Grimm Review: Death by Flash Mob!

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"Beeware" of social media! It’s what all the Killer Bees are using now.

All lame jokes and flash mobs aside, this episode did provide some much-needed conspiracy that was absent last week, shedding some light on Adalind and Captain Renard. Although, I wish a little more was laid out than what we saw here.

Nick Burkhardt Pic

I hate to sound choosy because I’m truly glad the mythology and ground work needed to make the show more than just a procedural are being built up, but “I won’t let anything happen to you” and “it’s close” is not very much to go with. Yes, it looks like some of the creatures are with the Grimms (whatever that is), and the bees are one of them.

However, the only thing these “sides” are telling me is there is a line in the sand, but the stakes and what’s being fought for is still shrouded in fog.

I’ve gone with far less on far more mediocre shows, though, and I’m more than willing to give Grimm a pass this early in the season. Especially when it’s so much fun!

Nick and Hank continue to have a solid, professional relationship that works well within the confines of the “real world.” The victims are solidly incorporated within this world and the Grimm one, although I’m kind of surprised none of the cops were even the least bit suspicious of a mansion that resembled a giant beehive inside. Minor details, I know.

Which leads me to my biggest gripe about the episode: the lack of Eddie. I understand he won’t always be needed in a very large capacity, and he’s still tossing out riotously funny quips with and at Nick. But at this point in the series his only purpose is being a catalyst to quickly bring the supernatural element into the case and update Nick on the ins and outs for the fairy tale creature of the week.

Seriously, even Nick’s still useless girlfriend Juliette had more screen time than Eddie. Using her magical vet skills to cure bee stings and trying really hard to spoon Nick in bed. I’m holding out hope that she’s some kind of fairy tale creature, but it’s getting harder and harder to watch her do nothing while a far better character is being thrown to the side.

Overall, “Beeware” was another enjoyable episode, and who doesn’t enjoy a good flash mob? I just wish some things were progressing along a little faster and smoother.

Other thoughts:

  • People still use boomboxes? Didn't we leave those in the 90s with ye olde cassette player?
  • I was glad to see Aunt Marie's trailer still has a role. I feared Nick might have done away with it along with her death.
  • For being such a prominent figure in Nick's life Aunt Marie's death has no lasting emotional consequences for Nick.


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i agree with the review.


@RealDiehl: "Picture this (or not): John Cusack, Peter Gabriel, and an ipod" HAHAHAHAH....just wouldn't be the same, would it? I really enjoyed this episode, more so than the previous two. I like that the mythology and conspiracy is getting more complicated. I always figured there were good monsters - Aunt Marie did say kill the "bad ones", so there must be good ones. I also missed Eddie - he's the best thing on that show. I'm also hoping that Nick confides in Hank at some point. And I'm REALLY hoping that the girlfriend becomes more than a prop, or at least becomes a source of emotional dissonance for Nick - Aunt Marie did tell him he has to break up with her because it's too dangerous. One thing I did note - and LOVED - during the episode was the use of colour. There was a LOT of yellow/black, from the first perp's phone to the clothes that the bee-people were wearing. I think that kind of detail is awesome.


LOL! Ye Olde cassette player...Nice touch. Picture this (or not): John Cusack, Peter Gabriel, and an ipod Agree with Farsia about the info. in the books. I've paused the DVR to try and read some of what's written but it's just too small. The pictures alone don't explain enough.


you'd look a bit stupid holding up an ipod dock wouldn't you? Plus there's no bass on those things.


Eddie should have his own show!


Great new show


The boombox used in the scene did have an iPod dock, so not that outlandish.


i am officially in love with this tv show, i will repeat myself and list all the things i love about it from my last comments but they are all there, the atmosphere, the suspense, the gothic fairy-tale quality of it all.... perfect!!
i like how every ep they start slow just like the fairy tales are in books and then they add layer by layer building up with suspense and clues and even if you listen closely you'll hear that the music in the background becomes louder as the ep progresses.
well we've already figured out that there are creatures who don't need to be killed just because of what they are, some of them are good, we figured it out when we met the fabulous reformed wolf, but it was interesting to find out that there are entire species that are on the side of goodness.
it was good to see Nick have a little face off with the blondie, now he knows who she is and hopefully will be able to dig deeper now.
Eddie WAS terribly missed by me too but this is not a show about him, i get that, unfortunately my prob is that Nick(the actor who plays him i mean) has a very difficult time building some sort of a relationship between him and Hank and playing off of the chemistry that they have because Hank is so damn boring and uninteresting, he is like an empty prop in my eyes so the actor who plays Nick really struggles with the lack of response from his fellow actor, but when he is with Eddie, he comes alive because they have really chemistry and they truly enjoy playing with each other as actors. my entire family consists of Directors and musicians and ballet dancers, so i know the world of actors inside out and it was obvious for all of us.
Nick's girlfriend is just unbelievably annoying, if they wanted a pretty prop they should have at least made her pretty and not looking like a B class older woman next to Nick. well probably when he will get closer to the main bad guy sth will happen to her or sth. i don't know but i hope she either dies or becomes he bad guy, she doesn't even need to be supernatural herself, maybe she is married to one or has been brainwashed or an odd child out, like her brothers or sisters go the gift from their parents but she missed or sth and this is her way of being useful. this would of course mean that the bad guys know about the trailer, oops!
oh and they should really have a narrator read out to us what Nick is reading in those books so that he won't have to repeat it afterwards with Eddie, plus i am just curious.

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