NCIS Sneak Peeks: Facing Our Biggest Fears

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Tonight on NCIS, we pick up where we left off last week (read our review and Round Table from Part I of "Engaged") and find Gibbs and Ziva continuing the search for missing Marine Lt. Gabriela Flores.

Traveling to her last known whereabouts in Afghanistan and visiting with her unit commander, they learn what an uphill battle they face in bringing her back alive, but do receive a bit of encouraging news.

Meanwhile, Chaplain Burke helps Tony face his greatest fear head on ... but what is that?

Check out two clips from Part II of "Engaged" below and see if you can guess ...

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so easy people you dont want to know what happened then dont watch the spoilers.i for one love to know what happens beforehand.


How are the Spoilers we all know Tony love kids his biggest fear is not kids it dying alone


Doesn't bother me at all to know the fact now I can relax and watch the show without worrying about these things all day long. I've been looking online for these spoilers all day. I think it'll be a great episode!


Mina007 -
Smooth move


Yeah sure Mina007 to be NCIS is shown on the east coast first


Way to spoil it for everyone, Mina007. It's only NOON in California; the show doesn't even air for another 4 hours at least!


I'm glad lt. Flores was saved...I can't believe Tony's biggest fear are kids....
The last scene was so sad. Gibbs at Matteson's grave

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