Psych Review: Rounding Third

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Play ball!

Psych found Shawn and Gus venturing into the world of minor league baseball on "Dead Man's Curveball," as they investigated the mysterious death of the team's assistant coach. While it wasn't as much of a home run as I might of liked, the episode at least got to third base.

Wade Boggs and Danny Glover on Psych

Typically, I find myself in love with every hour of Psych, but I couldn't help but feel a little bit like Juliet in the stands during the game: I was there, but that magazine sure looked good. Maybe it's because I'm not usually a super big fan of baseball? At least my slight distaste for the sport in no way hindered this installment from continuing Psych's fantastically entertaining sixth season. In fact, there were some purely brilliant moments that really made it worth watching.

First and foremost, we had the opening sequence with Shawn, Gus, Lassiter, Juliet and Henry playing softball versus the DMV. It was pure genius to have Shawn attempt to show off with what was a pretty good hit, only to have the moment dampened by his father's call as umpire. That's classic Shawn and Henry.

But what made it pure gold was their inability to remain calm. The shouting match and dislodge of home base towards left field was hilarious. For all those times you swear Henry and Shawn are over their drama, they prove us wrong with these great moments. It was interesting how this was also a bit of a bonding episode for the pair.

I mean, Henry did bolt in with the save when the general manager had Shawn, Gus, Wade and the coach held up at gun point. And it was a pretty messy take-down, too. Who knew Henry could tackle like that?

Then there was Shawn and Gus undercover for the Seabirds. Anytime we get to see these two in uniform, it's a fun day. Shawn was looking good in his coaching duds, but poor Gus! Seems like he got the short end of the stick on this one.

When they went undercover in season three for the football team in "Any Given Friday Night at 10pm/9c" at least Gus didn't end up the mascot. That said, Gus eventually took ownership of the role, right down to the defensive use of the t-shirt gun and perfect execution of the worm.

What really made Gus's undercover position was Shawn finally getting to do his impression of his friend. It could have used some work, but for a first shot, it sure was hilarious and even unexpected at the time.

A review of this week's episode would not be complete without thorough discussion of the amazing guest stars in their starting lineup. Who else could get three solid cameos for one episode? The appearance of Wade Boggs was only a chicken-eating cherry on top of having Danny Glover, a legend of film and television, plus Fairly Legal's Michael Trucco.

One of my only real complaints was the complete lack of Lassiter. Perhaps this was a way of preventing having too many lines and plots flying around, but I've seen the writers navigate this challenge while still integrating all of the normal cast with no issues.

Overall, Psych delivered another solid episode, even if I wasn't on the edge of my seat.


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I was extremely disappointed with the entire episode. For the sole reason that Juliet and Lassiter were absent for most part. I am very angry about this and can't for the life of me understand why the writer of this episode left them out. My favorite character is Juliet and Maggie and Tim are IMO just as important as James and Dulé and i have always maintained that Maggie and Tim should have equal billing along side them. Up until this episode i have been AMAZED by season 6 which (with the exception of this last episode) is absolutely fantastic, and if they avoid the HUGE mistake made in this last episode this season will definitely end up becoming my favorite season of the series.


loved it! great review!


I was laughing so hard at some of the scenes. I did think there were some moments it seemed forced but come on Shawn on speed. So very funny.


I watched this ep. alone and actually laughed out loud a few times. That's rare, so it must have been pretty damn funny. Only thing lacking, as the review mentioned, was no Lassiter.
Gus's drop-kick in his Mascot outfit during the bench-clearing brawl was legendary.
And what good is a baseball episode without some Bull Durham references? Sean delivered the "what I believe in" speech almost as well as Kevin Costner.


I loved this episode and think this season is deffinetly the best so favorite part was when Shawn called a time out and ran to the pitcher so he could apologize to the catcher for accusing him of murdering the one guy but then said the one guy was the real killer and his wife was cheating on him but then the pitcher said that that was his wife and she had told him she was going to the movies with one of the other guys wife but really went out with the other dude and the one guy was wonder where his wife actually was if she wasn't at the movies.


I thought the episode was just okay.
I usually don't mind them , hell I even enjoy them most of the time but I didn't enjoy most of "shawn's antics" this week. I thought some came off as forced and didn't seem as natural as they usually do and I didn't enjoy the episode as much as I usually do. The saving grace for me was simply to hear Glover utter his infamous line. "im to old for the crap". Although I did wonder why they censored it from the regular "shit"... It couldn't be just a language issue b/c in the beginning of the episode you see/hear shawn call his dad a S.O.B. Overall not that great but still enjoyable... 3.5/5


I enjoyed this episode very much... In my opinion, this season of psych is doing way better than the last three seasons!!! :D

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