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I'm glad to here you have personal knowledge that she is not leaving I wish I was that fortunate.


Grace Park is not leaving the show. I believe they all signed on to stay as long as the show ran. Just because they added a new character (who is not working) does not mean they are phasing Grace out. They know when they have a winning formula and the formula are the core four. Grace is a huge part of the success of this show. She is not going anywhere, nor are the other three. They made a bad decision bring another team member on, hopefully they will correct that mistake.


If Grace Park leaves at end of season, as I think she is being forced out, I hope her final act is killing Lori. Wish Grace could come back to Canadian TV, but we are a country of only about 35 Million so pay is much less. Somebody mentioned The Border earlier, she was in 9 or 10 eps over 2 seasons and those eps had about 25% more viewers, she is a major star here.


I think they have backed off the decision to make her a love interest. Even in the helicopter when she stared at him he looked away. I def do not think they are going there. I do think they were going to though when they brought her on but have changed the direction.

They might not be taking her off the show like most of us want but they do seem to be listening to the fans in the sense that they are not going to put her with the lead of the show. I have no doubt she is not leaving yet but she will be gone soon enough. There is just too much complaining from the fans. They have to listen at some point. Plus there is zero chemistry!!!!!! I want him to have a love interest but outside of the team.


@Zia - You are right about those moments between Steve and Lori (you forgot to mention their first meeting at the Governor's office though :) ) but Steve is not the guy who is letting his feelings and love life out for the public. Remember those romantic evenings and nights he had with his ex, Danny was the only one who knew.
He won't get involved with Lori, unless Lori is out of Five O.


I wish I was as confident, but who knows why they had her talk to Chin in that uncomfortable scene, be in the locker room during the fight scene, and he gives her a look before he goes into the ring, he asks her if she went to the halloween party alone, and she runs up to him in the last episode to give him a hug. These are all opposite actions to what they are saying, that Lori is not a love interest.

I don't know if that is to throw us off for what they have in mind, get back at us for wanting the character off the show, or there will be a romance between Steve and Lori. I love this show, so I will continue watching, but I so do not want McG with any member of the team. I would not mind an outside love interest. I will be able to tolerate if she is a team member, but a love interest is a whole different thing. Unless that gets her killed off. Again, I have nothing against the actress, its not her decision, she applied for a job and got it.


@azzira....oh you are right!!!!! Wow!! That must have been months ago.

I feel so so much better. Okay crisis over!! LOL!


@Martinelli...that is a good point. No one really knows and often times when a character is being written out the actor or actress is the last to know. I am with you, there is noooooo way they will have Steve Mcg fall for a subordinate. If they did that it would be way too out of character and I am positive AOL would have none of that. The character of Steve has boundaries he does not cross.

Okay I feel better!!!

You girls rock!!!!


I think that this article is a reboot of an old interview from some time back; this was from a cast interview back in September:


German’s slender figure breaks into a graceful swing dance between takes. Right now she’s relaxing beside Caan.

Was it intimidating joining an established cast?

Everybody was lovely and welcoming. I was more intimidated with do I look believable holding a gun?

Any special preparations?

A lot! I’ve been working with our gun props guy who I believe is an ex-Marine and our Navy SEAL guy, and I’ve been training with a martial artist.

Tell us about your character.

Thus far Lori (Weston) comes from a detective, profiling and homeland security background, and she’s assigned by the governor to be the new cop in the Five-0 task force. She’s thrown in there with McGarret and all the boys, but she knows her stuff and she’s a tough cookie.

Isn’t she a love interest for McGarret?

I heard that might happen in the beginning, more so than I’m hearing it now. For now, there’s more of a work chemistry and mutual respect between Lori and McGarret. As an archetype Lori is sort of not a female version of McGarret, he’s the head honcho but she can really go toe to toe with him. They think in similar ways, really respect one another and they have a good sense of humor with each other.

I think they trot these things out as Press releases when they launch the new season in each country, and then the journalists write them up.


@ amazingalex - You know they can not say much about what will happen in future episodes, so they are always talking like McGarrett did about what he was doing as a seal: "neither confirm nor deny" and let us believe that we want.

Yes, she will be in the show, she won't disappear (I told you guys), but romance between her and Steve? No way!!!!

“But you know, I haven’t read anything in the script of a (love) connection (between my character Lori and Alex’s McGarrett) yet,” replies Lauren when asked about a possible love angle between the two cops. “I have no idea if that will happen in the future. But it would be nice to see McGarrett, you know, have a little love in a while.”

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