Hawaii Five-0 Review: An Average Day

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Pahele: Trap.

Apparently Steve and his team were busy while we were all eating turkey, as this episode opened with Five-0 receiving public recognition for an $80 million cocaine bust. Now I feel even guiltier about the feasting I did at Thanksgiving. Thanks, Steve!

Aside from the return of Steve saying "book'em, Danno" right at the end, the kidnapping storyline was nothing too surprising or out of the norm. Maybe I'm jaded, but it feels like we just had an episode about college students being kidnapped. I guess that's what happens when you re-watch the last six installment in August as a primer before the new season starts. 

A Fiery Scene

The similarities to the earlier episode aside, I have to admit that Rick Gomez portrayed Vargas/Castillo extremely well. He nailed both the meek and scared Vargas and the confident and arrogant Castillo personalities pretty well. But this did leave me me with two questions:

  1. If Five-0 had him in custody as “Vargas,” then his fingerprints came back with that name, right? So is Castillo a fake name or a street name? They didn't really fill in how he got booked as Vargas and not Castillo (as he turned out to be).
  2. They would have documentation, lab samples, etc. on the cocaine. Would there really be no case against Castillo and Five-0 would have to let him walk free just because the evidence was destroyed? While plausible, it seems to be a bit of a stretch to this reviewer. 

On the other hand, if the episode had not opened with Joe White's court-martial for rescuing Steve, I would have not even know it took place after rescuing Steve from Korea in the last episode.

Not surprisingly the Navy courts effectively forced Joe to retire. I'm not sure if that means he could end up being a series regular or not. My budding man crush kind of hopes so! Then again, he said he was planning on opening a bar and instead he went straight into kidnapping as he abducted one of Wo-Fat’s men in front of his son and two other civilians at the court house.  

Seriously? You have been out of the military a couple of days and you’re committing a felony, Joe? While we are on the topic, how did you get that gun in the courthouse? Aren't there metal detectors in Hawaii? 

So, overlooking the felony and the fact that at least three people watched him capture the guy, Joe did all of this to find out about “Shelburn,” which turned out to be a person, not a place or thing.  When the Hell did this turn into a game of “I spy with my little eye?” Or was I just ahead of the class when I concluded right off that Shelburn was a person? 

The cherry on this sundae of stupidity was when Joe had Steve meet him to hear from his hostage directly that Shelberg was a person, and then Steve just let him drive off with the guy tied up in his trunk.

Really, Steve? Don’t you think the laws apply to everyone? 

If Steve watching Joe drive away with a hostage was not strange enough, Joe then called someone and said Steve was getting too close and they might have to be moved. When did Steve get too close? Didn’t he spend the entire episode dealing with a hostage situation and only got info on Wo Fat when Joe called him directly? Anyone else confused? Yeah, me too. 

That won’t stop us from having some fun and making a game out of it. Post who you think Joe called or who you think needs to be moved (and why you think it’s that person) in the Comments below. My guess is going completely off the map sideways: I’m saying it's Steve’s mother who’s been in hiding from Wo Fat.

Top that, readers.


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You are so cruel ..
Catherine is just a hot woman, and the only connection with Steve seems to be sex, nothing deeper than that.
Catherine is a fool with good plucked eyebrows, not more.
Lori, however, has much more connection with steve by the daily work together.
If someone has to die in the show that is Rachel or Chin's wife.


The kidnapping was fine. It was lacking in suspense but the twists were good. I agree with the review. Bad writing and plotting. I'll say Shelburn but Steve's mom seems like a good candidate to be moved.


For those who want to stop watching I Feel your pain, I say it everyday. These are just my feelings, I feel Lori will be gone no later then the end of the season. I feel if I stop watching I am not punishing her but I am punishing the other cast members whom I love. They are the ones who will suffer not Lori who I feel will be gone anyway. Just my feelings as everyone has the right to watch whatever they like. I totally understand if someone wants to stop watching.
On another subject, as an Asian this show very important to me. This the only show I can think of in my lifetime to feature Asians in a major role on a Major US network


I've just searched H50 on YouTube. :) :) There are tones of videos about H50, so I searched "Hawaii Five-0 2010 Lori Weston". The result is: 1 single page. That says it all!


When the original Hawaii 5-0 was on TV, it was a must-see every week for the lead characters, stories and the locale. When this version of 5-0 started, I also enjoyed it and really liked the 4 main characters and story line. Now it has become disjointed with the addition of Lori, and the main characters are no longer able to interract in the same warm way they originally did. The WRITERS ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD BE FIRED for how they are destroying what was a good show. Right now, there is nothing else worth watching at this time of year on Monday nights; however, after New Year's when the new shows will start, I will be looking for another show that I can like, as I used to like this one.


First time since ep 5 I'm looking forward to an ep. Just watched the promo, lots of Kono and no Lori. I know she is in the ep but hopefully not as much of her. Is Capt Fryer back if so I Hope he
has some undercover work for Kono, only with 50 backup this time and not prolonged. I love it when Kono is undercover. I'm still bothered be the fact Malia hasn't got any friends, Kono's the girl in the wedding party, oh I guess you can't have everything and I'll enjoy and be Malias friend from afar.


@ Loretto...Good point, I forgot about the postcards from Japan. They should get back to the "champ box". A thought: maybe Japan is where whoever Joe is hiding was staying, perhaps Steve's Mother, or his Father. P Lenkov tweeted that we will find out who Shelburne is in the 2-14 episode, which according to my calculations should air on 1-9-12. I wonder if the character Steve will know at that time or just the viewers. I have to admit they are leaving things interesting. I sure hope one of Steve's parents are alive. Also, I hear that Lenkov is trying to bring back Taryn Manning as Steve's sister, but they seem to be having scheduling problems. Her absence during his time in jail and escape was missed. How would a sister not be informed about all this, and not at least show up or call? I would think after her getting kidnapped, and taking pictures of the contents of the champ box, her brother would keep her informed. I hope they address this.


These exchanges are fun - and totally agree with those, several comments back, who blame the producers for Lauren's continued presence on the show; their not being objective enough to realize her poor acting. (I can't think of another program I've enjoyed where bad acting has been so prolonged a presence.) And another thought re the mysterious whoever: the Champ box had those postcards to Sr McG from "someone in Japan." We never found out who - Noshimura just stated to his son that he'll be safer being extradited to Japan. I don't know - another knot not yet unraveled. Fun guessing, tho.


im thinking that joe is pretending to be playing both sides. He is the one feeding steve the info about shelburne, then telling the anonymous caller that steve is too close. I think he is moving "shelburne' to a place that steve will find them and get answers.


@Emma..I know that was an odd scene cause steve was minding his own business busy with saving the kids. Joe was the one who started it back up. He informed steve shelburne was a person, steve did not know that for sure. Kind of odd that joe would say steve was getting too close after joe is the one who filled him in. Hopefully it will all make sense soon enough.

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