Supernatural Review: Beware the Turducken

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Bobby can't die can he? Although, isn't that what we were saying about Castiel before?

The cliffhanger was the best (and worst, emotionally) part of the episode. There's no way that the brother's best gruff friend was killed by a bullet. I mean a bullet, bullet.

It was such a jarring last few seconds that it took me a moment to grasp what had happened. Granted, the follow up episode could pick up with Bobby finally responding and nothing really wrong. Although, at this point I'm not too sure. The season has been eliminating any outside sources for the brothers and what's a worse way to complete that than to kill off their last remaining connection?

A Hunting Trip

I had a feeling something bad was going to happen to Bobby especially because he managed to lead the case and garner most of the great lines. Whether it was threatening Dean, "You die before me and I'll kill ya" or referencing Disney movies, "You don't shoot Bambi, jackass. You shoot Bambi's mother," Bobby was on fire in all his gruff and grumbling aspects. Even a little past history about Bobby teaching Sam and Dean to track was thrown in. There was so much Bobby focus that Sam and Dean were turned into background characters following Bobby's lead instead of the other way around.

But, really, there's no way Bobby can be dead? Can there?

Unfortunately, the rest of "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters" felt all over the place and was a real let down considering it was written by Ben Edlund, who has given me some of my favorite Supernatural episodes from "Changing Channels" to "The French Mistake." What happened?

First, there was no Jersey Devil, let alone a real case of the week. I know the "lead" allowed Sam, Dean, and Bobby to start a case and end up deep in Leviathan problems, but it was contrived. It was a wasted potential plot that could have been interesting and instead faded behind mere food.

Exactly. The real threat was a Leviathan laced turducken. Now what am I going to eat for Thanksgiving?

Sure, it gave some humorous moments of a stoned Dean making dazed comments and even enhanced his natural ability to love food, but really? A Sandwich is the dangerous problem?

Then there was the odd use of names from the repetitive comments about Ranger Rick and the Leviathan leader being named, Dick. Aside from Dean generally making jokes about everything, was that supposed to be funny? In fact, a majority of the situations and story in general felt like the show was overly serious to the point of self mockery. Except I don't think the episode was trying to do that. I mean, bibbing?

All I could keep thinking was, "Is this really Supernatural and not some spoof?"

I wasn't a fan when the Leviathan leader was first introduced and hoped there was more to him than a suit. Now, I can't take him seriously because of his name and his number one bestseller. Perhaps Dick Roman would be a good bad guy if this show was focused on corporate espionage, political tactics, and corrupt business. Yet, the show is about monsters, ghosts, and demons. Dick felt like he was on the wrong show, period. I mean, he shot Bobby (allegedly) instead of using some supernatural power to carry out his plans. The brothers may not know how to kill the Leviathan, but this enemy doesn't come close to some of the other "big bads" the brothers have faced.

And I still have no idea what is the Leviathan plan. It can't be making food that turns humans complacent and infiltrating human society so the Leviathan can dominate the White House. There just has to be more. Something I'm missing, right?

I love the monsters of the week, but the larger story arc is lacking direction, focus, and big scares. Season 7 needs to pull itself together, feast on Thanksgiving, and return recharged and ready to go. Oh, and not kill off Bobby, please.

What did you think of the episode? What do you think of the Leviathan? Is Bobby dead? Sound off!


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I suleoisry doubt they will take Bobby out so close to taking Cas out… But the fact that @jumblejim has been out of town and away from Vancouver for a little while now according to his tweets makes me VERY nervous.


I suleoisry doubt they will take Bobby out so close to taking Cas out… But the fact that @jumblejim has been out of town and away from Vancouver for a little while now according to his tweets makes me VERY nervous.


I love the show i have been watching it since day one and the repeat shows you can not kill bobby off like me and im sure so many people will say dean and sam have no one eles and he is like a second dad to them so on top of losing there dad friends cas and now bobby they have no one but each other dont do that save bobby and bring cas back but know matter what happens i will still watch the show


I love our show I think our are doing a great job I only ask Please dont kill Bobby it's going to hurt to much I love Bobby on the show Please let live I cryed so had like did when they keep kill Dean and Sam or when our went to hell Pease I love you guy's think our are doing a great job I really do I just love Bobby ( He is like a Dad to Dean and Sam ) Our keep do what our want I wiil still Love our and The Show I will keep watching Supernatural it will hurt and I will miss Bobby bumay be our can bring him back later may be Please I am not trying Hurt our's feeling Our are really doing a great job with the show I just like watching Bobby with Dean and Sam work together Their like Family I love them together it's just Hurt's to much when our do that But if not I will cry as hard as I did when our sent Dean to hell,when our killed & sent Sam to hell, o'yea what happen to their half brother he went to hell & never came ok no matter what I will still Love our & the show sorry if I hurt someone feelings not what I'm trying to Love you guy's keep doing the great work your doing


Sean, BE didn't write Changing Channels, Jeremy Carver did. I liked the episode and didn't feel gypped at all about not seeing the Winchesters and Bobby hunt the "Jersey Devil" because between Bobby and Sam we got plenty of lore on the "JD" and now we have absolute confirmation that the leviathans "master plan" is even more insidious than Angels and Demons having their own slap fast/"Sunday Dinner" aka the Apocalypse... they really DO intend to enslave the world by "taking it from the inside". I wonder if the Boss "Dick Roman" will authorize to continue perfecting "Doctor Sexy" work on pacifying the populace with only one objective being an "All you can eat 'long pig' buffet"; in Slash Fiction "Levia!Dean" (I think)told Sam that the smart, strong "Real Winchesters" were wasting an opportunity to seize their own opportunities". I can easily see (if the Levis continue into "S8") the Levis having their own cadre of human collaborators. Has this been done before - yep, history (& movies & TV Shows) is full of "quislings". I would be interested to see Supernatural's take on this subject. As someone who is not a "Cas Fan" at all, I doubt that Bobby's being shot had much to do with "Cas seeming to be killed". Yes, Bobby's death would result in the boys being without any allies but I doubt that Bobby will die permanently in 7.10. Coma from his head wound for at least several episodes and/or memory loss is more likely to happen.


Love this show it rocks.


I'm still waiting for Cas to come back and I know he will!!


I can't quite get my mind around Season 7 yet but I'm optimistic. I've had these doubts before and the show always roars back better than I ever hoped. So far the Leviathans are leaving me lukewarm but I must be the only viewer out here who thought the bibbing was SPECTACULAR! What a weakness! Remember, they are the primal princes of original hell - they're gonna have some quirks and I think the bibbing is perfect! So bizarre yet so simple. Bibbing! If only it worked in real life...


It was a good episode, the best thing about season 7 is the trifecta of Sam, Dean and Bobby. They can't kill him off.


I have to disagree with the authors review of this episode. I swear...if they kill Bobby I am going to be so PISSED OFF!! Like Dean's said in the preview for the next episode, "We've been through enough". I couldn't agree more. I'm sorry but it's getting the point of being ridiculous...killing off everyone they care about. Give them a break already! The sandwich ooze made me gag. I'm never eating Turduken..EVER!
The whole glamping people actually do that?! Seriously?! Sorry but camping is sleeping on the ground....or maybe even in a cold cabin with spiders everywhere....but it's not taking your freaking house with you into the woods! WTF?
I like to see Dean being non-serious sometimes. Even if he was under the influence. :)
I thought the episode was solid.

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