Revenge Review: A Ticking Bomb

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"Loyalty" seemed like an unknown concept in the Hamptons this week, as plots for payback, blackmail and Revenge spun out of control.

Emily set up her enemies to devour one another, but some plans were more successful than others. Let's run it down, shall we?

Mr. Miyagi bails. I know his name's really Mr. Takeda but every time he appears on screen I have flashes of the Karate Kid movies. I found this part of Emily's story a little absurd. So poor little Amanda was sent off with social services but was somehow sent to Japan and apprenticed with this guy for her lifelong goal of revenge?!? I'm generally willing to suspend my disbelief for a good plot but this one may have taken it too far.

Nolan and Mr. Takeda appeared to be the angel and devil on Emily's shoulders, although calling Nolan an angel is a bit of a stretch. He wants her to get in touch with her emotions and live the life her father wanted for her. Takeda claimed her emotions would lead her to nothing but failure.

With her mentor gone, will Emily's heart begin to break free? Is there any chance she'll decide that love is worth more than revenge? Nah. I don't think so.

Karate Chop!

It just happened? That was Amanda's explanation to Emily about coming clean to Jack concerning her counter identity. Oddly enough, Amanda got Emily's blessing to stick around, but only because she saw a way to use Amanda to her advantage. 

I began to feel more for Amanda this week. She was lost and looking for attention. Unfortunately, Jack was so lonely he bought her story without question. We all know this won't end well. Jack Porter is once again destined for heartbreak.

Advice taken. Declan did the right thing for his own future as well as Charlotte's. Jack's advice was correct: If he wants any shot with Charlotte, he needs to make something of himself, although that $25,000 check could have helped with that college education.

Every time Charlotte runs to Daddy, I grow more convinced that David's her real father. It's such a fun, devastatingly good twist that I've got my fingers crossed it turns out to be true.

With Charlotte at her dad's, Daniel made his way back to Victoria where he let it slip that the real Amanda Clarke was back in town. I can't wait to see more of Victoria's reaction to that news.

Letting the snakes devour one another. That was Emily's plan. She leaked Nolan's sex tape to Daniel knowing it would start a chain of events that put Tyler and Conrad in one another's crosshairs. 

Conrad's a powerful man but Tyler's equally morally corrupt and he's now an unmedicated schizophrenic. In case you missed it, Tyler was searching for his empty prescription for Clozapine. A quick Google search showed that the drug is used by schizophrenics, specifically those with a history of harming themselves. 

So if I'm right, Tyler's now under intense pressure and is off his meds. What could possibly go wrong? Well, if you saw the promo for the next episode then you already have a clue. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until the new year to get our answers. Enjoy your holidays, Revenge-free... if that's possible.


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Victoria's going crazy-ass off-the-rails downright crazy now that:
a. Amanda (fake Amanda actually, but she doesn't know) is back;
b. She's getting a divorce;
c. Charlotte wants her dead. Wow, it's gonna be a few crazy weeks for her, and I can't help but feel she's my favorite character, despite everything.


We all know Fake Amanda will die somehow. She can't be paid off (apparently) and she has to leave somehow. I'm thinking Emily might kill her herself, despite all the things they went through together. I'm liking Daniel and Emily. Makes me forget he's going to die (right? or just injured?).


The dog is about 18.


How old is that dog?!!


As someone mentioned was the Warden who put Emily in touch with Mr. Takeda. Also, Emily did not give Daniel the video, she told him that Nolan was being blackmailed and that Tyler had a video of the tryst with Nolan. Unless Emily made a copy that we aren't yet aware of, the only one currently with any of the secert videos is Tyler who stole it from Nolan before throwing the laptop into the pool.


I've just found this show and I've spent hours on the online episodes back to back this evening. Now I find I have to wait until after New Year's for answers. Gracious! That's got me bummed. Love the show though.


Any chance Jacqueline Bisset could be a guest on this excellent drama. Perhaps as another ally to Emily?


I love the cast of this show! they interact so great I'm in love with Revenge! the new opening great!
Emily is playing an amazing game but it's a messy game! the scenes with little amanda were just heartbreaking!. She set Tyler very good up, but he is dirty player. I love the mind games Emily is playing, and showing weakness and begging Takedo to stay. Proves us she is not only the Bitch, she is still the little girl. And I knew she was involved with the divorce lawyer.
Nolan, he truly disappointed me. He wanted to play the game with her but betrayed her and so he proved her right,when she wanted to shut him out. I like the war growing between Emily and Nolan.
I like Fake Amanda and Jake. Jake is just a sucker in love and he is just the type of person who trust you until U try to kill him. Fake Amanda will speed things up a lot and interested how Victoria will handle the fact she is in the Hamptons. And how will Fake Amanda react when she realizes Real Amanda is taking her down.
Just don't know which role will Ash play in this game.
Just keep rolling this Revenge.


Notes: 1) Though I was against the Nolan/Tyler hookup from the start, I think Emily should've confronted Nolan about the sex tape before using it to expose Tyler to Conrad. 2) "He wants her to get in touch with her emotions and live the life her father wanted for her." Ehh....I don't find that too convincing. What has Nolan been doing for the past 10 episodes?


Hum...I thought this week's revenge wasn't as good as the other episode. 1. Tyler getting out of every situation is being kinda boring. He seems to always win. He took the letter, when Nolan stole it from him he stole his camera (Nolan stupidly still had all his videos on it, come on, for a computer geek I expected more) 2. Nolan looked so bright and succesfull and now he looks like a very stupid and naive person. Did he really fall in love with Tyler? How stupid is that? The guy is a prostitute? And he stole your credit card...Him coming to Em's house crying was the most unbelievable thing of the show 3. Just how boring was the japenese guy twist? him : your emotions will get in the way Em : no they won't him : yes they will Em : no they won't him : yes they will. *we got it* 4. Fake Amanda...Go home. And does she have an accent or she has a retainer or something, I cannot understand a simple sentence she says...

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My father once wrote, always question where your loyalty lies. The people you trust will expect it, your greatest enemies will desire it and those you treasure the most will without fail, abuse it.

Emily Thorne

You kiss a billionaire once you make 200 grand. I've been kissing Victoria's ass all summer and I'm lucky she lets me call her by her first name.