Private Practice Review: Amelia's Addiction

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Another week, another captivating Private Practice.

"Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough" was a strong episode, but I simply can’t understand how and why this season’s viewership continues to decline. What’s up with that? Come on, people!

Addison at Work

Amelia’s addiction continued to spiral out of control with the help of her newest fling, Ryan. From writing her own prescriptions to ditching work, it’s obvious that Amelia hasn’t quite hit rock bottom just yet... but she is undoubtedly getting pretty darn close. I don’t like seeing her this way, but her storyline is far from boring and I think that Caterina Scorsone is doing a remarkable job.

Poor Sheldon! I liked watching him out of his element, worrying about Amelia like crazy. I only wish that she knew how concerned he was. Then again, I’m not sure if that would even matter, as she continued to make the wrong decisions. I was shocked when she snidely made remarks to both Cooper and Addison, but she really is just not herself right now. Amelia needs help, quickly!

On another note, Charlotte and Amelia’s scene was incredibly intense. Like Sheldon, Charlotte has been trying for weeks to be the friend that Amelia needs.

At least Charlotte made some headway with Erica and Mason. I was very happy to see her come around and understood why Charlotte did what she did to protect Cooper. With the help of Wii Tennis, Charlotte scored some brownie points with Mason, as Cooper and she seemed genuinely happy. Moreover, Mason (Mini Cooper!) is growing on me. 

Elsewhere: Sam and Jake butted heads when they both fought over donating a patient’s organs versus saving the patient’s healthy unborn baby’s life. As always, Private Practice has a way of including heartbreaking storylines where there is never a wrong or right answer. Ultimately, the doctors all agreed that the decision wasn’t theirs to be made. Instead, it was up to the father of the child.

After the father made his decision, both Sam and Jake walked away with Addison looking on at the both of them. I honestly wanted her to chase after Jake. Their chemistry was once again undeniable during her appointment with him, and I can’t help but to root for these two now.

I actually appreciated not hearing Pete and Violet’s constant bickering and am glad that they seem to both actually be trying to mend their relationship. Can we say: FINALLY?!? Pete definitely deserved some points for defending Violet to Sheldon. Meanwhile, I liked that Violet worked hard to show Sheldon she would do whatever it took to get her license back, regardless of his petty and vengeful tactics.

Well, it’s week three of the Violet Annoyance Scale, and I’m giving this week’s episode a 1 on the VAS. The only issue I had with Violet was when the Seaside Wellness doctors were discussing Amelia’s situation, and she started off with a sentence such as: “Until she wants our help..." Sheldon furiously stopped her mid-sentence and said Amelia wasn’t in any position to ask for help and it didn’t mean that she didn’t need it.

I couldn’t remember the last time Violet didn’t want to cross a line, and I certainly wanted to know why it had to be now – when one of their own needed them more than ever. By the way, do you think that it’s safe to say that Sheldon probably supports the VAS? After all, he did admit that he was annoyed at how Violet micromanaged his overseeing of her patients while she was suspended.

Overall, "Don't Stop 'Till You get Enough" was a solid installment that will lead us up to next week’s intense Private Practice two-hour special. To say the least, I’m stoked. How about you?


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Ryan was played by Wes Brown.


I have to give props for Private Practice bringing on Benjamin Bratt. All the men of Private Practice are sexy and he is definitely a bonus!


I canot understand why they say the ratings are not there for private practice. The girls at work, we all talk about it. Great writing and acting , just does not make any sense!!!!!




So this show sometimes gets on my nerves; call it a pet peeve if you will. The show has a tendency to throw out non-surgical professions to surgical professions for characters which are completely wrong. Like with Noah Barnes, Naomi called him a cardiologist when he's a cardiothoracic surgeon. With this episode, Jake referred to Addison as a neonatologist, when she's stated time and time again, that she's a neonatal surgeon. Neonatologists are sub-specialist pediatricians who do no perform surgery on the baby: since Addison is not a pediatrician and she performs neonatal surgery non-stop, she clearly isn't one, so.. yea. It gets annoying when they do that. Pet Peeve. But other than than, I thought it was a really great episode. Private Practice definitely has this niche for powerful character development and fall from grace stories. From Violent's baby-ripping attack, to Charlotte's rape, and now Amelia's relapse into addiction? Pretty good stuff. Caterina blows Amelia out of the park and given how Amelia's relationship has mended with Derek, you'd think he'd be called in as well? I think he's the only one to truly get through to her since Amelia tends to care deeply of what Derek thinks of her. In regards to VAS, yea, she's always going to trip that barometer, but it's her character. She's always been this way. When Charlotte was out of the group, she's always viewed Violet as this annoying hypocritical interloper: the only reason she stopped this view was because she moved in and became one with the practice. I think from an outsider, Violet will always be that way, and until you become "close" with Violet is when you make excuses or put up with such behavior. It's funny and ironic that Amelia, back in season 4, was the voice of reason for the Practice. Remember when Pete coached the blind patient and Amelia said, "where the hell is the line with you people?!" I bring this up because Sam CONSTANTLY crosses that line. Ever since he took up the scalpel and practiced cardiothoracic surgery again, which by the way he was a resident when he quit so I'm sure he never was board-certified so all of a sudden he's this great heart surgeon seems implausible, he leaps bounds with that line. Naomi's description of "what happened to us" is definitely spot on, even now that the practice is continuing without her. I don't know, I think Sam needs a hard-dose of reality that his way is not the only way and his way is the last way anyone should take given that he's been recklessly cavalier with the scalpel and being all judgey like he can do no wrong. That's my two cents anyway.


I truly thought Addi would call Derek in that episode and it'll be a perfect cross-over event - Derek bringing some sense into his sister's situation!


This season and last season of Private Practice have been amazing and Im getting pretty upset at PPs viewer base and its declining ratings. This show has realistic storylines an amazing cast of phenomenal actors a dynamic writing team, but still its getting no love. I liked that someone else said that Private Practice is a very adult show, which it is. It pains me to see such whiney negative comments on other blog sites and fan pages. Anywho, its only episode 7 and the season keeps getting better and better. Caterina Scoresone is doing a fantastic job of portraying Amelia and her addiction storyline. I really hope Addison gets her baby as for her and Sam, its obvious that they love each other but their situation is complicated. Should the show end, I think Addie would stay with Sam. As for Addie and Jake, their chemistry is growing on me-slowly. Loved seeing Charlotte, Coop and Mason together. Violet and Pete-eh either brake them up or repair their relationship. Its obvious Sheldon is in love with Amelia all in all it was a great episode and I can’t wait for the intervention and I hope this show doesn’t get cancelled


I also agree that Caterina's portrayal of Amelia's downward spiral has been brilliant. So real it's intensely painful to watch. I think this season of Private Practice has been a standout. Incredible drama and great acting and writing...its so dark and sad though that I haven't been able to rewatch any of the episodes. I wish this cast would get more credit for the beautiful work they do. I am on the Jake bandwagon...the whole thing with Sam just seems silly to me. He's going to be her boyfriend and live with her but in no way be involved with raising her child? That's just dumb...either he's going to fall in love with the kid and change his mind or there's no hope for them. I l think Jake gets her better anyway. Their friendship seems real, not forced and shallow like with Sam. Just because the kid doesn't have Sam's sperm doesn't mean he can just choose to ignore it. When you take a partner, you take their kids too, its a package deal. It seems dumb to me that two intelligent adults could not get that. Hope this isn't their last season, they get better every year.


First off, I have to say that I admit that I was waiting for them to call Derek to come kick little sister's butt into action. I was left wondering why Addy hadn't called him. Of course, with all that he has going on and his previous experience with Amelia's addiction problems, maybe Addy knows that Der won't be the solution...Plus, Violet is right. Amelia can't be truly helped until she's willing to admit she needs it.But regardless, the people who really need to be notified are the medical board. That way Amelia has no way of continuing to practice medicine right now.
Speaking of Violet, my irritation with her was much higher than a 1. Sheldon, while overly worried about Amelia and feeling stung about Violet's reactions while he was treating her patients, had every right to call her out. The very thing she was suspended for was the very thing she was immediatly doing all over again. And I think Pete picked a piss poor time to decide to stand up for her. Personally, fine, let him support her. But professionally, he should have stayed out of it.
As for Sam, Jake and Addy...I love the idea of Sam and Addison. But they're just not clicking anymore for me. I don't know that I'm ready for her and Jake to be together, but I'm enjoying watching them develop the kind of friendship I love about Mer and Alex and that I miss with Izzy and George.


i dont think addison will get pregnant but i think amelia will because she has had loads and sex and properly didnt use protection because she was high most of the time.

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