Ringer Review: What's the Point?

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After another intriguing episode of Ringer I'm left with one lingering question... but I'll get to that. "That's What You Get Trying to Kill Me" left me with numerous inquiries but it's the one toward the end that's the problem.

Juliet and Her Teacher

Bridget plays Nancy Drew. Bridget and sidekick Malcolm believed that Gemma was locked in Charlie's basement just because he had a lock on the door. Gemma's been missing for weeks. There's been no ransom demand. I know they want to think the best but finding her phone seemed to point to Charlie as her killer more than her kidnapper. The fact that they never mention the thought that she might be dead seemed odd.

Which left me with the question, why is Gemma still alive? What was the point of having Charlie abduct her? Did Siobhan know she knew about the Bridget/Siobhan switch and wanted to keep her quiet? Weren't there easier, less bloody ways of doing that? Like Charlie said, I'd hate to see how Siobhan handles her enemies if this is the way she treats her friends. Of course, unfortunately for Charlie, he found out the answer to that set-up.

Machado's back. I've missed him. But with him came another dead informant. Perhaps Bridget was right to run. It doesn't appear that Agent Machado is very good about keeping the people around him safe. Perhaps finally capturing one of Makawi's moles will help.

Henry's three steps behind. Or at least it always seems that way. Unfortunately, when he finally started to catch up, his actions got Gemma killed. Well, they certainly got her shot. 

Henry's call to the cops prompted Charlie to shoot her but then by some miracle she survived and was able to hit the son of a bitch. So when he spoke and she knew he was still conscious, why not hit him again? And maybe a couple more times for good measure instead of pleading for his keys? You'd think she'd want to beat him senseless.

Juliet's predictable path. So Juliet's big storyline is her twisted crush on her teacher. They've been telegraphing the build up to this story for weeks and I was tired of it almost before it began. Couldn't they find something more interesting to do with the show's only teenager? 

So now the question becomes, is Mr. C some psycho rapist attacking young girls or is Juliet looking for revenge for getting rejected? The problem is, either way, I'm not sure how much I care.

At the end of this episode, I was left with that lingering question. What's the point? Why keep Gemma alive only to kill her now? Why have Charlie tell her Siobhan is still alive only to kill them both? Why is Siobhan trying to convince Tyler he's her baby daddy? But, most of all, why did Siobhan start this whole mess to begin with?

I'm still interested but not as much as I'd hoped to be. Nine episodes in and I still don't have a clue why all of this is happening. Do you? And more importantly, will you tune back in come January to get some answers?


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i liked the mid finale,thought it was a bold episode.ill be tuning in for more.i just like all these twists,however some r pointless like juliets supposed rape


the story is revealing more and more! and I LIKE IT!
John/Charlie I like he is doing thinks his own way! and killing Gemma was really a smart move she saw his face and she knows all about Siobhan! I loved she fought a little bit. Bye bye Gi. if you had your kidnapper on the floor you would kick him till his dead.
The Juliet story wasn't good done, but I like Juliet and think she is the first one to find out Bridget pretending to be Siobhan. But it was really funny to see her hitting on him and the lie was really predictable.
Machado is really interesting guy and hot by the way. I know he saw the coop right through .
Real Siobhan is playing a really messy game. Okay she wanted to run away from Andrew and kill B so it looks like She was dead. B must die cause she killed Siobhan's son or something like that! But why run away if U don't have enough money! The marriage with Andrew isn't real at all! She has something against him to and she wants him and his firm down! Why would she play a game with Tyler!
Real Bridget!!! I love BAndrew they are awesome together I enjoy every scene with them! She is doing it right and I can't wait to see Andrew's face when he realizes he has the wrong Twin at home!
And than there is MALCOM!? Where is the whole addict struggle gone!? And where is Bodaway? Or his minions!
Excited to see how the show will continue in 2012! Want more Bandrew or even a threeway with Malcom! We can dream can't we! ;)


All got to say if Gemma is really dead I am done with the show. To give excitement twice that she is alive and finally have her dead so fast would be stupid writing.


I love this show, but the mid-season finale was a bit disappointing. I hate that they made the Juliet storyline about a rape or a false rape accusation. That storyline doesn't seem like it has anything to do with Siobhan or Bridget. I agree that it seemed pointless for Charlie to tell Gemma that Siobhan was still alive if she ended up dead seconds later. We still need to know why someone is trying to kill Siobhan. I will still watch the show when it returns, but I hope the writers get a clue and get rid of some of the annoying storylines. :(


If Gemma survives losing all that blood in the apartment, plus TWO shotgun wounds from Charlie, that will be beyond ridiculous. Siobhan is not a medic. There is no way she would be able to carry Gemma by herself and stash her someplace to heal from a bullet wound. Gemma needs medical attention, and if Siobhan pulls a doctor accomplice out of her pocket, I'm going to throw my remote at the screen!


I actually had to catch up with the last 3 eps today, i dvr'd them, and i'm stll confused. I honestly thought Gemma was dead.. I knew Charlie had her 3 eps ago, but you only see her in his basement the last ep.. or was it also in the one before that.. lol they all blended for me since i watched them all together.. Siobhan clearly has some insider info about the murder Bridget witnessed..otherwise how was it that she had Charlie/John higher a cop to help her escape to new york?... I dont think Gemma is dead... they told Andrew they found Charlie's body, not Gemma's as well... and Bridget didn't look so shooken up about her "bf" being killed at the end. Something tells me Siobhan hid Gemma away somewhere... but i could be wrong ...i do like this show and i'm left with many questions..but imdisappointed in Juliet, i don't think he raped her, i think she got rejected and reverted back to her malicious ways as payback, but we will see

Kimberly anne

I thought Juliet getting rape was quite the twist, that I didn't see coming. Although the flaw I saw in that SL was it happened in school. Wasn't her friend suppose to wait in the hallway?
I thought the beginning was perfect because I am a huge fan of Andrew and Bridget. She, Bridget, really is falling or is already in love with him.
Is Gemma really dead though? Because if she is then why tell her Siobhan is alive only to kill her for good this time?
And I would imagine that whatever this whole web Siobhan has created would include more than just Charlie on her side. So surely she must have another hit man out there working for her in New York to be able to stop Charlie. And how did she know where Charlie was?
Good episode with good cliffhangers but there is still a lot we do not know.


This episode had SO many holes, even for an over-the-top soap opera, that reflecting upon them makes them more ludicrous as time goes on. 1) Why on earth did Gemma STOP hitting Charlie? If someone had kidnapped me, I'd make sure that person was unconscious. Not keep TALKING to them & look for the cellphone. RUN, GIRL! Silly writing. 2) Amber Benson - so her sole purpose was to reveal the name of "Matador." That's it? That's the takeaway from all the promotion that this was a Buffy reunion? SMG didn't share a scene w/her. Not even a flashback. 3) It is IMPOSSIBLE for Siobhan to be in Paris at the beginning of the episode w/a black eye, then in NYC less than 48 hours later to shoot Charlie. I thought the woman had no money! Where did she get the last-minute ticket that would have cost at least $1,250 for coach? If she's incognito, she wouldn't be able to access all those Siobhan Martin frequent flyer accounts, would she? 4) Andrew & Bridget finally got it on, and in a testament to how this episode goes downhill from there, no one is talking about it. 5) Juliette cried rape. But, what high school teacher would do that in a classroom with A WINDOW IN THE UNLOCKED DOOR?!?! A WINDOW! The reason they have doors w/windows is for that very reason - lack of privacy. All staff & students know that at any time, someone can come in or look inside. If he's a creep, he's a STUPID creep.


It's interesting to note that of all 10 episodes that have aired, the 3 that were written by the show's creators Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder (the first two episodes and this episode) are the series' worst. Hope they don't write anymore episodes and just stick with being credited as creators.


Okay, wth! I used to admire the show for not taking the predictable path, and trying to sprout original ideas from its unoriginal concept, and I've loved it...up until this episode. I was excited to see Gemma still alive and it was ridiculous to have the actress back on the show just to get killed. Again. And Again. BAD WRITING.
They ruined a bunch of interesting storylines with this episode, and now they just lost two characters. Where is this whole thing leading to? I have a feeling, the writers don't even know.

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Siobhan: She's my friend.
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