Figthing the Clock
It's a race against the clock, with a life on the line, for Sam and Dean on the episode "Death's Door."

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I took a look at this, following your riveew. Respectfully, I have to disagree.This version is blander, more superficial, the leads are prettier but 2 dimensional. The music was too obviously signposting when the angst was supposed to ratchet up. And don't get me started on the slo-mo.They seem to be rushing the plot.The best thing is their casting of Bishop. He lacks the immediate creepiness/menace of the Brit version, but Pellegrino is an actor who can switch that on at will. So its likely that the terrifying aspects of Bishop's personality can be portrayed by him. Thats if this re-imagining goes there, of course.This version is just standard stuff IMO. The lighting and make up is better than the UK version- as is often the case. But the raw edge and depth are gone.The style of acting makes me think Grey's Anatomy, rather than BSG. If its just first episode dodginess, but gets better (like Spartacus:Blood and Sand did) I would give it a chance. But if this is what they're aiming for?Nuh-uh.

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