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The episode opened with a reporter calling her boss telling him she thought she was being followed. The next day Five-O is called in because she was murdered. Steve received a visit from Jenna Kaye who wanted his help 

It turned out that Jenna was working for Wo Fat and she tricked Steve to Korea. Wo Fat captured Steve and revealed to Jenna that her Fiancee was actually dead. Danny enlisted the help of Joe White and Seal Team 9 to help get Steve back.

In Korea, Wo Fat tortured Steve and eventually shot and killed Jenna. Joe, a few member of Seal Team 9 and the rest of Five-O went in to the compound and found Jenna but Steve had been taken.  They team managed to intercept the convoy and rescue Steve, but Wo Fat got away.

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Is season 2 over with the Nov. 21 show?
Saw rerun end of Nov. am confused.


i think they get wofat now becuase steve saw wofat kill jenna kaye and now steve is out for blood becuase wofat killed his firend that saved his life and now steve will never be able to forget jenna becasuse jenna saved his life


DAMN...and that's both good and bad. Good: Jimmy Buffett, Terry O'Quinn, and Mark Dacascos (despicable though his character is) Bad: I thought we'd seen the last of Jenna Kaye--I DO NOT trust that woman and wish she'd go away already.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Danny: Do me a favor and watch yourself
Steve: I'll think about you the whole time.

Chin Ho: This should have been on your finger a long time ago
Malia: Chin Ho Kelly, I would love to be your wife.