Hawaii Five-0 Review: Welcome to Margaritaville

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From Chin Ho proposing to the guys from Seal Team 9 tagging along to help rescue Steve, this episode of Hawaii Five-0 turned out to be quite a rollercoaster ride, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Okay, Chin Ho fans, who’s happy that he's marrying the woman who broke up with him when he was suspected of stealing from the police department? It's something we can all consider: how much are you willing to forgive the person you love most?

It’s easy for us as spectators to pass judgment on fictional characters, but I want you to think for a moment: what if the situation was real? Could you forgive the person you truly love for believing the worst about you? It’s a tough call. Thankfully, most of us will never need to make.

Helicopter Escape

Now we move on the sad part. I hope you and Josh find each other on the other side, Jenna. Rest in peace, knowing that Steve will take your murder out on Wo Fat, a tiny painful bit at a time.

Steve never believed the worse about you. He saw who you really were and was willing to forgive your mistake, even if it was big enough to land him as a prisoner in Korea.

I know some TV Fanatics were hoping that a different female was killed by Wo Fat. Personally, I enjoyed watching Lori shoot the RPG and blow up the bridge. From all the camera angles they showed it from, I’m guessing they got one try at that stunt. It was enough, it was awesome. 

It was good to see Commander Gutches (David Keith) again. I really enjoyed the tie-in to the earlier episode, with Seal Team 9 owing Steve for a skydive catch of one of their team members. Wait! We also had the double whammy of Joe White (Terry O’ Quinn) working together with Gutches throughout the episode. I think my man crush may have just expanded a little.

Did anyone else catch Danny’s Margarita reference to Jimmy Buffett? Sadly, I couldn’t figure out how to get it in the quotes section for this episode, but it was great enough that I had to mention it. Speaking of Buffett, for the second time in as many weeks, we have been treated to some decent screen time with our guest start. How awesome was this iconic singer as the grizzled war vet helicopter pilot? I loved him!

Was anyone else actually glad when Wo Fat got away? He is such a great nemesis, I was dreading him getting killed or captured and the story ending abruptly, so I was relieved to see him trudging through the jungle. 

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the day Steve makes him pay for his father’s and Jenna Kaye’s death. But I want Steve to be do it personally not to have it be random gun fire in the jungle.

Finally, I have to mention my on going crush: Lori. The hug she gave Steve clearly shows her loyalties don't lie with the Governor any more, if they ever did. So, come on now. Tell me some new members joined the I Love Lori Club this week. Anyone?


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I just went and read the GQ article again and watched the ET interview and I thought he was great. He started out the GQ interview with the naughty word but other then that it was a fantastic article and the interviewers used the word as well soooo....and the interview with ET she mentioned him being naked 3 times and kept bringing it up. And when she asked about twitter he did not flip out at all. He said he is just not good at it and finds it a bit voyeuristic, which it is. The interview did not end abruptly it ended in a very friendly double high five. I am not sure why people see things so differently.


@drats...the #4 one you mentioned did not go like that at all. I did not find him to be flirting with her at all and he did not say the naked thing in a flirty obscene way. She asked him if he has ever done that move naked and he answered her....she was the flirt in that interview. As for the other things you mentioned I suppose it is all in how you take it. I usually find he is very pleasant and professional in his interviews and the only flirting I ever really see is the woman who are supposed to be professional and just ask him questions but they have to be all flirty. I find them more annoying then anything.


I saw an interview where he admitted that one of his biggest flaws was his cursing. Have you seen bloopers before, or seen "Inside the actors studio", thats 90% of the actors today dropping the "F bomb" amoung others every chance they get. I never met AOL, he could be the sweetest person in the world, or he could be the biggest jerk. I'm sure he has his good and bad days. I don't intend on meeting any celebrity, pro sports figure, or any other type of public person.
I hope that I have enough grip on reality to know that they are human beings, and also try not to take what they say so personally. Everyone interprets things differently. Sometimes we need to look in the mirror.
Pressures to be perfect all the time can take a toll on anyone.
I guess if you are still looking at all the interviews, he must not be so bad.


I love Alex. Totally crushing on that man however....I've watched alot of his interviews recently and v unimpressed.
1.) I remember one the uncut one with ET Canada, where he blows up at the lady for asking him about Twitter with x rated language. She looked mortified.
2.) Then theres the GQ interview where he uses the C word, which for me as a woman is deeply offensive.
3.)Then theres the charity thing he DDK and Scott attended at some elementary school where you can hear him clearly asking the kids in the most cheeky of voices "and where does manure come from". Daniel had to swing in to save that one.
4.)No doubt the interviewers flirt with him but he flirts back in the most obscene of ways for instance when he told an interviewer that he will show her the volcan grip later but he has to be naked to do it cause hes "most dangerous when he's naked". That particular gem freaked the publicist so much she ended the interview.
5.) When another interviewer says he is not soft referring to his biceps he screws his face at the camera suggestively and says "what? I'm not soft?" Incase you missed it, thats an erection joke
6.) Then theres the constant talk about the writing. "We as actors can only do so much with the writing". It feels sometimes like a dig at the writing staff but I could be wrong. Hes lucky I like him so much I would forgive him almost anything (except that C word. Just too far there). To be fair to him, he has said that he has Adult ADD which I think explains the impulsivity with his speech. ADDers tend to speak before they think.


@Tamara..I sometimes wonder if I lived under a rock cause once I discovered him on H50 I was like WOW!!! Then I found out he has been around for a while and had two shows that I never even heard of. What is wrong with me??? ha ha!! I have made up for lost time and have watched as much of his work as I can in two months. I caught some moonlight on Youtube. I think he is so much cuter now...I am not a fan of the long hair on him. He almost looks like a different person. I think he is one the most talented if not the most talented actor around today. It takes alot to impress me and he has!! I love his interviews too, he is very funny. Plus I think I have watched the season 1 bloopers at least 20 times...he cracks me up each and every time with the "whats my line??, what my line?? whats my line??? He is hilarious!!


@amazingalex I'm a Moonlight fan a Three Rivers fan a BIG Fan of Alex O'Loughlin for a few years now and he NEVER! dissapointed me he is always very nice to his fans tried to answer ever christmas card he get! and is a great Ambassador for Donate Life America for sure if he have said anything wrong he would have apologize for it Alex have said many times how gratfull he is to have this job and love to live in Hawaii which still is America he even bought a house there he feels home. @Stacey Alex don't need a humble pill I never saw anyone more humble then Alex maybe you need one!!


@Stacey..well to be fair I am new to the alex o fan club. I just discovered H50 2 months ago and ran out to buy the whole first season and have watched it twice already. I rented the oyster farmer as well and I think he is such a great actor. But because of that it is possible I have not seen a change cause I really did not know about him before. I can see how becoming more of a known celebrity may have that affect. I almost wonder if it is inevitable since they kind of lose their privacy. I am sure he is far less accessible now to his fans and I can understand how that would be upsetting. I can understand how the longstanding AOL fans might feel.


@Amazing Alex
He has changed greatly these last two years. Some of his fans see it, some refuse to. Such is the life of fans. Peace.


@Tamara..thanks!! I have not heard anything about 2.13 yet so I was suprised you have 2.14 info. Let me know what you find out. The cbs site has some stuff on episodes but not anything confirmed. I thought epi 14 was gonna be her last. Didnt she arrive on epi 2 and signed for 12? Lets hope!! I guess we better buckle up..its gonna be a bumpy ride for us lori haters!!!


@amazingalex sides are audition scenes for the guests in the ep. (suspects, witnesses, etc) it's only part of the script. sorry was not clear enough in my first post!!

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Danny: Do me a favor and watch yourself
Steve: I'll think about you the whole time.

Chin Ho: This should have been on your finger a long time ago
Malia: Chin Ho Kelly, I would love to be your wife.