The Mentalist Spoilers: Welcome Back Red John

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Fret not, fans The Mentalist. Despite less focus on Red John this season, producer/writer Daniel Cerone is here to assure you that the mystery behind Patrick Jane's mystery will soon return to the forefront of the series.

It "will definitely ramp up toward the end of the season more than the middle part, but we do have a nice build,” Cerone tells EW. “We’ve introduced this character, Darcy, who is investigating the supposed reemergence of Red John, but the more time that she spends with Jane, the more suspicious she’s going to become of him. So that investigation into Red John is going to take many twists and turns before the end of the season.”

As previewed above, it all starts next Thursday, too. On “Fugue in Red,” Jane will lose his memory an revert to his con-man persona. The storyline will “reframe who Red John is in the life of our character," teases Cerone.

As for the most recent installment, read our review of "Red Shirt" NOW.

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Now with season 4, It is time to introduce a little more Jibson!!!!! If there relationship starts to become a little more than just friends that can play into the Red John story because we all know Red John does not like Jane falling for anyone.


I really LOVE the chemistry between Jane and Lisbon!! I believe Lisbon will be the person who SAVES Jane.


Wow! So looking forward to this one...
Hoping for some Jisbon scenes!
The week is long...

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