Who Will Romance Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries?

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It looks like 2012 will be a major year for Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries.

The CW hit has already cast Persia White as this witch's estranged mother; and now Robert Ri'chard has landed the role of Jamie, a potentially recurring love interest for Jeremy's scorned ex.

Bonnie and Jeremy

The actor - whose credits include Veronica Mars and Meet the Browns - will debut on the 12th episode of this season, which also features the first appearance by Bonnie's mom. Coincidence? No, reports E! New.

Look for these characters to have a close connection.

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Sometimes, I hate this show and then sometimes, I hate this fandom more. I hate the writers because they have to bring in some 'new' guy to woo Bonnie instead of giving the damn character development so the fandom can stop being a bunch of retard asshats to a character that really has no choice, but to be the way she is because the writers are racist and can't pull their thumbs out their asses long enough to actually give a rat's about a character that THEY created. T-T This show continues to be about all kinds of fail and I don't know why I even watch it anymore. Oh, right because I keep HOPING the writers will hire someone who can write about POC without them being some shadow of themselves and a terrible representation.


Hopefully Bonnie's character will get some air time when VD returns in Jan. since her Mom has been added, but that might not mean anything, the writers could still give her only two scences. So sick of seeing Elena & Katerina getting so much air time, both characters annoy the crap out of me. Bonnie is the only reason I watch the show. I love you Bonnie!!!!


With Bonnie's mom and a new guy entering the show, hopefully things will get more exciting for her character.


I think it would be really excieting if bonnie n damon hooked up!! I think the whole elena n damon story line is pathetic!


@ Jordan: That was what I thought back in Season 1. I really thought they could make a very interesting arch-enemies turn lovers storyline with Damon and Bonnie. She can hold her ground against him, she doesn't just swoon all over him like Caroline or Andy. It would be interesting to see, but I don't think any of the writers are planning to go there. I would be a stretch from where they are right now, but I feel like TVD writers are long-term planners, given that it took Forwood almost half a season to get together, so I say nothing's impossible. Still, something's got to switch off that Elena-loving, Damon's got going on in his head and heart. - Mh. Maybe a spell. :) Just kidding.


its really funny cause the writers said that bonnie was going to be really important this eason welll i havent seen that maybe this whole jamie and mom thing is what there talking about


I just hope that Bonnie will leave town with her mother and her new boyfriend :) Wouldn't that be best for all? (Especially for the storyline)


Ugh Bonnie and Damon? You guys are obviously watching a different show than I am. A big year for Bonnie...I don't like her at all so I hope this will make her a more interesting person, otherwise I hope Klaus needs to do another rituals, this time with Bonnie as the sacrifice :).


I wish they would stop giving Bonnie random guys to hook up with. First it was that vampire in S1 (name?), then Luka and Jeremy (not so random but they had NO chemistry) and now this guy who probably will be killed after 3 eps. Why can't she get someone real like Caroline and Elena have? That would probably make her more interesting too, because to be honest, who cares about Bonnie? She's the least developed main character on the show (together with Matt). Her hooking up with Matt could work. I actually thought they had some real chemistry in S3E05. Not that Matt is such an interesting character...


Hey Jacqueline: Since Elena has Stefan in her heart, why did she propose Damon and her forget him?!! Still have your Stelena glasses on I see, your watching a different show. Its called Stefans Diaries and it doesn't exist ;)

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