POLL: Who is TV's Most Dynamic Duo?

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As Rob Base once reminded us: "It takes two to make a thing go right." In the world of television, oh how that rings true.

From Cagney and Lacey to Will and Grace; Batman and Robin to Beavis and Butthead; some of the most memorable shows in history have been built around powerful pairs who weren't necessarily romantically connected, but whose adventures still kept us coming back week after week.

Psych Partners
Revenge Photo
Totally Cookin

Based on nominations submitted by readers, we're now excited to determine who comprises TV's Most Dynamic Duo, be it two cupcake-making broke gals; a couple of study partners;  or an internet billionaire and a young beauty bent on revenge.

Ready to vote? Do so below and then share this poll (which closes at noon EST on Friday, December 2) on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook to spread the word and grow support for your Dynamic Duo. Good luck to all!

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Castle and Beckett - Castle

Brennan and Booth - Bones

Harvey and Mike - Suits

Shawn and Gus - Psych

Troy and Abed - Community

Tony and Ziva - NCIS

Emily and Nolan - Revenge

Reese and Finch - Person of Interest

Sam and Dean - Supernatural

Dan and Chuck - Gossip Girl

Rizzoli and Isles - Rizzoli & Isles

Alaric and Damon - The Vampire Diaries

Kensi and Deeks - NCIS: Los Angeles

Max and Caroline - 2 Broke Girls

Chuck and Sarah - Chuck

Total Votes: 55799

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Castle n beckett r the best !! GO CASKETT!!:D


I havent logged any comments except this, can u show me?


Booth and Brennan are The Hot Couple right now, but its up to the writers of Bones to keep them there. You gotta keep 'em Classy! Remember The Thin Man classic couple - Wm Powell/Myrna Loy; also Tracy/Hepburn, Bogart/Bacall, and Gable/any woman lucky enough to be with him! They didn't have babies, but you can handle it. Just don't get "cheesy". Love your show!!!


I love Bones! I have read Kathy Reich's books and think Booth & Brennan are the best team on TV - 2nd to them would be Rizzoli and Isles - but its Booth and Brennan all teh way - I watch the reruns of their earlier shows and Thursday night is a bowl of popcorn and Bones!


i think booth and brennan are the best couple on tv show today, they make a great job. are often discussed, but know how to respect the other's point of view and always supported each other. Booth is presented as an alpha male, but Brennan is the one who keeps control of the relationship ... thats interesting.


way to go booth n brennan, u guys are an amazin couple. all the votes must go to u!


Booth and brennan are the most amazing couple on tv today. There interaction with each other looks very realistic and people watching can feel the happiness as well as the heartbreaking moments as if it was really happening.


Danno & McGarret - they are the best:)
Castle & Beckett
Bones & Booth


Me encanta la serie de bones,la amo es mi favorita y claro que voy a votar por la mejor pareja de la tv BOOTH y BRENNAN,saludos a todos los fans de BONES desde MEXICO.



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