New Girl Review: Hanksgiving vs. Dudesgiving

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Justin Long guest stared on tonight's "Thanksgiving", and if I may say so, he was a welcome addition. If the show is setting up an eventual tug-o-war of feelings for Jess between the similar Paul and the cynical Nick, Long is the right guy for it.

Justin Long on New Girl

The Good. Where to start? I knew this would be a winner as soon as we saw a sample of Paul's dark Halloween musical. It's a bit of the absurd balanced with realistic, relatable elements in which New Girl seem especially adept. Even Jess' characterization is a perfect example of this balance. She's got her quirks, but her issues and worries are mostly the same as ours. In this case, her concern is how to impress the guy she likes.

Little by little, the guys' personalities are emerging. Even Winston is shaping up to be more three dimensional. He loves his grandparents, he pays attention to details (Mason and Charles, nice), and he's just a bit more tolerant than Nick. Nick's character is going the grumpy old man route, but I do believe a bit of that grumpiness may have come from a bout of jealousy. Weren't their toes just pointing toward each other in the last episode? Even Paul asked Jess if there was something more between them.

And Schmidt? Schmidt is the most absurd of them all. That's okay because, in my opinion, he is the funniest of them all. He's the constant surprise. A sometimes trying-too hard guy, with a bit of insecurity lurking underneath the brash exterior, but always earnest in whatever he does. That earnestness shows up in his cooking, too, which just shot him up in my estimation by 100 percent. Show me a girl who doesn't get turned on by a guy who can cook, and I'll show you a girl who only orders salad for every meal. Cece doesn't know it yet. She still scorns his eagerness in favor of the bad boy types, but he's a catch.

I want everyone to have a happy ending (in both sense of the phrase), but I know it's too soon. In the meantime, I'll enjoy Jess declaring the different ways she'd like Paul sexually... within his earshot. And I'll enjoy Cece try to get Schmidt to yell at her by getting her germs all over Schmidt's raw ingredients. 

And I have to give a hat-tip to my favorite laugh-out-loud moment of the episode: Paul's girlish scream as he discovers their neighbor's dead body, right in the middle of a special performance. I liked that unexpected - but hilarious - twist so much, I rewinded it a few times. 

The Bad. Not much to complain about. My past issues were usually centered around Jess going too over-the-top, and Winston's blandness. Jess was finely balanced here. Winston had a personality, and also brought the funny. Let's see more of that.

Stray Observations

  • I'm with Schmidt on his gagging fit. Unwashed hand rolling around in raw ingredients is gross!
  • Are you guy's team Nick or Team Paul? I know some of you are even team Schmidt. I'm team no one for now.
  • I hope to see Justin Long again, and soon.
  • Is it Thanksgiving already next week? *This is the point where I scream in horror, and you are all very lucky to not hear it.*
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The turkey in the dryer scene had me choking I was laughing so hard. This was the best episode yet and I loved the chemistry between Long and Zooey, although I think Zooey can have good chemistry with even Hitler, so that is not really much of a surprise.


Schmidt: "I've done 'Give me that hat' except for me it was more like, 'Here... take my hat'"
Funniest line I have ever seen!


Great episode! I hope Justin Long sticks around. I find Nick so distasteful. He just seems like such a downer and would be totally wrong for Jess. Cece, Winston and Schmidt all get better.


i love max greenfield, but why is Lamorne Morris in the show?


I'm so Team Paul. They just clicked together he's soooo weird just like Jess. Nick is so boringgg really i almost can't laugh when he is on scene. But since i'm guessing Paul is just a short term relationship, give me Team Schmidt over Team Nick anytime


Team Nick but I hope Justin long sticks around for a while..

Tony williams

Overall I'm digging the show although Jess was riding my nerves with the singing but I see her and Nick getting together soon. Schmidt is quickly becoming my favorite character although I think he is "g*y"
**in Jerry Seinfeld voice**
"Not that there is anything wrong with that!"
CeCe is totally hot but I see the cute girl hanging around the nerds and poor Winston needs to get a story line or I'm tuning him out


I love the fact everyone is mentioning how Nick has the grumpy old man routine down... just last week Jess was talking about how her ideal man was Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men. Hmm... As adorable as Paul is... I'm team Nick because I love his grumpy turtle frown!! :)


I have to say, I am not loving the addition of cece. But I seem to be the only one. I don't know what it is, but I was really loving the show and then the last few, after cece arrived, have just not seemed as funny.
LOVE the addition of Paul.
I wanna say this is my favorite new show of the television season. :)

Kris hekmi

Thanks for the comments guys, I read every one of them. It's funny how people have already made their minds up on whose team they're on ;-)

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