Scott Wolf Returning to NCIS January 3

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Following a mysterious appearance on the NCIS Season 9 premiere, Scott Wolf has not been seen or heard from since, but he will be back on the show in its first episode of 2012, according to reports.

If you recall, Wolf played Stratton ... if that's even his real name.

As part of the Phantom Eight storyline, he was working with Latham, head of the ONI's Watcher Fleet. The extent of their machinations wasn't overtly explained, but thanks to Mike Franks (RIP), Gibbs knows the uber-secret agent was (and is) involved in the selling of state secrets contained in the infamous microchip.

That microchip almost got DiNozzo killed - more than once.

Fortunately, Tony survived, but in the new year, “Stratton intends to finish what he started and influence some unexpected lives in the process,” executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Line, “including Gibbs’.”

Scott Wolf on NCIS

In addition to Wolf, Sarah Jane Morris also returns to NCIS that week as E.J. Barrett. How do you see this playing out? Are you excited to see either? Share your comments with us in the comments below.

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And even if you loved Mike Franks and thought that killing him off was a mistake, there is really no way to bring him back as a living character that wouldn't be a far fetched and implausible story. I don't want people coming back to life from the dead, Mary Sue too perfect to be true characters, or evil twins on NCIS. Leave that for the soap operas.


How was it a mistake if the character outlived his Welcome


As you cannot seem to recall, Muse Watson played Mike Franks. How you can reference every actor except the one who plays Mike Franks is beyond me. He was a true character on the show. The actors playing EJ Stratten and Scott Wolf are not even faint copies. The NCIS producers need to wake up and find up what a terrible mistake they have made and bring Mike Franks back from the dead.


Although I didn't really like the season finale episode terribly much, I didn't mind when Mike Franks came back and talked to Gibbs, since he had just died. I agree though that all these ghosts coming back seems gimmicky. I'm not interested in the Kelly/Shannon saga anymore. It's been done to death. Also, we've had Gibbs in two near death and momentary death experience episodes in which Shannon and Kelly appeared. Injured Gibbs being visited by these two has been done - twice. I hope we're not in for a third variation on this theme. Agree with mike though about it not being anymore ridiculous, or boring, than making Ziva such a Mary Sue character. Just simplistic bad writing really.


How can "ghosting" these characters be insulting to us and demeaning to the show. But Making Tony Ziva Bitch or making Ziva A God be ok


finally finding out wht EJ HAS BEEN UP TO-----------------------


I'm looking forward to Stratton's return too. I want some resolution for Nature of the Beast. I hope this episode has some dangerous and hero Tony, instead of the exciting scenes going to Ziva and Gibbs again. I can't say I'm tremendously excited about all the ghosts coming for the 200th episode. We've already had comatose Gibbs dreaming his past. I hope that they're not going with that theme again.


I am looking forward to his return. I hope he will bring some real intrigue, jeopardy and danger to the show. That's what kept me on my toes over the past few seasons. I can even live with EJ popping up ONE MORE TIME if the story is interesting and the focus on our beloved team.


And, yes, Debra D, I totally agree: the idea of "ghosting" these characters would be insulting to us and demeaning to the show. This ain't "Rescue Me," after all.


I don't know where the idea of Mike Franks et. al. returning as "ghosts." Every press release I've read on his return, or that of other characters who are long dead, is that they will be in the form of flashbacks. What concerns me is that all of these characters (Franks, the dead wife and daughter, etc.) are all supposed to show up in the 200th episode, which means that it is going to be very crowded in somebody's head. I think that, in an effort to draw viewers for this landmark occasion, TPTB are cramming as many "draws" into one episode that they can, which may just translate into a disjointed and confused story. There's no need for gimmicks; they just need to give us quality programming without trying to fix what ain't broke. Let the dead stay dead (and buried), and let's move on to fresh ideas.

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