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thanks inge


It was a Excellent episode! no question about that!

BUT!! yes there is a but someone on LJ said exackly what i wanted to say!
"But that end scene ruined it for me. Not just about Lori being there, cause, okay fine, I'll ignore her, but Kono NOT being there. How did the writers think that'd be okay? I am just so baffled and mad and heartbroken about that because that should have been Kono rushing to hug him and Kono laughing with the boys and hearing the jokes and I just don't get how the show doesn't get that."

My hate for Lori is growing each episode it's time to get ride of her you may like/love her Jim but Lori screentime has to go very limit or I will loose interest in my fav show on TV. Period!


I was anxious to thank you for every these report that you made. I wonder if you are impartial because to be honest in your comment you spoke about everything except of kono.

In every series, i had agents of new characters there, but it has no entrainé the non-existence of the original casting then said I, if this episode was also fantastic why leaves me t-il a bitter gout of unfinished work.

LORIE appeared in the second season and kono is there since the beginning, thus it seems to me normal that when the team is going to help steve, it is present.
Concerning the lack of expression of lorie, I am not convinced still, in time doubtless without PL does not leave us the time(weather) to estimate(appreciate) Lorie. She is a generalissimo, she is endowed, she has all the qualities which a woman should have. Except for now and then the beginning all that she was able to show us and indeed kono can make the same thing(matter) and by far better than her(it).
Thus yes this episode was certainly good, but I do not leave or I do not abandon(give up) one of my children under pretext a new baby arrived. PL abandoned for the moment KOno to the detriment of the other one.

For example, you have of anatomy grey, true blood, cover, gossip girl, but the original casting were not abandoned

As I said it since the beginning, your objectivity is not sincere or maybe I make a mistake but only your comment make me say that I was right, no mention(distinction) of kono, thank you for his(her) fans

and to finish it with lorie, try twop, to twitter, facebook, blogs, forums and you will see that it is not the wickedness to her, they are just the facts, and it regrettably Peter LENKOV not the reconizing never

Lorie is her creation and he is FRANKEINSTEIN LOL


Oh and yes, it was shown in the hospital scene in the first season when Chin and Malia bump into each other that it was actually Chin that broke it off with Malia, as assiociating herself with him at that time wouldve been bad for her rep.


I think this episode has converted me into the Lori club. The minute she agreed to take all the risks and go to North Korea proves where her loyalties lay. Though i still dislike her taking screen time away from kono (whom was virtually unseen in this episode), her character has developed into a more loyal and interesting character. I've just seen the character list for next episode (dec 5th), and it states that the Governor will be back, Which will be interesting to see how Five-O will be punished and whether Lori sticks with Five-O, If lori does, I will be truly converted into the lori club. Also HIRO NOSHIMURI AND ANOTHER NOSHIMURI IS BACK NEXT EPISODE, so thats something to look forward to. But too bad wo fat got away yet again this episode, wouldve been nice to seen steve personally execute wo fat for the murders of his dad and jenna kaye. No matter what jenna did, she didnt deserve to die like that.


Malia didn't break up with Chin, he broke up with her to protect her it was establish in a previous episode when they met again. She said something like "the worst part was that everybody thought i was the one who broke things off".
I'm a "i luv lori club" menber as well.


Well, first of all wasn't Chin the one who broke up with Malia? I'm pretty sure that was it. Chin broke up with Malia because he didn't want her to face the backlash of him being investigated. Though I'm only 90% sure.

And then the whole Jenna thing made me feel bad for her by the time she died. Of course I'm a total Jenna hater. But the whole Josh and lovey dovey thing made me forgive her. It would be pretty hard for her to not go after the guy she loves. Plus she helped Steve in the end. And called five-oh. That should count for something.

And yeah. I'm in the I love Lori club. She doesn't really flow smoothly with the rest of the team. And I love Cathrine Rowlins a lot more. But hey. She was really cool in the whole gun shooting thing. And I like that she gave Steve a hug. Really cute. Steve does need a love interest.


I am soooo in the I love Lori club! She's growing on me more and more, and since I was fairly in girl-crush land from that very first scene in the governor's office, that puts her in fairly high regards...
She's not just a love interest or mary-sue, in my opinion, she's a kick-a** addition to the team who isn't afraid to get involved in the action and get her hands dirty. Though admittedly, I do think she would be adorable with Steve...

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