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As the NCIS team continues its search for a missing Marine, Gibbs and Ziva travel to her last known whereabouts in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Tony reveals his deepest fears and Gibbs is forced to relive events from his past.

Recap to come soon!

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Excellent episode. Can't wait until next week for part II. This episode hit me hard since I lost a brother in Vietnam in 1969. It was a lifetime ago, but shows like NCIS handles those topics with dignity. Even Tony, who is the class clown, can become serious and caring when he needs too. This is a very special series with especially talented people working very hard to give us good story lines. I will continue to watch with sometimes joy, and sometimes through tears, but nonetheless, they have a permanent fan in me!!!!! Thanks Mark Harmon and the rest of the cast for their excellent jobs!!!!!


AWESOME PART ONE GIBBS WAS GREAT AS USUAL---------------------------