The Vampire Diaries Casts Bonnie's Mother

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Prepare to meet the mother, Vampire Diaries fans.

The show has cast actress Persia White (Girlfriends) in the key role of Abby Bennett, the woman who abandoned Bonnie when she was young. The character will first appear on January 19 and may stick around beyond that.

Look for Abby to have serious guilt issues over leaving her daughter, and for many secrets to leak over over the reasons why she did so.

In other major casting news, The Vampire Diaries announced that Torrey DeVitto - yes, Paul Wesley's wife! - will also join the series in early 2012 as a young doctor who gets close to Alaric. She'll appear on the first episode of the new year.


Well as it turns out, Persia White had powers and was best friends with Elena's mom back when a Vamp came to town and she lured him away which drained her powers back then.


Persia White is 39 years old... so technically she is old enough to play Bonnie's mother...but just like Jasmine Guy, she ages very very well.


Persia White looks really pretty, but a little young to be Bonnie's mother. Maybe she had her at a young age.


it is never said if Bonnie's dad was grandmother's son and the way Sheila talked about him she never referred or imply as if it was her son. Also Bonnie technically visit her dad's side of the family this summer who she claim was normal (I think it all hereditary and if they were Bennetts as you claim then everyone is a witch or warlock and sure Bonnie would have had a very eventful summer having people to talk about her heritage with), if that is so then I doubtful her dad is the Bennet and what probably the deal is like on Charmed you take your mother's name and not your father's because Bennet is a well known name in the magical world. I believe that Abby is Sheila's daughter hence emphasis that she has a Bennet woman personality.


She will probably be some random plot device. Either a person for Klaus to kill, a sacrifice for some weird ritual, a source of information, etc... Remember this lady might not be a witch. Her witchy grandmother was on her father's side.


@Jacklyn I totally agree!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PERSIA WHITE!!! I'm so excited about this casting!!!!!


i totally love Persia White! shes very beautiful and she will always be my fave girlfriends star! hope she brings her wild personality from girlfriends! cant wait to see you Abby Benette and you better have a good explanation as to why you abandoned Bonnie!

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