Revenge Round Table: "Loyalty"

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Tick... tick... tick...

Emily Thorne was diagnosed as a ticking time bomb on the most recent episode of Revenge, the final installment of 2011 and one that saw the bond between Emily and Nolan officially broken. What will this and other developments mean going forward? Our Round Table panel of Leigh Raines, Christine Orlando and Dan Forcella is here to make some predictions...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Leigh: It was a small scene but at the very end when Daniel is home and on the phone with Emily, he mentions Amanda Clark being back in town. Victoria's reaction and expression in the background was perfect. It felt like a big piece finally fell into place, setting the next stage of revenge in motion.

Christine: It was the flashback where little Amanda had to give up her dog. It was heartbreaking and made me think that if Victoria really loved David, she could have taken his daughter instead of pawning her off on social services.

Dan: I also have to go with that flashback. Little Amanda was so heartbroken and pure that it's almost a shame that she has become so addicted to revenge in her adulthood.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

How ridiculous was the karate scene? And how absurd is it the idea of the Mr. Miyagi guy in general?
Leigh: How can Emily practice karate with this alleged "investor" in an open place where anyone can see her? It just wouldn't pan out. As much as I enjoyed the scene between the three of them at the restaurant, I think it all just pushed the boundaries a little too much.

Christine: The only value I found in this character was that it explains where Emily picked up her mad martial arts skills. Other than that, it just seemed silly.

Dan: Silly indeed. It just felt out of place. There could be other explanations that fit this story better than a sensei teach her martial arts. How about some random dude in an alley right after she got out of juvy teaching her some karate? Just as likely.

What are the chances that Charlotte is Emily's half-sister?
Leigh: Charlotte and Declan are still supporting characters. Charlotte's story really needs to be fleshed out. I don't really think she's related to Emily.

Christine: I hope they are. I think it'd be a great twist and I'd love to see everyone's reactions when they find out. I've got my fingers crossed for this one.

Dan: It would certainly be interesting, but I'm with Leigh that I don't think it's going to happen. It's not a stretch that Charlotte was born from Victoria and David, but Revenge doesn't need yet another layer. It's already complex enough.

How would you get revenge on Tyler for being the absolute worst?
Leigh: Surprisingly, as psychotic as Tyler is, he was a little more interesting this week. Now we know he knows that the Graysons set up David Clarke. In a way, he's now fighting on the same side as Amanda. Should we get rid of him just yet?

Christine: The problem with Tyler is that he's unstable and dangerous.  I think the only way you can be sure he's no longer a threat is if he's in prison or dead.

Dan: Unstable, dangerous, and annoying! Yes, Leigh, we should get rid of him right this second. Sure, he might now help Emily/Amanda in the end, but at what price?  Having to watch him week in and week out is too rich for my blood.

Give Revenge a midseason grade thus far.
Leigh: A cold hard A! Revenge is the best drama on TV right now. Can't wait for January!

Christine: B+. I love the show but sometimes I wish I felt more of an emotional pull towards the characters. Other than that, it's been great fun.

Dan: I'm grading on a curve because it's a new series, but I'll go with A-.


The show was awesome and I can't wait for it's return. The thing is what month is the show returning? Please don't keep us in suspense too long.


1. Victoria face when she found out Amanda was back in town.
2. Did not care for it.
3. I don't think she is.
4. Even though he makes a great villian, I say kill him off.
5. B+


1.Fav scene!? For sure the scene when Little Em gave up her dogydog! I really had tears in my eyes! For the adult part I liked the Emily-Nolan "breakUp" scene! Opened the plot for so much more!
2.Myiagi! The scene was probably shot on Takedas private proprty, isolated on a bay! I didn't liked it either, but it had it's purpose to show how cold hearted she started to be and full of focus in her intentions! Just they need to reveal how they met, did he was a friend of her father or did the Graysons trick him to!
3.Charlotte? I didn't thought about this possibility, but it's quite possible! :D That would turn this show into a real Telenovela!
4.Tyler? He tottaly changed the dynamic of the show! And i like his twisted and corupted mind! And so shameless, just by the way he is talking to Ashley. The actor can't remember his name did an amazing show! To take out Tyler you must leave him without anything in front of everyone! What probably will happen and as this little preview tells us hi isn't saticfied with the Graysons!
5.Grade? In overall, I would give the show an A-. The only thing I missed is Victoria being the real bitch! She was it to Lydia, but than she cold off! She didn't take down anyone? Hope she takes her game to a new level when we return!


1.Fave Scene-was also kinda the crappy one. Nolan and Emily's "breakup". I hated it. Because even though I still maintain that Emily treats Nolan like crap...or as one of the others said, like gum on the bottom of her shoe...I like them working together. The thing is she can't actually pull half the stuff off w/o Nolan's help. He's such a charasmatic guy it truly is unthinkable that he doesn't have friends or isn't appreciated so seeing his heartbreak when Emily kind of screwed him over in that scene was 2.The karate scene was so diculous it was RIdiculous! What was that?! It just seemed out of place and horribly cheesy. 3. I think it's plausible that Charlotte is Emily's half sister. Why else would Charlotte be relevant?! watching Charlotte and Declan on Revenge is like watching the Florrick kids on The Good Wife. I know why they are there but I don't know why we have to see them so much. I spend their scenes drumming my fingers impatiently waiting for them to get to some character with more relevance. I think it could come out down the line when other things get resolved that she is related to Emily. 4.I guy like Tyler has to either go to jail or be dead as one of the panelist said. I know why they have Tyler onboard. Every show needs a really good antagonist but the thing is I don't love to hate Tyler or hate to love him...I just hate him. He makes my skin crawl everytime he appears onscreen...he's annoying at best, and lacks depth and layers. No matter what they try to throw out there to attempt to may him sympathetic to viewers he isn't. I mean he makes me root for the rich people! Who wants to root for rich people?! Tyler is a liability, even if he is on team Emanda at the moment he's too impulsive, unstable, and unpredictable to be useful. Take him out I say. I'd give them an A-! There is always room for improvement but they are oh so good!


1. My favorite scene is when Daniel catches fake Amanda at Emily's.
2. I wasn't sure how it fit in this episode but it explained how Emily got her discipline...and quite frankly there are other stories that should be moved forward and this one could be dropped.
3. On this show, it's possible. However, I would think that Victoria and Conrad would be reversed in their treatment of Charlotte in that case.
4. Tyler...I get that this type of show needs several antagonists...but his whole story has gotten a little off course for me...I am not sure why he needs to be crazy...I was fine with him being just cutthroat...
Plus, there's a whole bunch with him that does not make sense...why is he pretending to be rich...he's got a Harvard Law Degree and I assume connections from college...I find it hard to believe that the Grayson's are his only option for success...the other odd thing is for people that are suspicious of everyone...every buys his whole act
5. B (it was an A but the last couple of episodes and character development are slipping) Plus, I feel like at this point, there should be more attachment to the characters and I don't feel that...every time I am team someone the next week there character is someone completely different...
Look at poor Nolan...he went from smart, geeky outsider to someone dumb enough to mess up their first take down and give someone access to the laptop...and what happened to his bodyguard?


I don't think that Charlotte is David's daughter, if she were she would be Victoria's favorite, not Daniel, because she would be the daughter of the man she really loved.


Where to start!? This episode was FANTASTIC! With the exception of that very out of place and uncessary Karate scene, the episode moved at the pace that is Revenge. First off let me start with things that bother me: Tyler. I keep praying they stick a knife in him but when I saw the promo for next week, I was like "Holy shit!". So I wanna see how that one plays itself out. Second, Declan and Charlotte. I'm bored with them. It's a cute story but it's just dead weight. Something dramatic needs to happen there...seriously. Next, Ashley. I like that she's stepping up now but this should've happened from like Episode 2 or something. Hopefully something good happens. Now, let's turn to what I love: Emily, of course. I don't need details. She speaks for herself. Next, Nolan. I love Nolan. I like how he's the identification of all that is wrong with rich people: so much money but no one to share it with and yet they are desperate to fit in by all means. Next, Jack/Daniel. Both of them have won me over BUT i still haven't decided which team I'm on. Jack is beautiful to look at and his acting isn't all that great but his story line is cute. Daniel is also great to look at and while his acting sometimes gets lost in his looks, I feel for him and his yearning to break free of the rich people stigma. Next, the real Emily Thorne. Such a wild card! Like seriously! She's so unpredictable! I love it! Now, notice I didn't place Victoria on my hate or love list. Reason being, she's in the middle. I love her but I hate her and then I love that I hate her but then I hate that I love her. And the fact that her face is sometimes expressionless but her words say more. We'll see what 2012 has in store for the Ice Queen. So yes, this episode was A+ and so far the over all rating for the episodes that aired are A-! Can't wait til January!!!


I just read the show will be moving from the beach to New York City, this will be very interesting.


1. There were too many awesome scenes in the episode. There is a three way tie for me. First: when Victoria finds out Amanda is back in town. Madeline Stowe is brilliant, she conveyed shock, horror, fear and anger in one look.
Second was when Nolan realizes that Emanda is dangerous esp to him. I also like the part when he tells her that this isn't what her father wanted for her. It adds to the confusion and hesitancy that has been building up lately.
The third scene was the flash back where we see the connection between Emanda and Lawyer Victoria hires. Its an amazing shocker and I hope the lawyer becomes a part of the 2nd half. 2. I don't think that the mr miyagi scene is ridiculous at all. Sure it hasn't been given much context. There needs to more of a background as to how she got to him, who he is etc. But what can be deduced as a likely to have happened is this: She confided her story in Part to someone she trusted, perhaps Warden Stiles. She was covering for Emanda so I am sure that she has a part in it. Maybe the warden told her to seek help in trying to be better and cleverer to get her revenge. Its not implausible and I won't dismiss it as bad storytelling or a stupid plot device. 3. Charlotte has to be David's daughter. The scene in a previous ep confirms this when Conrad tells Charlotte that she will always be a Grayson. Don't need any more proof. Conrad would never ask Victoria to abort the child, nor would he give her up. He would keep the daughter of his enemy as his own as ultimate revenge on both David and Victoria. You can see Victoria's expression whenever Conrad dotes on Charlotte or let's her get away with anything. Its either that or he doesn't know yet but has suspicions. 4.The only thing for Tyler to do is to self destruct. He either kills himself or does something that sends him over the edge and away from hamptons. Something tells me that Emanda finds out about his condition and uses it to get rid of him. 5. A+ 100 %: Revenge is THE best show of the fall! It has everything a good show needs. The drama and suspense is 1st rate. The comedic moments and dialogue is superb. The acting (apart from Declan Porter) is top notch. I cannot wait for Jan!!!!!!!


In regards to the promo, I can see Tyler killing himself, as it was made clear in the in last weeks episode that he's ran out of medicine, which is either for his schizophrenia or bipolar.

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My father once wrote, always question where your loyalty lies. The people you trust will expect it, your greatest enemies will desire it and those you treasure the most will without fail, abuse it.

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You kiss a billionaire once you make 200 grand. I've been kissing Victoria's ass all summer and I'm lucky she lets me call her by her first name.