The Good Wife Round Table: "Executive Order 13224"

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Good Wife Round Table, as panelists Lisa Palmer, Christine Orlando and Carissa Pavlica have gathered to discuss "Executive Order 13224," an episode that featured the return of Carrie Preston, a confrontation between Peter and Will... and terrorism fears.

Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Lisa: So many to pick from! The sexual harassment video at the end; "Mom, pick up the phone;" and the scene with Alicia, her red-headed attorney and the cupcake man. All the dramatic tension throughout the hour made this episode the best yet this season.

Christine: The sexual harassment video at the end made me laugh because I've sat through them before and they are just that cringe worthy. Having Will and Alicia sit there and watch it together was brilliant.

Carissa: Agreed. The sexual harassment video. I found it to be funny and was surprised that the entire room wasn't cracking up. They make it look so juvenile. The things they call harassment are more annoyances that can be stopped by telling the person to go away.

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Does Peter have a real case against Will or is he just being vindictive?
Lisa: I think it's too soon to tell, and the ambiguity is part of what makes the tension so great. But yes, he does seem to have every excuse to pick on Alicia's firm.  And him recusing himself means that he knows he has bias ties to the case. .

Christine: It was 15 years ago and Will gave the money back. This is a fishing expedition just as when he asked LG to be his attorneys and asked for a full audit of their books but didn't ask it of the other law firms in the running. Peter's searching for an angle to take Will and LG down.

Carissa: He's being vindictive. Absolutely no amount of spin will make it otherwise. Even Cary was uncomfortable with it, and he's always out for revenge. I find it disappointing that Peter has decided to focus so much of his time on Lockhart Gardner. He was just asking them to be his attorney, and now this? 

Grace and the wacky tutor? Grace searches for God? Zach bypasses the proprietary software on his Mom's computer? Name your least favorite Florrick kid storyline.
Lisa: The tutor because I just don't feel like the point of having her around was worthwhile time spent. I know the show strives to remain topical, but I couldn't see the point in having her around.

Christine: The Florrick kids are painful to watch. I was most annoyed with Zach removing the proprietary shareware from Alicia's computer and snarking that they shouldn't have to pay for that stuff. A freebie is fine if your a kid but if your a high priced law firm sending confidential information you just might want professional software for that. I wanted to smack both Zach and Alicia in that scene.

Carissa: I find the Florrick children to be horrid little beasts, and have enjoyed none of their storylines. However, the tutor story was so out there that it will win for now. I can't even believe that tutor was 22. It's so embarrassing to think about.

Should Diane actually confront Will about her suspicions about his relationship with Alicia?
Lisa: She did! In The Good Wife way: completely subtly.

Christine: Well, if they never have the conversation and this all blows up she can at least say she never knew but that won't protect the firm. There are so many ways for this to blow up both personally and professionally for Alicia and Will. It's only a matter of time.

Carissa: Yes. The sexual harassment bit was hilarious, but doesn't address real life adult situations. And, when you spend so much time at work, what better place to meet someone? I think they're keeping it quiet more for Alicia's involvement with Peter and her family, and there new proximity to Eli rather than because it's a bad decision for the firm.

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1. Alicia's lawyer!She was a blast! How can you not love this woman! Every scene she was in had me in stitches.
2.Peter's being vindicative and masking it as being self righteous and running a clean office. He's phishing and it doesn't look good on him. It's so unncessary and childish.I'm sure there are bigger fish to fry... Even Cary looked uncomfortable...and it's Cary!
3. All of them. The Florrick children suck. I have yet to be able to tolerate a single storyline they've had thus far. I didn't know it was possible to make such useless teen characters.
4.She'll be smooth with it at first but eventually yeah. Nothing gets past Diane for the most part so the fact that nobody is addressing the massive sized pink elephant in the room is beyond me. I say call 'em out Diane!


I love the Will/Alicia storyline and can totally accept that they would want this to be "theirs" after waiting so many years to be together. And yes the married woman albeit separated not only deserves this but much more after the dog that is her husband (Love you Chris Noth) did to her. The kids are beyond annoying and just need to go away to some boarding school, far far away. The kids also just seem like plot devices to keep her from getting her just desserts, don't fall for it Alicia when you've got someone as hot as Will waiting for a nooner!! I say get some while the getting is good and everyone else be damned!


Yes laided !! What she is doing is not the same as being single, yes he did it with 1 hooker 18 times and was framed and sent to jail for corruption also. What she is doing is not the same but worse, alot of people are going to get hurt if this gets out and she will be left out to dry with no help. I still would like to know how manny times she gotten LAIDED by Will? It sure would be shame to end up with HIV and Pregnant because she has no idea how manny women he has porked.


laided?!? Seriously? Yes she's married but once you lose love and respect in any relationship it's dead and buried. There is no point in dragging it out. Politicians know they are separated and just waiting around to use it. Peter is a scumbag that regardless of what he does to redeem himself, and as much as I want to root for him there is no point. The only ones loosing out are te kids. It's better to rip the bandaid off and get divorced!


"If you keep interrupting I keep having to go back to the top". My favorite scene would have to involve this quote. It is too funny to ignore. Carrie Preston made a great guest star appearance as Elsbeth Tascioni, pure talent. Peter has been in control of his life, before and after prison. He has managed to changed the minds of many about his image, but somehow it angers him that he couldn't keep that control over Alicia. So now anything he does against LG is because of his hard feelings. Will is someone he wants to take down. The tutor storyline had absolutely no follow up, so it just hangs there in the show without any real purpose but to give Grace a storyline. I'd hoped for some sort of clarity, but it makes absolutely no sense having the tutor around. Diane does everything for the best interest of the company. If she was going to say something to Will she would have done it close to when the insurance guy arrived. Everything else is implied and Will caught on to Diane's message, she just wants to protect the firm. I also sensed Diane being a bit harsh to Alicia as well.


Will: You're pitiful----When are the writers going to put an end to this soap opera and get on with a good storyline that everyone can relate to. The way they have now we will see another Saprano ending with nothing resolved, When are we going to see the big blowup that puts everyone in the thick of things. We need to end this high school under the stands crap and get with a realistic adult problems, you can't have a married woman who is separated but being laided by her boss being hidden from everyone this is the same thing she accused her husband of. But in this case she is the one who will be labeled a whore and slut to all who find out. Not to say what her family will do to her.


His feeling is he has waited 17(?) years for her, he is not just going to walk away, regardless of the potential consequences. If I were Peter just make a few calls and the hole problem goes away, Will has 2 outs either leave town or leave by Fedex.
Yes Peter can make Lockhart&Gardiner suffer which we will see how the Diane/Will team handle it, remember Alicia is a liability and will be let go as agreeed by Will. That also means the lunch specials go too which will soon happen anyway.
Everyone think the kids are a weakness i disagree the writers can make them a big part of the final ending to the shows, let them find out about good old mom's lying and deceitfulness then watch the fireworks go up. This will break up a whole lot of things.


Favorite scene: I actually loved the Will/Peter showdown. Yes, Will probably was being too ballsy considering he is sleeping with Peter's wife, but he totally called out Peter on the absolute truth, leading into: Peter: Totally being vindictive. Even Cary tried to convince him to not pursue it but he went for it anyways. And let's face it, Cary has no love lost for Will and LG. Eventually Alicia will get wind of what's going on and I really don't think this will bring her back to Peter. Children's scenes: I actually don't mind Zack, he is way less annoying than Grace. But I mostly think that's because as insignificant as Zack's storylines are, they are not nearly as cringe worthy as Grace's. Hard choice there. Diane confronting Will: I agree that she let Will know that she KNOWS without saying anything straightforward. As a matter of common sense, SHOULD Will end the affair? Probably. But I really don't think he is going to give Alicia up without a fight. Based on his scene with Peter and the look of death he gave Diane, I think he is holding out for what he wants, which is Alicia. His feeling is he has waited 17(?) years for her, he is not just going to walk away, regardless of the potential consequences.


Favorite scene: The scene between Elsbeth, Alicia and the Treasury official. All the actors were great. The Florrick children are a weakness for the writers. The actors are fine, but I keep waiting for all these issues with Grace to payoff. I also don't understand how Peter has a case against Will so it appears vindictive. I'm anxiously waiting for this case against Will to, at least, seem plausible. I could maybe see this leading to a point where Peter and/or Eli obtain information that could "persuade" Alicia to stay in the marriage for Peter's benefit. But it is sad he is so willing to try and take down his wife's firm on such a weak case. Once again, not thinking of her. I agree, Diane did confront Will about the affair but addressed it like a good lawyer, with plausible deniability in case the law firm was sued or investigated. Will, as a good lawyer, should act accordingly and end the affair, especially since he knows that the State's Attorney is investigating him. BTW, when is he going to let Diane in on that?


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