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NCIS Preview: Bring Her Home, Gibbs!

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After this week's powerful episode (see TV Fanatic's NCIS review), Gibbs and the team continue to investigate the disappearance of a U.S. Marine Lieutenant after a school bombing in Afghanistan.

Leave no one behind. The story of Gabriela Flores clearly moved our man, a former Marine himself, and the NCIS team will be very much in harm's way Tuesday as they search for her abductors.

The episode is likely to conjure up memories of the last time Gibbs ventured to that war-torn region of the world, rescuing Ziva in the seventh season premiere. This time, she'll be along for the ride.

While Gibbs and Ziva travel to Flores' last known whereabouts near Kandahar, he forced to relive events from his past, which we saw glimpses of this week. Also, Tony reveals his deepest fears.

Check out the promo for Part II of "Engaged" below ...

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i think this episode was very intence I was on the edge of my set the whole time there were a lot of good quotes Thought there must have been a reason to bring Ziva along since she did grow up in that region and is good with weapons the climate and the time difference but she is Jewish and people there are Muslim so I dont know how that would work out this episode it was amazing she also knows the languages which helped in this case I liked how when Quincy had said "looks like you turned out ok" she says "I can hold my own" along with truth or consequence this is my favorite episode evers!


OK, this may be totally off the wall, but did anybody get a "vibe" from those flashbacks Gibbs had to his encounters with that female marine? He said her name, "Madsen, right? Joan?" Of course, he was already involved or soon-to-be involved with Shannon at that time, but could this be one of those throw-away nuggets that get re-visited later? Could we see a Joan Madsen turn up in Gibbs' life someday? Just a thought......


dont think many people are bothered what happened to EJ she wasnt very popular even gibbs didnt like or trust her,but i think the season finale will close this black chapter in ncis.tony and ziva will get together but not till the end of this show which i hope not for a long time


Latham and Stratton: What ever happened to them? That started out to be a promising story line (along with all the hype about Scott Wolf "joining the cast of NCIS"), but since the first episode of this season it has been totally ignored. Are the two of them still trolling around the ocean on that submarine? I would think they would have circumnavigated the globe a half dozen times by now, stirring up all kinds of mischief in their wake. As for Tony and Ziva: it'll never happen. I think at some point they'll have a one-night stand, but I don't see a long-term sexual relationship for them, or for Gibbs, for that matter. Colonel Mann was the closest they came to Gibbs having a permanent girlfriend, but too many female fans hated poor Susanna Thompson (she rocked as the Borg Queen!), so she was out. And her character's reason for leaving Gibbs was pretty lame, at that. Face it: sex ruins relationships and TV shows. Look what it did for "House, M.D."


Well I for one hope that they clear the EJ story up, seek justice for Cade's murder, catch Latham and Stratton. and let us know if the secnav was being played by Latham, or if he's bad too. If tptb just drop EJ because Ziva fans hate her, that would just be a shame. Not every NCIS viewer is a Ziva/Tiva fan, and many enjoyed seeing Tony involved in a relationship that wasn't toxic. Seems these same EJ hating fans are not nearly as hostile about Ray. But I've often suspected that many (not all) Tiva fans are really just Ziva fans who want to see her adored by the best looking guy. They seem to be okay with the idea that ZIva has boyfriends, since this flatters the character, but Tony seems allowed only to be pining away in the wings for Ziva, who doesn't even seem to like or respect him. It's a mystery to me. LOL.


I agree, just mention what happened to EJ and move one. Frankly, I think her character polled so badly that TPTB probably feel the less said about her, the better. siyana_yanakieva, Yes, that was Gibbs riding with a single coffin! It really has me bummed to think it may be Flores. BUT then I think CBS wouldn't put such a dead giveaway clue in a promo, so I'm assuming it's someone else or he just hitched a ride on a plane that happened to be carrying a coffin? I don't know, but I hope it's not her.


well that's true Annie you can't make everyone happy like I said what they need to do is just tell us they found her body or shes alive. And I have to admit if when Cassidy was kidnapped in season 3 they went agest a crazy person a lot to find her, and when Ziva went missing in end of 6 and early 7 they went a lot to get her back. I wasn't an EJ fan but they should do same the would for anyone eles to get her back in any way it turn out good or bad.


Well Tania, it's not so much that I'm an EJ fan, although I have to admit that I liked the character, it's more about continuity. This Phantom 8 story was the season premier story, so it seemed like it was supposed to be important. Latham and Stratton were selling military secrets, Cade was murdered which Tony witnessed, and an NCIS agent is MIA. You'd think there ought to be some follow through. And as far as not bringing EJ back because some fans don't like her, well, all I can say is, they're probably not going to make everyone happy. I'm not a big fan of Ziva and all the super or victim Ziva stories, but I do have the option not to watch a particular episode.


what they can do for the EJ fans is just tell us if she alive and leave it at that because a lot of fans didn't like so they should just say shes ok and shes here without showing her.


I agree with you, annie921. Its more likely that the military police already stationed in Afghanistan would be responsible for searching for a missing Marine. After all, they are the ones who know the country and its people. EJ, on the other hand, is allegedly "on assignment" somewhere, isn't she?