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The Covert Affairs season finale was filled with personal milestones for Annie, an emotional disappointment for Auggie and a painfully selfish - yet strategically savvy - maneuver by Mr. Jai Wilcox.

Annie Walker has been a CIA field agent for a while now, but not until "Letter Never Sent" had she killed a man. In an effort to save herself, and especially her sister, our favorite blonde American took down the guy coming after them with a few shots to the chest. Thank God for that recent gun training.

Smitten Annie

I was always a fan of Annie's lack of gun use on the show, but here it was necessary, and the writers did a good job building up to this moment over the course of the second season. Without her newfound ability to use a firearm, Danielle would probably be dead, and Annie would be a complete mess.

Thanks to Danielle and her big mouth, Annie started to think about Auggie in a way the fans have been dreaming of since Jump Street. Recognizing that there may be a romantic attachment between them was certainly a milestone for Annie and the show.

I know that I would love to see these two kids get together by the end of this series - and if most fans didn't agree, I'd be surprised - but thankfully the writers realized that this was not the time. If this show expects to go on for more than one or two more seasons, it is way too early to hook this pair up.

I have faith that Covert Affairs will handle the situation correctly, allowing it all to die down for a long time before bringing any of the Aunnie (Aggie?) stuff back to the screen. The man still has feelings for Parker, and that needs to stick for a while.

Finally, Danielle nonchalantly asked Annie to move back in with her, and she accepted. That was easy. All it took was a bullets-blazing trip to Stockholm to get sis back on board? Who knew?

While Annie was achieving all of these new feats in her life, Auggie was attempting one himself. Does Auggie work as well as a character with his sight back? Probably not, but that doesn't mean that we weren't all rooting for the doctor to say he was a perfect candidate for that stem cell therapy.

What made the whole thing work so perfectly is that Auggie always seems so comfortable with his situation. He is a fun-loving, confident guy, who can joke around about his disability. When he discovered he wasn't a candidate, and he showed that emotion, it was heart-breaking. Auggie was extremely disappointed, and so was I.

And then there was Jai, who had himself quite the arc in this 42 minutes of action. Everyone and their brother was expecting him to turn on Arthur, including Auggie with his fantastic elevator pitch. When Jai turned on his father instead, it seemed as if the point was going to be that he had sided with the good guys and done the right thing for once.

No, no, no. Jai was being just as manipulative as always. The only reason he turned on his dad was to get rid of his nepotism stink, and in turn force Arthur and Joan to face their own nepotism issues when Jai goes after Joan's job! Wow, he is evil. Brilliant, but evil.

This was a great ending to the second season of Covert Affairs. "Letter Never Sent" also gave us Danielle out and about for once, the extreme levels of suspense created by the ticking clock in Magnus's house and the reinforcement of Arthur and Joan's stable relationship, thanks to the former's ex-wife.

After an up-and-down winter run, I am definitely excited to see what the series has up its sleeves come season three. If this finale is a precursor, we may be in for a wild ride.


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Danielle is annoying and unrealistic. This time Annie survives because she has a gun but all the other times she was just lucky? What?! Auggie was great. Jai was great. Annie was totally insensitive to Magnus! Annie shouldn't be living with her sister.


This was the best episode I saw this season! What really shocked me was the Jai situation, I thought he turned around and came to his senses to put his father away who is responsible for the Liza Hearn leak, but to later when he talks to Arthur for his reasoning to do this is to take Joan's job away from her and if Arthur gets in his way he will pay the consequences. I was like OMG! He is no better than his father. He is definitely the New Villian of the CIA! Everybody is going to have to watch out for him especially Joan and Arthur! Christopher Gorham did a wonderful performance it was sad seeing that his character can never have a chance to be able to see again! Excellent Performance by Chris! I'm glad that the relationship with Auggie and Annie didn't go no way because it was obvious he is still in love with Parker and he wants to get her back. It is good to know that Annie realize she has feelings for him! I thought like other fans is way too soon! I hope they explore other relationship for her like Robassi and Eyal! Definitely is obvious in the Relationship between Danielle and Annie. Danielle is going to need Annie right now because her relationship with Michael is not working out anymore and the marriage is over. Definitely next season Danielle is going to be divorced. I heard one comment from a Fan saying that Danielle and Dr. Scott might be a good potential for a relationship which I agree. I hope they find a love interest for Danielle. Now we know for next season Annie is going to go through changes after she had her first kill!


yeah. both these women seem to forget that men have deep romantic emotions too,often more internalized and can be shattered when these feelings are crushed,like magnus. danielle lead him to believe their relationship was something more than friendship. annie was totally insensitive in how she handled the situation. poor guy.


This review was fantastic, thank you! It expressed/covered everything that went through my mind while watching this finale. One addition would probably be that while seeing Danielle outside of her kitchen was nice she did start to wear on my nerves a little. You know your sister works for the CIA - if she tells you to do stuff in that kind of tone you just do it! Haven't you seen a single spy movie/television in your life?! Granted she just recently found out this HUGE thing in her sister's life. I just hope that as time goes on next season she will become more understanding of her sister's situation. I'm excited about the romantic future for Auggie and Annie. I know that nothing will happen right away, but knowing that there is going to be this slow build up will be good enough for me. When the series started I immediately saw the chemistry they had and thought that they should hook-up, but figured it wouldn't happen because they're supposed to be best friends. But now that a romantic future is on the table - well it's makes my cheeks hurt from smiling! Jai is quickly becoming a character I love to hate. He is one sneaky guy! Going after Joan's job? WOW! Like father like son huh? Overall, season 2 came to a good end and I can't wait for season 3!!!


Dani needs Annie to be there for her because her husband no longer is. That being said, Dani seems pretty rotten right now... when one sees reciprocal cheating as romance, one is pretty far out of bounds. Perhaps Annie had reason to wonder just who Dani was making out with in the closet in Niagara Falls after all...


give your expensive prized '67 corvette sting ray to a woman who drives like she's in the daytona 500,just because she needs cheering up? right. at least its blue. annie's first kill. totally surreal. how danielle behaved was little different from how her husband acted. yet she felt betrayed? she needs to straighten out her own romantic life before she thinks of annie's. not an fan of annie/auggie hook-up. only best friends. what's jump street? jai's becoming rather machiavellian. interesting. henry won't go down without taking arthur first.

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