Private Practice Preview: Rock Bottom for Amelia?

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Private Practice engaged in a game of fantasy sperm ball last Thursday - but play time will be over on this week's "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough."

That's because Amelia will hit a new low during the episode, departing work with a new fling... writing herself pill prescriptions... and then squaring off against the police.

Elsewhere, Addison and Jake will face their own challenge at work, as they butt heads over donating a patient's organs or saving her healthy unborn baby's life; while Violet returns to Seaside Wellness; and Cooper, Charlotte and Mason grow close, much to Erica's dismay.


Amelia is writing illegal prescriptions, and more then likely broke in to either steal medicine, or steal another doctor's prescription pad. If you remember Derek said the way Amelia got drugs before when she was younger (when she o-d'ed) was by stealin his prescription pad.....Someone could of called the cops on her, and if she is high, and stealing presciptions, she can get arrested. Her writing illegal prescrips in the last episode is grounds for arrest


I don't understand how the cops can do anything. Amelia works there. If that's her office (or a co-workers office), she's not really doing anything illegal.


noooooooo Amelia, Charlotte my favorite

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If this is trouble, you should try it.


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