The Good Wife Review: Face-Branching Out

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We hope you were paying close attention to "What Went Wrong," Facebranch users. Because this social network can create significant problems in one's professional life.

I kid. It was clearly a miniscule part of The Good Wife this week, but for a show that prides itself of being current and being hip - and which referenced Facebook earlier in the episode! - it was a bit distracting to have the featured case solved as a result of... Facebranch.

Alicia Florrick, Focused

That legal issue wasn't the only confounding aspect of the 2011 finale. I'm not sure if the show knows what to do with its main character these days.

A week ago, Alicia was panicked over Grace's purported abduction, questioning herself as a mother along the way. Now, thanks to a few words of encouragement from Diane, she's on board as a future partner? She's willing to "focus" and to cut down on her "distractions," even when those distractions concern her children? I don't buy it. I don't believe the Alicia we know would commit so fully to a track that would result in even less time at home, especially not based on Diane's speech.

Females should stick together to be successful! Girl power! Let me help you!

Look, Diane and Alicia are two very different women. They have different priorities. Alicia is a parent of two and Diane chose work over time away with Gary Cole's awesome Kurt McVeigh. I'm not judging either, and I'm not interested in getting into a grand discussion over whether or not women can "have it all." I'm just looking at the facts and the character of Alicia Florrick - yes, she's been hardened a lot since we met her, but not when it comes to her kids. It's simply a fact that partners at huge law firms spent a majority of their time at the office... and I don't see why Alicia would choose that path.

I'd go the other way. As I argued in the latest edition of Round Table, why not go work for Louis Canning? Be home earlier, remove the complications from dating Will. It's a win-win, not the "mess" Alicia characterized it as last Sunday night.

Elsewhere, Kalicia appears to be getting back on track. The thawing of the relationship between Alicia and Kalinda wasn't exactly handled delicately - I'm never a fan of episodes that so closely mirror a character's personal and professional lives; here, Alicia just happened to work on the case of a woman who talked about her real friends... while she also just happened to be reminded of how Kalinda can often serve as one - but it's a welcome development.

Alicia has shared drinks so far this season with Celeste, Owen and now Diane, but none result in the sort of fun conversations and bonding that we used to see between her and Kalinda. It made sense for Alicia to sever ties after the whole sleeping-with-Peter thing came out, but it also makes sense here for her to finally start to forgive. Even if it took a contrived baptism plot her to get there.

Finally, we leave 2011 with a twist in Will's judicial bribery case: Peter is Wendy Scott Carr's target, a development that will hopefully move this plot along a bit. There hasn't been a lot to it so far other than Will looking concerned, but also standing by the lack of evidence in her case. But now we'll get to enjoy the (spoiler alert!) return of Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni, who will act as Will's attorney in what is bound to be an entertaining grand jury investigation.

Thank goodness for Will, too. The guy needs something else to do now that no one is showing up for his Wednesday night basketball games (I was hoping to see him and new pal Eli going one-on-one, if only to see the latter outside of a suit). I'm not sure it's Wendy that scared him off, though. It may have been his ugly free throw shooting form. Who takes a jump shot as a foul shot?!? Come on, Will.

Go home and find some new friends for your game. There must be some kind of social network out there that will make it easy to do so.


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Alicia /Will will end treating one another this way, there is no unfinished business with a long 15+ year time line yet ongoing. Why does everyone see this as a relationship going back to college, she never dated him and also told him in the whisper cell phone episode that if they had it wouldn't have lasted a week.
And as we are seeing now there is no love in what they did and she finnally is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the end we will see the real Will and Dianne and how they will bring the firm completely down.


Doesn't "The Good Wife" base its complex issues against the pulls of human goodness and desires? Are not our writers addressing self growth and change developments? Is more faith in the writers needed? Their created story problems will be eventually resolved with goodness in hand. I yet believe Alicia and Will will discuss their feelings together and be better for these present story developments. The writers know well that we followers value "goodness"at our own core, and therefore Alicia /Will will not end treating one another or themselves this way............unfinished business with a long 15+ year time line yet ongoing.


Merry Xmas JOHN.


"keep watching future episodes and the dirty past will come out and guess who goes down." So self-deluded! Did you miss where Wendy Scott-Carr is looking into PETER'S shady history of corruption and moral decay? He's the one with the dirty past, and all the sordid details will soon hit the fan -- again. Peter is the one who goes down, and foolish Alicia will be s.o.l.


Alicia will never go back to Will, keep watching future episodes and the dirty past will come out and guess who goes down.


I do believe the writers have shown Alicia having deep seated care and love interest in Will often even during seasons 1 & 2. An episode noted an unnamed "Georgetownman" memories & unfinished feelings which Alicia had written about in her journal during dissatisfactions in her married life. Also the writers revealed Alicia's romantic feelings for Will during her week long trip moving Owen from the West. More significant for me continually has been how in tune W/A have been in work behaviors and social approaches and interpretations. Also, depicted nonverbally has been sensitive and respectful awareness of each other's frequency in various situations. Alicia now is overloaded and trying to deal with so many changes,conflicting feelings, and attitudes in her life. Her personal goodness toward others in her relating modes keeps shinning through to me. Her disconnecting attempts within her own heart realm stress seems confused and her balance with her head/heart will lead her to reach out again likely for Will as with him she feels appreciated and cherished. Comfort, peace, and growth needs seem to be the challenge goals during season 3 for both A/W with the increased chaos mix of Will's past. The writers have their hands and heads full.


I'm starting to feel the same way, Paola. Alicia has been doing such stupid things lately that I'm starting to feel that Will deserves better than her. And if Alicia goes back to creepy cheating Peter, maybe he's really all she deserves.


I can't stand alicia and will so cold one each other, and Alicia is becoming so stupid! Where is the Alicia we got used to know? This Alicia is calculating everything and I really hope she is just confused: But what is she doing? She is using Peter's power to put kids into private schools, and everyone in this episode is so bitch! Diane is becoming a switch: how can she tell that a woman at the top of work has not to think to her private family life? She is really alone and frustrated..and I loved the romantic story between my two heroes..Alicia, you are really disappointing me, and I think King are insulting little bit all the women who believed in Alicia. And everything is so cold! I just liked Will, at the end..really, Will, you are becoming adult, you are stopping your Peter Pan era. Now, I could believe in you, and may be you deserve a much better woman than Alicia. Bye bye Paola


Agree with Dawn. The last episode was dissapointing. Alicia was not like her character. It does not make sense that the W/A relationship ended abruptly with no feeling of awkwardness. It is even more mind boggling when Diane talked to Alica about partnership after she voiced out earlier her dissapointment about W/A relationship. It was even absurd to think Alicia is considering it after she decided to focus more on her children, and her break-up with Will. The private school thing does not make a lot of sense except to show some interaction between Peter & Alicia. This episode seemed to go everywhere. It is also odd to see Alicia being friends with Diane 'outside' work. The writers created them with totally different personalities and do not have anything in common. Finally, I had enough of Dana. She's getting more irritating each and every episode.


First off lets put the Will/ALICIA to rest its over and will not come back, keep reading will tell you why.
The partner thing is a real ploy by Dianne to keep Peter off their backs at Lockhart&Gardiner, Alicia will not ever go for those terms but could get better over at luis Canning firm.
Now to get to the real meat of this investigation by Wendy Scott where she comes in on Will at the basketball court and tells him she is investigating Peter on his first time as SA. Wills eyes got wide open till she wanted him to testify before the grand jury, thats when he got pissed and told her he would get a lawyer.
This part is about what oldman Stern told Alicia back in season 1 that Peter was framed now the dark past is coming 360 back and Will was involved in it with others. This is the reason Peter has made Wendy a special prosicutor, I can just see the blow up now and the string of people that will be heading to prison.
To set the story straight Alicia will never be back with WILL again and when she finds out about the person she didn't know bombs away (BOOM)

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