Ringer Sneak Peek: Stay Out Of It, Siobhan!

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Following a week off, Ringer returns with a new episode this Tuesday.

On "That's What You Get Trying to Kill Me" - previewed HERE - Malcolm will take to the police about Charlie; Juliet will grow more obsessed than ever over Mr. Carpenter; and Machado will meet with an informant in Wyoming.

Henry will also grow might upset. Watch the following sneak peek to see him pose question that include: What do all roads lead back to Siobhan Martin? Who the Hell is Malcolm?!? He then tells Siobhan to stay the heck out of Gemma's disappearance investigation:

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Wow with this week episode. Some things were really wrong but some others were really good. Just how romantic is Siobhan husband. How could she ever fall out of love for him??? Charlie is a psychopath how could Siobhan not seen this coming ??? There is obviously a security camera that will make everyone think Siobhan is responsible for everything. Also, how did Siobhan fell for someone as stupid as Henry is??? Juliet is probably the worst human being on earth for ruining her teacher's reputation like that (he obviously did not abuse her but he was stupid to ask the only witness leave the room)...Well everyone is a little bit stupid in this show...But SMG and the actor who plays Siobhan husband have soooo much chemistry!!! It's the best part about the show.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Siobhan: She's my friend.
Charlie: Yeah, I hate to see how you treat your enemies.

Malcolm: Anniversary?
Bridget: Six years already. Can you believe it?