Chuck Lorre Explains Charlie Sheen Firing, Two and a Half Men Makeover

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The shenanigans of Charlie Sheen may have dominated the headlines for weeks in early 2011, but Chuck Lorre goes into detail with TV Guide Magazine this month and says the battle between Two and a Half Men and its leading man was "not a game."

"The [studio and the network] chose to make a moral decision as opposed to a financial one," Lorre says in his first wide-ranging interview on the topic. "This was drug addiction writ large. This was big-time cocaine, and in his own words, an 'epic drug run' that could have ended with either his death or someone else's."

Lorre also said he offered to quit the show during the height of the controversy.

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Among other topics tackled by Lorre...

On bringing in Ashton Kutcher: "I thought, why not find out if we can do it? If we failed, what have we failed at? Making a sitcom? Then it became exciting. We got to do something none of us ever dreamed of doing: We got to end a series and start a new series in 20 minutes."

On crossing fiction with non-fiction: "To not deal with it felt like a cheat. The unbelievably public nature of this debacle is part of our legacy now. It happened, and the dividing line between Charlie Harper and Charlie Sheen is forever blurred."

On shutting down production: "I didn't want to be writing a sitcom while my friend died. Or worse, hurt someone else. We couldn't be complacent. There was a tragedy unfolding right in front of us. There was violence and blackouts. On a certain level, if you're looking the other way, you're responsible."

On his current attitude toward Sheen: "Bottom line, I hope he's happy, I hope he's healthy. I hope he's able to be there for his kids."

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Guys like Charlie Sheen are not like others. He's a mans man. I know, 'cause I'm like that. No compromises there, you just have to be very very straight. And Chucky didn't do that. Some people just don't know, but this is another planet over here. On the other Hand: Coke is a son of a bitch! Just eat some weed, if you have to do stuff, and shut you pie hole (herb).


I don't 'making up stuff' at all, i just tell the cold hard truth that some if you and mainstream medias want to ignore..That being said yes i am entitled to my opinion, and no i am not trying to convince people so we can agree to disagree, not hard feelings to you all. BYE.


Elly - your are being blind and stubborn. Charlie IS responsibile for his actions. He hurt a lot of people including himself. stop making up stuff to try and convince others. You are entitled to your opinion. CC - you are right on Jon Cryer took the high road from the beginning and expressed concern for his friend even when verbally attacked. Anyone who thinks that the show would be the same after Charlie left is only kidding themselves. You don't replace an actor and expect someone else to be the same. The show HAD to change with a different feel and different dynamics. Wherever it survives remains to be seen.


CC i never said that Charlie Sheen doesn't have anger problems i just said these particular violent events reported in medias are allegations, nothing more nothing less. Kelly AND Charlie said again and again that Charlie was not even in the room when the shot happened, medias decided to tell another story which is not the true story, that is all. As for his ex-wives, i don't doubt that Charlie has his faults in all their conflicts (and he admited it himself) but these girls are not some angels either, Denise back in the day made lot's of insane accusations back in the day who were revealed not true, as for who started first i don't know i was not there, not my business, not my place to judge. So we can agree to disagree, i just will stand by my opinion that any part in this story is not flawed or some innocent victim and i will watch Anger Management.


For someone who is talking about what right do I have to judge you are doing the same thing and you need to calm down as my original comment was never rude towards you so to call me stupid and making assumptions. I am a big fan of Sheen more than a Lorre/Cryer fan but I at least can admit dude had serious problems and it really is his own fault he got fired, screwed his cast over and yes if he keeps doing this shit he could end up dead. I do think jail may turn his ass around as obviously taking the rehab route is not working.
And you clearly blind to his violence towards his exes... no court would have granted Brooke a restraining order against him if they thought he didn't do anything. He also pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor assault as his plea bargain to get those other charges dropped. He also lost his kids over his behavior this year and has yet to obtain custody. It also quite known that Denise divorce his ass for the same bullshit. As for him and Preston a shooting did obviously occurred. This is a known fact and earlier this year said she shot herself during his tour in Vancouver. If it didn't happen why bring it up.
I see you need to stop drinking Sheen's cool aid. Good Day to you. I am done talking to you.
As Lorre said I hope Sheen pulls himself together cause he is such a great talent and I will tune into his new show.
I actually saw Sheen's tour and it was bad, I actually did not mind the filthy and provocative as I expected it but maybe I saw him on one his off day.


CC you are seriously the STUPID ONE and i will stand by that, you like it or not..sometimes truth hurt..Charlie Sheen NEVER ADMIT he shot Kelly Preston, NEVER because it is not true, period. As for the knive story yep he made a deal for a lighter charge in order to drop the other accusations, it was a is not saying that he plead guilty to her accusations, learn a little about the law before making silly and ridiculous comments CC.
Well to sum up : continue with your pathetic accusations, it will not make that true nevertheless, as for 'wanting' him in jail or telling he 'not make it' euh..who you think you are to judge or to think you know something about him and his condition ? You are is not even for what he said in march well lot's of things he said were smart although medias did all their best to twist it the worst way possible, his tour was fun, although filthy and provocative but it was the goal. If only you had half a brain, you would get it..if only..

Amy jackey

charlie sheen is one of my favorite actors. but it is charlie's fault that he got fired from 2 and half men. for as his new show you never know he might wind up getting fired from that to if charlie doesn't change his ways it could happen.


@ Elly
are you stupid?
First off. Sheen admitted to shooting Preston and Preston said it was an accident and did not press charges.
Sheen actually had to plead and took a deal in the knife incident which Brooke who has issues herself as we now know ended up dropping it but Charlie had to go rehab because he did do that.
First off yes he owes Cryer an apology because Sheen does not sign his checks and Cryer in no way is wrong for what he did. Charlie was not coming to work, and admitted not doing so. And why should you take someone who saying crazy dumb shit (because all what Sheen said was fucking crazy) you don't bite the hand that feeds you. Would you honestly let the person in that webcast work for you when he looks deranged. Cryer didn't do shit to him and Sheen screwed him as I said before.
I personally don't give shit but as I said before logically I think if Sheen hadn't talking shit and brought his silly ass to work...he would still be on tv. And the fact he got another tv show without really getting real help proves that FX really could give two shits for this man and his health. Sheen's tour sucked and I know for the fact if Sheen don't cut this shit for good... he not make it. I really wish someone really send his behind to jail like for bit like RDJ.


Charlie never shot Kelly Preston, she said it herself more than once. As for the knive story it is allegations, you know what that means "ALLEGATIONS" ? We don't know what really happened as well as Chuck Lorre who is using that to justify his assholish behaviour. So NO Lorre is certainly NOT THE VICTIM, by the way he was the one who started all this mess by mocking, belittling big time Charlie as a person and his PERSONAL life in his stupid egomaniac vanity cards, he did not help him at all quite the opposite for the 'friend' BS they were not friends but co-workers with Lorre as the tyrannic boss (ask the crew genius, it is well known..)
As for Cryer, your argument is for real seriously ? Without Charlie Cryer would not be where he is, this show was greenlighted because of Sheen name whereas Cryer added cancelled shows after cancelled shows at this time and was only known as the geeky sidekick on a 80's teen movie, actually Cryer should thank Charlie !! (and if you want to know when Cryer had some personal problems Charlie helped him several times, but it is not written by medias..of course) whereas in this feud Cryer chose Lorre side right coward it is..but you can rant all the lies you want to feed your silly Charlie Sheen hate (how pathetic is that you don't know the guy..but whatever) and Lorre/Cryer worshipping it will not change the REAL FACTS.


he pretty much was a victim and even Sheen's friends and even his father the great Martin Sheen said he was going off the the fucking rails. Do you really think he wanted Sheen gone? No as Lorre pretty much pointed out Sheen was cash cow but looking back Sheen was going off the deep end and in prior incidents Sheen has hurt others around him like he shot Kelly Preston one time back when she was his fiancee and attack his ex with a knife and during this time he actually almost killed himself. Sheen purposely painted him in a bad light for his own faults (cause yes Sheen's behavior did start impacting his work as he stop going to work which in a sitcom is literally only two to three days a week.. so yes Sheen was seriously fucked up and seriously costing the money). Who Sheen owes an apology the most to is Jon Cryer though. He bashed the guy who has to eat too and lost money because Sheen head up his ass and really only gets away with this shit cause his dad is Martin Sheen.

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