The Mentalist Review: Death and Ice Cream

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Welcome to the future. We may not have jet packs yet, but you can post murder video on the Internet and bait a suspect with a Twitter account. Poor Jake put on the wrong jacket and got in the wrong car and suddenly his future was over.

Craig Bierko on The Mentalist

"Red Shirt" gave every character their small moments to shine or dim depending on who they were. Grace didn't have a lot to do during this episode besides babysit Doc Dugan and drop fake files but I loved her line when Dugan was hitting on her: 

I shot and killed my last boyfriend. I'm not ready for a relationship yet.| permalink

That one should go in everyone's save file for unwanted suitors who won't take a hint. If that doesn't scare them off, I don't know what will. Plus, Grace was just so matter of fact about it. I doubt Dugan could tell if she were serious or kidding.

Cho made a tremendous tackle on our football fan suspect but he also paid the price. I wonder where they're going with this storyline. At some point the back pain and pill popping is going to catch up with our stoic Kimball Cho. How he'll handle that is anyone's guess, but anything that gives Cho more screen time is good with me.

And did Rigsby's reaction to Cho's back pain annoy anyone else? Having noticed Cho's distress, he chastised him for tackling a suspect when he has a bad back and in the next breath changed the subject to his love life. The more I see of Wayne Rigsby, the less I like him.

Speaking of Rigsby's love life, he asked his attorney girlfriend to prep him for court then got upset when she brought up his family and his past. You would think that somewhere along the way a defense attorney would have already dug up his father's criminal past during a case but maybe I'm wrong. 

So after he ditched her on a park bench, he later apologized by insulting her profession. I kind of like Sarah but I can't figure out why she's dating Rigsby.

Lisbon was having fun with this case. She got to hide Dugan from Wainwright and arrest a bunch of mobsters. She was thrilled to tell Arnold Green that his enforcer turned over a new leaf and the CBI found Green under it. When asked if they should arrest the bartender too, Lisbon was positively gleeful when she told the agent yes, the more the merrier.

Of course, Jane got his time to shine. From knowing it was Cho walking up behind him to finding a supposedly dead football player very much alive and in bed with not one but two female fans, Jane was having a good time.

My favorite was when he convinced Martin that he was a psychic talking to the dead. The tough guy who wore the bullet that pierced his lung as arm candy freaked out over Jane's little ghost story. I guess everyone is scared of something.

Jane's theory was that once you're dead, it doesn't matter what people thought of you because you won't be here to know about it. Do you agree? What I do agree with is that as long as we are here, there's always ice cream.


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There's a theory that Bruno wrote The Mentalist as a continuation of Rome, set in a modern crime procedural. That would make Wainwright the new Octavius, after the assassination of Julius Caesar. The food court fake-Red-John killing was just a way to show that in this one regard, that's where they are in the story. And after the assassination, when Octavius, still just a teenager, inherited all Caesar's wealth and power, he let Lucius and Mark Antony and Pompey share the power for a while. But obviously Wainwright is going to emerge as the victorious Augustus Caesar at some point, banishing Patrick's Lucius back to Great Britain. On another level, and at another point in the historical drama, Cho getting hooked on drugs and considering the charms of a hooker means that he's in a Lucius cycle, after he survived the fake crucifixion of his Jesus persona, and went and hid out in the tower in Glastonbury, and in his druggy haze considered trying to make his mom, Julia, aka Mary Magdalene, also a drug addict from her time in Egypt taking death drugs to fake her death as Cleopatra, pregnant. Cho as Rigsby/Gaius Caesar's shorter sidekick makes him a Lucius, and his name CHO is a short form of CHI RHO, the sign of Christ. I find it actually makes the show mroe enjoyable, and make more sense, if you get what the writer's are up to. Apparently these old soap opera stories of the Caesar family really get pro writers worked up - they sometimes forget to tell the rest of us why the plot supposedly makes sense and is so "gripping" and "powerful". But be warned, Cho is not only going to get more druggy, he's going to get that hooker pregnant, flee to Scotland with her when Caesar comes calling wanting the baby for himself, and then it's off to Paris for the classic Lucius/Julia honeymoon, before they split up and Julia goes on to Rome to try to play one on Daddy. Too bad she ends up dead.


I agree with the review. The latter part of the Cho/Rigsby scene was intended as a reverse "fake psychiatrist scene" in my opinion. Wainwright's cool. He fits in well with Lisbon and Jane. He gives leeway, he's willing to go along with unorthodox plays and he doesn't blow up at indiscretions, but he'll crush you if warranted.


Good episode although why a defense attorney would be prepping an officer of the law is a glaring mistake, you arrest criminals, then you work with the D.A. to get them incarcerated. Cho with a drug problem is so cliche, I hope they just resolve this quicklyas it could be embarassing for Kimball. Jane doing his psychic thing was great, since that is his forte and seldom used lately. Wainright is proving to be a wuss and I don't know where he got his credentials, I'm assuming he's someone's nephew. I'm glad Simon got to enjoy his favorite (ice cream) with his final comments, yes death is finite, as I remember the first episode when he made the football comment to Grace about when the wistle blows that's it, no replay.


I liked this episode it had some great moments between Jane and Lisbon plus I loved Cho sleeping. I'm glad they are continuing with Cho's back problem, it shows consistency but I think it might lead to a drug problem for Cho, he's hitting those pills pretty hard. The new boss is pretty funny too, his character is a refreshing change from the normal intimidating bosses of the past. I do agree with Jane, after death why should we care what people think? It no longer matters.

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