Supernatural Review: The End of Bobby Singer?

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Should fans start preparing for this to be the final season of Supernatural?

I certainly hope not, but with two major character deaths, Castiel and now, Bobby, it feels as if the show is preparing itself for its closing remarks, leaving Sam and Dean to save the world one last time, all on their own. Granted, on this show, anyone can come back and death doesn't last forever... but the brothers have been finally pushed into a situation where relying on each other will be the only way that they survive.

Figthing the Clock

While it's tremendously sad to see a fan favorite go, and I'm sure many viewers will be up in arms over his departure, it was a fantastic send off and closing worthy of breaking out the Kleenex. "Death's Door" was a Bobby-centric episode that offered not only touching moments of background on the gruff guy, but captured the love and adoration Bobby felt for Sam and Dean in a complete hour.

Now, if only Castiel had received the same treatment, his death wouldn't have felt like a quick and pushed away ending.

The idea of life flashing before one's eyes was a genius way to unfold certain significant memories of Bobby's past that helped shape the man he became today. They captured multiple sides to him while keeping the episode filled with a sense of edge-of-seat anticipation of whether or not he would survive.

First, the memory of breaking his wife's heart pulled at the emotions. Bobby may have been a pain from time to time, but at his core, he's always been a good guy. He's always been filled with a sense of care and concern for the people closest to him. The worst part was that he never got a chance to move beyond their fight and even apologize for not wanting children with her.

His memory of playing catch with a young Dean made it clear that Bobby could be a great father, despite his fears to make everything turn out wrong. It was a small look at something other than focusing on hunting creatures, and that was the point: he recognized what a child needed and he loved the boys like they were his own. Having a game of catch is the quintessential type of father-son bonding and Bobby hit it out of the park.

Yet, the most revealing memory was the glimpse into Bobby's past as a child. His drunk and abusive father placed such a fear on the young boy that even after he was dead, Bobby was afraid that he would turn out like his old man. The fact that Bobby was the one to kill his own father, looked upon with disgust by his mother, and raised on the belief that he can't do anything right... it was rather amazing how he did turn out.

Bobby has been extremely hard on himself because, in fact, he's turned out to be a fantastic surrogate father for Sam and Dean. That final moment of Bobby waking from his coma to exclaim, "Idgits," showed more than enough love and pure connection with his "sons" and all I could do was hope that flatlining wouldn't be the end.

Except it seems that it was and Bobby's final memory was one not focused on grief or fear or hunting monsters, but simply being with Sam and Dean at a moment of happiness. Watching the brothers argue over licorice and Chuck Norris was the perfect memory because at its heart was a sense of family.

Jim Beaver gave one of his finest performances, expressing a range of emotions and feelings for each memory. He's truly encompassed the father figure role while contrasting it with his worries of not being good enough. It's amazing to see that just one hour was able to capture the full gamut of who Bobby Singer truly was as a man. Bravo.

The huge emotional question remains: how will Sam and Dean handle life after Bobby?

The brothers have experienced countless losses from their father to Jo and Ellen to Castiel and finally Bobby. It's easy to see that this particular turn of events could send Dean down a spiraling road filled with more punching glass. Great to see that he refused to quit on Bobby. I just hope that all the pain and loss hasn't finally overwhelmed him to the point of becoming pessimistic and giving up.

One of the finer episodes of the season, and certainly one to remember for a while, there were moments of Bobby running from door to door that felt a little slow. And the Leviathan waiting in the car seemed rather pointless other than to really piss Dean off.

Aside from a few minor complaints, this episode was a bittersweet way to end the midseason and captured anticipation, raw emotion, and even a few laughs befitting of Supernatural. Bobby Singer, we already miss you, you idgit.

What did you think of the episode? What were the numbers Bobby wrote down? Will Sam and Dean handle losing Bobby?


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Devastated like all the others (just watched it).
Most realistic scenario (I actually am a neurologist) - the physicians were able to revive him, but due to extensive brain damage he remains in a coma, to be mystically (mysteriously) healed at the end of the season in time for the grand finale (that last part is, of course, wishful thinking and not medicine...).
Or he becomes an amnesiac. I don't think they'd make him a hemiplegic, that's a gruesome fate not appropriate for a show like supernatural.

Crystal s eaton

I would not count Bobby out yet.... if u remember the very last scene is him choosing to go with the reaper or stay, What if he's a ghost now? What if that's the only way they are going to be able to defeat the new baddy?


Supernatural is and always will be the best show on TV. Somebody always has to bellyache about what goes o. This show has more chemistry between the characters and storyline than I have ever seen....Just watch and be amased!!!!


you guys are all wrong the reaper is actually a reaper, just because its asking to take bobby to the other side those not mean its not. if we flashback to the fourth season were the demons were trying to break the 66 seals the cute girl reaper was asking permission as well. this is the episode were the blind chick (the eyes that CasTIEL burnt) turn SAM and dean into ghosts to see what was happening to the reapers and to protect the hot chick reaper that was trying to take the little boys soul and deans a long time ago were the father actually gave up his soul to save dean


Just correcting a ittle mistake.
where i wrote "will them"
you should read it "will they"


@Daniel Do you remember he woke up from the coma? He tried to speak but he couldnt, that's bad, but waking up means his brain is not dead and he can maybe recover from that. Now as his heart stopped, the doctors have to bring it back up whitin 5 minutes. That's the limit as far as i know and only after that limit it can be considered dead (any medics around? lol) Now will them be able to bring his heart back up? And the most important question is it up to the doctors to bring bobby's heart back? Or is it just one of those supernatural's things and it's only up to Bobby and that "weird" guy trying to reap him? Who knows... if that guy is not a reaper, maybe someone can beat his ass and bobby would be ok, or.. if only bobby can beat his ass... i dont know.... i just hope bobby is not dead.


Ugh, This season has been very entertaining, and while I agree that Sam needs a haircut, as far as anything else I'm enjoying the ride.


I agree with Richard. Maybe it's not what it looks like.


I have invested 7 years watching this show and I am so disappointed with this season. Its slow moving, theres no direction, dean didnt even mourn castiels death. They were so close. The impala is gone, now bobby? come on. theres no fun in the brothers characters anymore. Jared really needs to cut his hair, he looks like a tool. They should've quit in season 5 with top ratings,now its just a imbarrassing mess. Wrap this season up quick boys. Because of this loser season, jared and jenson may never get work again.


But do we know the reaper is actually a reaper? All we have to go on is the reaper saying he's a reaper. And does a reaper need the permission of the person they are reaping before they can reap them? I don't think so. Yet here here we have the "reaper" virtually begging Bobby for permission to take him. Death is the ultimate reaper. In Chicago he was ready to reap millions,,,but he didn't go around to each of them asking their permission to do so. And when Dean put a spell on Death, and Dean ordered him to destroy Castiel/god, Death didn't ask for Castiels permission to take him. The only way Castiel could stop Death from taking him was to break Deans spell/shackles, thus preventing Death from having to obey Deans command. For me, Bobby's reaper doesn't pass the smell test. What if he's not and is really something else? As for the reaper character telling Bobby his brain was almost dead, well, remember the "Dream a Little Dream of Me" episode, where Bobby fell into a deep sleep/coma? The dreamwalker convinced Bobby that his wife was back to kill him. She wasn't, but Bobby was fooled into thinking she was. And the dreamwalker convinced Dean he would become a demon when he went to hell. Dean went to hell but never actually became a demon. Bobby's reaper could be doing the same,,,convincing him of something that isn't. All of this could be just wishful thinking on my part and Bobby may really be gone for good, but why did they leave us hanging? They could have shown Bobby saying yes, or nodding his head yes to the reaper, and then shown him flatlining. But they didn't. I think we are in for a surprise in January when it picks up again. The show isn't called Supernatural for nothing.

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