NCIS Preview: Bring Her Home, Gibbs!

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After this week's powerful episode (see TV Fanatic's NCIS review), Gibbs and the team continue to investigate the disappearance of a U.S. Marine Lieutenant after a school bombing in Afghanistan.

Leave no one behind. The story of Gabriela Flores clearly moved our man, a former Marine himself, and the NCIS team will be very much in harm's way Tuesday as they search for her abductors.

The episode is likely to conjure up memories of the last time Gibbs ventured to that war-torn region of the world, rescuing Ziva in the seventh season premiere. This time, she'll be along for the ride.

While Gibbs and Ziva travel to Flores' last known whereabouts near Kandahar, he forced to relive events from his past, which we saw glimpses of this week. Also, Tony reveals his deepest fears.

Check out the promo for Part II of "Engaged" below ...

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Agree with M's post. While I know the writers are giving us an actual Marine story for a change, which is nice, it's quite a stretch that two state side civilian NCIS agents would be sent in to retrieve the missing marine in Afghanistan. I know that there are a lot of fans who are excited to see Ziva or Gibbs dressed in fatigues carrying big guns, but I'm not one of them. Those two always get these big multi episode action packed stories. They used to spread the action around a lot more. I understand the honor of never leaving a soldier behind, but M is right. They sure don't seem the least bit concerned about having left EJ, a fellow NCIS agent, behind. That missing agent has never come back up.


In the promo - is that Gibbs with a coffin in a plane at 00:13?


Gibbs had mentioned that EJ was "somewhere safe" in that last season 8 episode, so Tony trusts that Gibbs is reliable.


My problem with this episode is the similarity to EJ. EJ disappeared. They don't know if she is dead or alive and yet there has not been a single mention of her since the first show. Why does this missing marine receive all of this angst from Gibbs yet a missing NCIS agent gets nothing? And where is Tony's head in all of this? Doesn't his missing lover/fellow agent deserve at least the same effort. It's like she never existed.

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