: It’s true, Teddy not knowing will probably have the most impact when the show returns and it’ll be interesting to see who she blames or how she will handle it.

Christina: Like Courtney, I thought Teddy performing surgery without knowing her husband is dead was the best case of the night. I, too, can’t wait to see the fallout and repercussions of what happened.

3. Now that the first part of the season is over, what was your favorite arc so far?

Courtney: Hmmm. Cristina has been hilarious in working towards her bucket list and Alex has been adorable trying to redeem himself. But I’m going with Meredith. She has grown so much over the past several seasons and has gone through so much. I have really enjoyed watching her interact with Webber, him taking the fall for the clinical trial and her dealing with the fall out from Bailey. Grey’s got some guts now and it is one of the best parts of Season 8.

Sean: I continue to enjoy watching Alex attempt to redeem himself. I enjoy his scenes, whether he’s acting like an ass or not, because it’s obvious that he cares and he’s passionate about his work.

Christina: Tough question. I’ve loved all of the storylines involving the original characters, but I’ve definitely appreciated Meredith and Derek’s storyline the most. Although they received devastating news about Baby Zola, I’m hoping that their hopes of becoming a McFamily are far from over.

Definitely in the Running

4. We are now nine episodes in. Who is the most underused character of Season Eight?

Courtney: Sloan! My answer is biased due to the fact that I would watch an hour of him just standing there, but he hasn’t really gotten a good story yet this season. He has his bromances with Derek and Jackson, his daddy moments with Sophia, and a quick moment with a lady. This man used to perform insane surgeries and has the single most hottest scene on the series to date - McSteamy exiting the shower in a towel, anyone?

Sean: Lexie for sure. She’s been kind of a background character and her only real storyline so far has been about her relationship with Jackson and Sloan. She needs something more to do than just worry about which hunky guy she can be with.

Christina: Lexie. Minus the most recent episodes, we’ve seen very little of L'il Grey. I feel like Slexie fans have been waiting patiently for some time and am ready for the best comeback couple to bring it. 

5. Give some predictions for the January return of Grey’s Anatomy. Will you be able to make it until then?

Courtney: Teddy will learn that Henry is dead and will go off on Cristina and Owen. Meredith and Alex will be left out on that road for a long time and Alex will have to save the baby in that cute, underdog way he does. Callie will be put on probation for her spinal surgery and Lexie will try and get back with Mark (one can only hope)! One thing is for sure, January can not come soon enough.

Sean: Teddy might leave? I can see her taking out her anger and grief on all the doctors and driving a huge wedge between them. I don’t see Meredith and Alex in too much danger and of course they’ll pull off the miracle save. As for Callie and Jackson, someone is going to have to suffer some sort of repercussions for the botched surgery. All in all, there’s still plenty of drama to keep this season from going under. January is too far away!

Christina: Once Teddy finds out that Henry is dead, she will blame Cristina. In turn, Cristina will be upset with everyone (especially Owen) for not letting her know that it was Henry she was operating on. Alex and Meredith will find a way to save the baby regardless of the circumstances. The medical board will investigate Callie and Avery’s case while their jobs are in jeopardy. And will I be able to make it until then? I thankfully have my DVR which holds everything from doctors, vampires, ghosts, princesses, the UES, and more to help me stay alive.

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


Cliffhanger: Only one is a cliffhanger if you define cliffhanger is not knowing what may happen: the road scene. As a nurse myself, one who has much experience in unusual nursing in 3 countries, I can tell you that is an "anything can happen" moment leaving the viewer's mind roaming in all kinds of directions.


Can someone tell me if the ambulance rolled over when it was hit. I can'tfigure that one out. Yet again significant MerDer happenings during a tunder storm. My fave scene where reasonable Der suddenly woke up to the fact he needed to be a caring husband to Meredith. Der doesn't seem to be looking forward to Mer punishing him the way he's been punishing her. 5. Altman will have serious issues with Hunt(especially) and Webber not telling her about herhubby dying.Cris will have a megga amount of guilt about Henry dying. Not good the way she was set up to do the operation. Cris and Owen will have that conversation about Owen wanting children.
Adele's wrongly given Altzhiemers drug will stop working and Adele will call Meredith Ellis again! Ihope this happens in front of people like Bailey, Webber and Derek this time, they need to understand Mer's guilt over the way Ellis had an affair with Webber.
I really believe Zola will be back withMerDer very soon when GA returns next year. A belated Christmas present for us fans anyway


@lee I totally agree about Jackson! I love him anyways but it really pissed me off how he first entered the show being a badass resident/surgeon who was like the male version of Yang and gave her a run for her money and then shortly after they made him seem incompetent and a perpetual screwup. That made my blood boil how they somehow dumbed him down. I'm grateful that now with Sloan he's found his footing and is back to being the competent surgeon that we were introduced to, so this entire screw thing irritated me, because somehow as per usual it'll end up being his fault. @AlexisAwesome I SOO agree about everyone being accountable for Mer's actions but her. That has been frustrating me the entire time. Everyone is paying the price, their careers were permanently altered for better or for worst and Alex was villianized even though if she hadn't have screwed up he wouldn't have had anything to say to begin with, and Mer got off scott free.Been driving me nuts!


Why is it not coming back until Jan? Anybody know. And when it does come back is it going to be months later or still in that moment. There used to more info on this site. What happened. Is this the last season?


one sloppy mistake in the episode made me nuts: one minute it's POURING rain and 2-3 minutes later?, after an explosion, the ambulance doors open and there's not a drop to be seen. hello? I hope there's some kind of real compe-uppance, consequences for the horrifying "forgotten screw shreds patient's left ventricle into hamburger meat"! !! yikes. Henry's death re-opened the fascinating, o-l-d question, for me: will Teddy and Owen end up together, after all?! the grand soap opera continues! lots o' drama


1. The best scene would have to be Cristina finding out that she had basically killed Teddy's husband, I love how sad, dramatic, and shocking it was!
2. Biggest cliff hangar had to be Teddy not knowing her husband is dead! Sure Mer and Alex stranded is a biiig cliff hanger but there will be a car that comes along and saves them. Teddy will be so heart broken!
3. I like that Jackson is sort of finding himself and his relationship with Sloan developing.
4. The most unused character would have to be April or Lexie we have seen very little of either of them.
5. I predict that Teddy will actually take the death very well, i mean she married a man with a chronic illness! Also I have to hope that baby Zola will come back to her true parents and that Lexie will get with Sloan and hopefully become baby Sofia's step mommy!!! Oh and Cristina will feel very bad and try to stay on Teddy's good side!!


1. Best scene was Alex telling Meredith she's not a quitter.
2. The only cliff hanger was what Meredith/Alex will do at the accident scene.
3. Favorite arc has been Richard's helping other people besides Meredith. I hate - hate - that everybody else except Meredith is paying for her actions. But I do like seeing the real Chief happy and operating again.
4. I'd love for Alex to have a story of his own; he's underused just because there's so much to know about his family, and he needs a girl friend already.
5. Predictions: Zola returns, Owen sleeps with Teddy, Alex continues to get shit on by the writers, Adele/Richard situation gets worse. Could not care less about any of the other characters.


1.Best scene when Meredith fully realises that she won't see Zola again. Mer can't breath when things become difficult, she's not one to cry. But you could see her pain and grief at the loss of Zola. 2. Anyone faced with a dilemma of how to help 3 car crash victims, on a stormy night whilst caring for a newborn baby who needs a life saving op wins my vote. Everyone else is indoors, safe and dry! LOL 3. Mer is having a really tough time with her marriage and her job and still she keeps going. All caused by her own actions of course, but gotta love such a flawed lead character 4. I miss Der and Sloan together 5. Avery and Callie will face a lot of fall out from Avery's botched operation, not sure that lady will still be alive in 8.10
Altman will not be happy with Hunt's putting his chief of surgery responsibilities before his duties as her friend. Cris will feel guilt over wanting to time herself, and letting Henry die.
I want to see how Adele is doing and the promised visit of Der's sisters and mom to materialise.
I think Janet misinterpretted the court date being cancelled, I hope the judge had a hospital appointment. I'm really hoping Janet will give Zola to MerDer in 8.10


I'm probably the only person to think that Mer, Alex and the bodies are the better cliffhanger. Maybe it's because I'm stupid, and can't seem to figure out exactly what happened with that explosion, and the car. Such a random ending. Maybe it's because I don't see the inevitable (Teddy's grief, Cristina's guilt) as being a cliffhanger, despite how gutwrenching it was to watch. I definitely hope that Callie has to take the fall for the screw patient, mainly because I'm tired of the show setting Jackson up to make mistakes. It would be much more interesting to see how Callie as an attending has to deal with the consequences, rather than to see another resident like Jackson (who was brought on and started out seeming like a male version of Cristina) take the fall.


favorite scene-> Cri&Owen in scrub room scene
the best cliffhanger in Ep9-> Teddy didn't know Henry's death
S8 favorite arc-> Cristina's abortion
predictions for the Jan return of GA-> well, all of orignals still are alive

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Cristina: You can cry.
Meredith: I don't want to cry. I'm never going to see him again.

I had a terrible day. We say it all the time; a fight with a boss, a stomach flu, traffic. That's what we describe as terrible when nothing terrible is happening.