Grey's Anatomy Photo Preview: "Suddenly"

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Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday, January 5 with a brand-new episode, "Suddenly."

The medical drama of the night comes after a severe car crash involving an entire family results in an all-hands-on deck situation in the ER, and leaves the eldest daughter to make the toughest decision of her life.

Meanwhile, Teddy is still in the dark about Henry's death, and calls upon Cristina to help with her patient in the O.R., and Lexie finds herself working alongside Mark's new girlfriend, Julia, on an eye surgery.

Very interesting. How do you think it will play out with Teddy, and with the women in Mark's life? Click to enlarge photos from the episode below, then sound off with your comments, thoughts and predictions:

Derek and Julia
Charts Tell the Story
Seeking Help at SGMWH
Fighting For Their Lives
Now That is a Handsome Fella
Eye Surgery Patient
Lexie With Bangs
The Doctors at Work
Mark's Girlfriend Julia
Lexie and Julia
Meredith Talks Things Over
Patient Relations

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Do we really need all the annoying background music? Half the time, you can't hear the dialog because the music is so loud. It's becoming so annoying that I don;t care if I watch Grey;s anymore,


Correction There is a promo for 8.10. Mer and Alex are still at the scene of the road accident. One of the accident victims is getting CPR from Alex. A teenage girl is holding the preme baby and Mer is trying to help a passenger trapped in the car.


I don't think the road accident will be seen again, Mer, Alex and the baby will be back at the hospital cos it'll mean the action can start in treating those injured.
I hope we hear more about Avery's patient from 8.09 as much as we await Altman hearing about her husband dying


Still upset about Henry.. Lol, but it will be nice to see how Teddy handles it.


All the photo's are great, have been disecting them all week basically on other sites oopps did i say that.
There is NO time jump! the episode starts at the scene of the crash where Mer and Alex find the family, so i gather Mer will hand the baby over to Alex and she will concentrate on the family. I hope we get a scene when they get back to the hospital of Derek having a heart to heart talk with Mer and basically apologising for everything as he did think the worst while she was out there and can't live without her. Although no photos of Alex and the baby is abit concerning as to what is going to happen.
Believe the scene of Mark, Derek, Julia and Lexi will be lighthearted comedy for the episode, maybe Lexi realise's Julia is actually a nice person after all and she has been the wicked witch.
Derek's photo of him at home looking at something at first i thought Zola as it's the look he gives Mer and Zola, but then thought the hair is too straight so now i'm guessing he is comforting Lexi at home after a long day at work and she has broken down over her breakup with Jackson (hope he has moved out of Casa Grey) and having to work with Julia and Mark all day and be professional about it all.
As much as we would all like it to be Zola delivered to the her rightful parents in this story unfortunately don't think it is :-( but i could be wrong. Valentine's episode more sexy time coming and hopefully a big surprise.
There is nothing mentioned about Callie and Jackson's stuff up and also I do believe Owen will be caught short having not told Teddy about Henry, Cristina will let slip, agree the line should be "sorry i did everything i could" which probably will confuse Teddy at first then she will realise what Cristina has just told her.
Anyway that is my dissection of the episode now bring on Jan 5th, oh hang on that's Jan 6 in Australia cos we are ahead :-)


@Cate -- I would recommend that you re-read this article...


Im really mad that there's probably going to be a time jump. I want to see more of dereks worry. I want to see Teddys reaction. I want to see more of what happens with Mer & Alex & the ambulance thing!! I don't want there to be a time jump :-(


@Ananda, there is no way Cristina could become head of Cardio at this present point in time. She is still a fifth year resident, essentially a student. Then she has two years of fellowship before she can even become an attending. Then she has to notch a couple of years as an attending before even being considered as head of cardio at any hospital. I wish Teddy would go to Germany to be with her other boyfriend. Dr. Perkins.


What about Kepner??maybe she'll finally have sex with...I dunno Avery?? And then she'll step up n be a better chief resident..alex n mak need to come back together already!!! And maybe Altman wd be so distressed, she'll go bk to Afganistan or sth n christina will be the new head of cardio..
Either ways, I agree...I need a preview!!


I really am not enjoying lexie being involved in every surgery that Der does. I know this is going to be a LOL scenario cos Lexie chucked a ball at Mark's gf, and there's gonna be lots of undercurrents when this surgery happens. But why isn't SGH using it's own eye surgeon?
But there's no mention of Avery's botched surgery. Could Cristina really operate with Altman and not show how upset she is that Henry has died?
I guess there's gonna be a time jump and Mer and Alex will be back at the hospital with all the car crash victims. No scenes of Der fussing over Mer who he thought could have possibly died.
I just have a feeling Der's looking at his daughter. I think Zola may turn up by the end of this episode cos the judge cancelled the court appearance due to his having cancer treatment

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