Kelly Overton and Louis Herthum to Play Werewolves on True Blood

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True Blood continues to expand its season five cast.

Photo of Alcide

Days after Valentina Cervi was announced as an upcoming villain, Deadline reports that the HBO smash has added a pair of new werewolves. They will be...

  1. Rikki, played by Kelly Overton, a revenge-filled wolf who demands to know what became of Marcus. She is booked for six episodes.
  2. Louis Herthum will portray what is described as a "Marine-type" of wolf who will clash with Alcide. He is booked for five episodes.

Both actors have options to become series regulars in 2013, but we're getting way ahead of ourselves. Look for even more werewolves to beĀ  cast over the next few weeks on True Blood.


There's no way they're going to extend True Blood past this season. For one, season four sucked, and the viewership numbers showed that. Secondly, they're bringing back all the old cast (Rev. Newlin, Russell, etc) and have gotten rid of Nan. Every season we've moved through different levels of vampire politic bad guys, and since Nan was the final intermediary between the Bon Temps vamps and the Authority, obviously they're going to have to tangle with them next. Add in the old characters resurfacing and you've got all the earmarks of a final season.


Marcus' character was the most pointless character on this show. I found Tommy more worth wild, and I couldn't stand him either! So I don't really see the point in bringing up a character who was in a simple 3 or 4 episodes. It's basically a way of bringing storylines for Sam, Luna and Alcide, who could have much more precious time than this crap.

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