Hawaii Five-O Review: "Kame'e"

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Kame’e: The Hero.

Steve and his team worked to stop an assassin who was targeting Navy SEALs this week, making Steve and the Five-O team "Kame'e."

Who else is excited that Lt. Commander Joe White is moving to the islands, where he could potentially be a regular (or at least significantly recurring) character on Hawaii Five-O? I have made it no secret that I really enjoy Terry O'Quinn’s portrayal of White and this week's revelation just added to my budding man-crush!

Shot of Kono

I didn’t realize what a hot head Steve could be until Joe White was added to the mix as the sage wisdom-imbued father figure. After watching Steve go after Drayton in the cooler, I actually wondered if Lt. Governor Denning was right in his assessment that Five-0 had been over-stepping more than they should have.

Was Steve this big of hot head last season and I just not see it? Or do they need a grumpier McGarrett to make Joe White work as the calming influence?

Elsewhere, I was also very happy with Lori Weston this week. First, the writers turned down the “sultry sex-kitten” look/feel about 50%. She is still attractive, but she didn’t seem out of place.

Second, the skills she showed off made her one part Jenna Kaye, one pary Kono and 100% awesome as she went “Steve like” toe-to-toe with Danny in the car about marriage.

Speaking of Kono, she is either sliding to the dark-side faster than you can say “Anakin Skywalker” or, as one TV Fanatic suggested last week, she has gone undercover for Captain Frye.  Either way, I hate the story arc with a passion.

To start with, it’s not connecting to Five-0 other than having Kono as the key officer. Past that, Grace Parks can’t do “wounded and brooding." She just looks bored and Billy Baldwin as Frank Delano is yet another Haole cast in a roll of an important character. 

Wait, the dirty cop turned mobster is named Delano?? In Hawaii??? Really? Really?!?  First we had “Captain Frye” and now “Frank Delano.” What’s next, is a Corleone going to show up?

Did they buy this story arc from a script set in Chicago/New York or did one of the writers work on Detroit 187 last year?

I really hope that Alex Kurtzman and his team finish up this whole “Good Wahine” storyline and get Kono back to the Five-0 where she should be kicking ass and taking unconscious names. 

What did you think of Baldwin's portrayal of Delano? Is there more to him other than he looks rugged and dashing with only half of his face being lighted from a naked light bulb?


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Agree with the comments below. Why, oh why fix something that wasn't broken?? The episode was bad from beginning to end. The air save was laughable and the fact that the Navy would allow civilians into such a highly classified room was so absurd as to have me just groaning. And seriously, a cargument with Lori? Really?? All I can think is that the producers and/or writers are panicking because Castle's ratings are going up and theirs are not. Stop panicking, get rid of all the extra stuff and go back to what made the show so great last year. Very disappointing week!




FYI, for the person wondering who the girl was at the beginning. Her name is: Serena Karnagy


I liked the episode last night. Agree, don't like Lori Weston character. They should have taken her underwater with them...would have been a good way to dispose of her.


bobs I'll bet you are correct. Did you notice that Lauren German got more screen time that Grace Park and the Catherine character together last night. I don't get it. She sucks. I know one thing for sure. The Catherine character is pretty much gone and if Grace leaves, then we only have Lauren German, God forbid. If that happens, the show is over. She's got as much screen time as Scott Caan. What's wrong with this picture?


The decision has been made to get rid of Kono. The reason will be announced real soon.


Regardless with how 'hot' she is or whatever, my main problem with Lauren German is her role this season as the love interest. She essentially fills the role of Kono and Jenna in the team, but is also there to be romantically available to Steve in a way both Kono and Jenna could not. Both of them had individual characters that had a purpose and a place in the series. But it's obvious that Kono and Jenna have been put aside for this Lori character, who let's face it is there to affirm Steve's manliness. If anything, her role devalues woman in the film/TV industry because being the love interest is all she's there for. I don't blame Lauren German, but I do thing Lori isn't adding anything to the series and is ruining the Bromance between Steve and Danny. The writers are trading off the Bromance to emphasis the Romance which I don't think has a place in the show.


I love the original members of the Hawaii Five-O team and I like Terry Q who is playing Joe. Can't stand the Lori Weston character played by Lauren German.If they wanted a "bombshell,sexy actress Lauren German does not fit the bill. She is not beautiful sexy or hot. The Lori character is boring and does not belong on the Hawaii Five-O team. At least Kono knew how to kick butt. Hope they get rid of the Lori Weston character and bring Kono back to the Hawaii Five-O team where she belongs.


Finally got to see Kame'e online - liked it and the Steve/Joe scenes especially. Re Lori - I don't know how many episodes they have already filmed, but really hope they get rid of this character/actress before the end of the season.
Anytime she's on, she disrupts the dynamics and feels like a filler - definitely not one of the team; definitely not a good actress; definitely not a well written part - get her off!


Mia, I have sent CBS several letters with my opinions. I can't believe they don't follow up on the "fan gossip and views" on different sites on the web. I really think they just don't give a damn. Not sure if this Peter guy is running the show? In that case he needs his head examined. So far, the episodes have been ok this season, not as good as last season. Also, they don't seem to have to much faith in their original cast based on the amount of new people they have hired. Oh, and that Lori girl, if she is "eye candy" she turned out to be a "sour ball". Missed the mark on that one.

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