The Vampire Diaries Midseason Report Card: B

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With many TV Fanatic favorites on a midseason break, we'll be using the next couple weeks as an opportunity to assess various programs and offer advice on where they should go in 2012.

First, our Grey's Anatomy critic offered her thoughts on the first half of that show's eighth season. Now, I'm excited to pore over The Vampire Diaries, hand out a midseason grade and see where readers stand on television's most twist-filled drama.

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Best Character: Klaus. It takes a lot to beat out Damon Salvatore and his snark, smile and smolder. But Klaus has given us a lot... and then some! He's the ideal villain: sympathetic, cruel, multi-dimensional, funny. Joseph Morgan portrays this character with an eerie calmness, making those moments when he loses it even more impactful. Plus, the addition of Klaus has led to the addition of Rebekah. Major points there.

Worst Character: Katherine. She disappears. She shows up. She always has some mysterious agenda. The writers seem to have lost their grasp on this ancient vampire a long time ago. Nothing more than a plot device at this point, Katherine really has to disappear one final time - forever.

Best Episode: "The End of the Affair." New light was shed on Stefan's friendship with Klaus; we flashed back to Chicago; we first met Rebekah; we were introduced to Mikael. A packed episode provided viewers with fresh sympathies for Klaus, Elena and Stefan.

Worst Episode: "Ghost Town." Easily the worst installment in show history, it seemingly existed solely to bring back former characters. Sadly, not even the handsome face of Tyler Kinney could save this boring, nonsensical hour of filler.

Most Interesting Development: Tyler as a hybrid. What does this mean for Forwood? Where do Tyler's loyalties lie? How many more breakfasts will the guy spill on his shirt? The directions the show can now go with Tyler know as few bounds as the affection our site has for his girlfriend.

Biggest Surprise: Klaus killed his own mother, and was being hunted by his own father! Gotta combine this storyline into one major shocker. We figured the history of the Originals would be rich. We just didn't expect it to take even Rebekah by surprise.

Best Bromance: Alaric and Damon. Granted, there are no other contenders (no offense, Matt and Jeremy), but these two deserve their own shout-out for simply making me crack up so often. Damon is the only person allowed to refer to his pal as Ric.

Most Misused Character: Bonnie. All she does is pop into a scene, cast a spell and leave. This may belong in the following category, but the show needs to round Bonnie out to be more than just an angst-filled witch. Fortunately, this appears to be the plan. Look who is on her way to Mystic Falls.

Hopes for 2012: Full-on Delena. I'm not just saying this because the pair won our poll for Best Teen Couple, and it would be nice if they were actually a couple. But the series needs to make a choice in either direction. No more teasing, writers. You've done an admirable job developing the feelings between Elena and Damon. They feel real and believable at this point. Stefan may not want his humanity, but Damon does want the girl who makes his rise to the surface. Give her to him.

Also: a bubble bath scene for Rebekah; even more Caroline; the return of Elijah; the opening of a competing restaurant for the Grill.

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I'm ok with Damon and Elena being the focus of the show at some episodes, I mean c'mon guys its Ian and Nina. They're so addictive to watch, This couples Chemistry is the real deal and we have to understand that a TV shows ratings depends on how many audience watches and loves the show in every single episode of it. And we all know that Delena probably pulls the most fans and viewers and a lot of them really gets so interested not only on the story of the whole show but is also interested on this couples build up. Fans deserve what they want and that is an Epic, Sweet, Romantic and developing Delena scene that keeps getting better and better on each episode. Now who should Elena end up with? HEY ELENA! NINA ALREADY CHOSE IAN LOL! CHOOSE DAMON!


I have to agree that the best character on the vampire diaries is by far is Klaus!!! Not only is the villian of the show, Klaus makes the show interesting!!! I mean ever since Klaus made his first modern-day appearance in season 2 episode 19: Klaus, I've liked the character Klaus ever sense. Klaus has that charming, evil smile that makes each episode including season 3 sooo interesting. I can't wait to see what revenge Klaus will serve up on the town of Mystic Falls, since Stefan stole Klaus family from him and he will get revenge on stefan and everyone Stefan's ever met and he won't stop till he gets all of his coffins back!!


@matt richenthal:seems u had a change of heart,before u were a stelena fan and all of a sudden u became a delena fan,am sorry to say matt didn't mean to offend u,but i just wonder why,and if delena ever happene then elena is no less than katherine and damon is nt being a good brother and it will be a shame given all what stefan has done to both of them and lets not forget he's the reason why they are both still alive.


I think people are still way too hard on Elena. People forget that she is still a human girl, who not only discovers that her boyfriend is a vampire but also that the vampire who turns him and his brother is also her own ancestor. On top of that, when said ancestor turns up, Katherine hates Elena for stealing Stefan. Is this another reason for turning her over to Klaus? On top of that she discovers that she too is a'supernatural occurence' as big bad Original Elijah calls. She manages to survive being sacrificed, only to lose not only the rest of her family, sans her bother (who now sees ghosts)but also her boyfriend to Klaus (even if he was trying to lead him off Elena's trail. It's only now that she has started to make her own choices, like learning how to fight back. Has anyone forgotten that for half of the first season, both Stefan and Damon lied to her about Katherine's identity, which she found out completely by accident. Stefan tells Elena that he doesn't want her fighting in 'Unpleasantville', but there's only so far she can use her intelligence and wits to save herself. Damon at least, has started to respect her wishes (probably because she has started making sensible ones like at least learning how to fight back). In the first season Stefan is a little too controlling. When Rose and Trevor try to hand Elena over to Elijah in 'Rose', Elena has to use her own wits and intelligence to stop Elijah from abducting her. Even in this season, when Elena decides she wants to lock Stefan up, won't that mean he can't hurt anyone, not just her.It just seems as though Elena wants a fighting chance to get Stefan back before she has to give up on him. Let's face it, if she suddenly dropped Stefan for Damon, that would make her as bad as Katherine. P.S Klaus and Rebekah are the two most uninteresting villans I've ever seen on telly; but I think Elena (and probably Damon) should get the chance to bash Klaus around a bit, that scene in the gym was really disturbing.I think Elena's a far more interesting character than Katherine or Rebekah. Nina Dobrev said herself in an interview that she wanted Elena to be single for a while. What about when (or if ) she ever gets in college, and still fighting vamps.


And worst Episode : ghost world


I would say Katherine is the most misused character i mean i love her games and how she keeps geting the salvatores back into her trap for Me:
Best Episode: The Hybrid(DELENA


Best character: For me Stefan! He showed different faces and was a delightful character who gave us a lot of game changers through many different ways. So he is my WOW for this midseason.
Worst character: I would say Bonnie but she was in such an underUSE so she couldn't even be worst! So I say it was Jeremy I expected more from him and the whole ghost story! I don't know why pick so much on Katarina! She is there to appear and care for her ass! She is always running that's her! And she could easy go into overuse!
Best episode: Hybrid, it showed really much of emotions and was packed with action a nice balance!
Worst: Say it was "Smells like teen spirit" it was a forced episode and and not so good! Can't say Ghost world cause Lexie and Grandmother appeared.
Development!? Uhhh I could say DAMON wanting stefan to be around! I was surprised he wanted him home! And it will be great to see will he go for his brother or his "HEART".
Surprise! Of course Klaus killing Esther and getting rid of Mikeal so soon! And stealing the coffins!
Bromance! Stefan and Klaus for sure! I didn't even noticed Alaric well till "original family"
Bonnie oh Bonnie! a GREAT strong witch who probably could take out Rebbekah didn't cast 2 good spells for 9 eps! I hope she get's on with her live and stop being lame!
2012!!!!! More ORIGINALS! And an Esther kicking comeback! ;) and Stelena and Katarina comeback!


My biggest hope for 2012 is for the writers to make Elena a more developed character. At this point I find her the least evolved protagonist in TV history, and as much as I enjoy the show I wish the writers would give her more depth. Though honestly, either way, I'll still watch.


Well, well written. But i would give the grade B+.
In season 2 their wasn`t such big plot holes..sorry writers, please take a look back to the last season. You made me fell in Love with this stuff. Don`t make me regret Best character: Stefan and Damon / Can`t choose.
Stefan= Because i thank god that the writers turned him into more fun. And that Paul became the chance to shine. He`s so great when he`s the bad boy
Damon= Because his develpoment is incredible. He is still a badass, but i like his growing to a full-feeling-person with his alltime sarcastic and snarky attitude more than i can tell.
And Ordinary people with this big unadmitted love of them two is my favourite moment of the second season by now. Worst character (building): Katherine..Can i talk to you please, Julie. What are you up to with this great character. Why don`t letting her get some interesting story lines than just saving Damons or Stefans ass. Well, you brought her into the show as a villain, but now she`s nothing but a storyholefiller.
Bad move.. Best Episode: Ordinary People The reckoning.
Love everything with this great stuff. Love Damons and Stefans drinkin games. Love to see Elijah again. Miss him so much. The vampire-gentleman. Love to the sweet ending with Damon and Elena. Be careful Stelena-fans. I`m not a whatever-stupid-couple-name-you-have-in-mind-shipper. But the builing of them two over 2 and a half season is great. And they beat my alltime favourite couple Joey Potter and Pacey Whitter. How would you call them???
The reckoning = what should i say..couldn`t breathe or blink.. Worst Episode : GHOST TOWN - every word to say about this holy crap is too much.. Most interesting development:
Klaus finding out that Elene needs to stay alive to create the hybrid.
Great... Best bromance:
Damon and Alaric -
"well, sometimes i do things i don`t have to do.."
"You recicle the same crap-ass apology you gave to Mason Lookwood?"
"Well, i didn`t mean it with him"
Awesome Most misused character: Katherine
She`s great and like poison..I think she shouldn`t be kicked out of the show, but she needs to get a real plot Hopes for 2012:
Delena, because it`s pure eyecandy to watch, and i think the fans of this couple shouldn`t be longer cooked on a low heat.
But, i want it epic. No such things like, i like you - you like me - should we be together??
No, i want it really epic..
Stefan still stay as cool as he is as bad guy.
Elijah, Elijah, Elijah... But now to the main part..
Even that i see many plot holes and be still disapointed about the misuse of the character Katherine i`m crushing more and more into the vampire diaries.
Let`s take a look back. How this TV-Show started. Do you remenber this shit diary-stuff from the first episode? Caroline who was a totally annoying controllfreak on crack? Stefan who was just a boring puppie who`s hiding his real personality? Damon who was desperatily trying to make sure that nobody will ever pull his humanity out? And the only villain of the first season was, ok i think maybe no one. And were are we now, and what great new characters they create. Please writer, go on and make me falling deeper and deeper in love with this stuff.. TVD is like a drug..can`t get enough


Agree with everything else, but best ep was The Reckoning

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Dear Elena, yes you heard that correctly. Hell has frozen over. I'm writing it all down. Granted, I'm half a bottle in thanks to my 1950 Chateau Cheval Blanc, a bottle I waited 65 years to open. I used to spend nights sitting in my wine cellar convincing myself I could hear it age, tannins growing, fermenting, but appreciating its beauty didn't make time go by any faster. The bottle just laid there on its shelf, torturing me while I waited for Katherine and time stood still. Eventually I convinced myself that no sip of that wine could ever taste as good as I dreamt it would. And that is the story of why I drink bourbon. I don't know who I am without you, but I know that as long as I'm with you, time will stand still. So who is Damon Salvatore without Elena Gilbert? A selfish friend, a jealous brother, a horrible son? Or maybe with a little luck, I'll do right by you. Because you may be a thousand miles away or a hundred years away, but you're still here with me and my heart is right there in that coffin with you. Until you come back to me.