Cassidy Freeman: Cast on The Vampire Diaries!

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Cassidy Freeman isn't just coming to The Vampire Diaries - she may be sticking around for awhile!

The former Smallville star has landed a potentially recurring role on The CW smash as Sage, a woman who will be seen on episode 16 via flashback.

Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer

According to TV Line, we'll first see the character - described as “sexy and fearless, with a devilish smile" - in 1912. Look for her to have a connection to both the Salvatores and the Originals.

That's all we know for now, but we do have an update on Samantha Gilbert: this family member will NOT be seen in present day. She'll also appear in one of the show's famous looks back. The role has not yet been cast.

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SO COOL!!! I loved her in smallville. Cant' wait to see what her character's like. TVD writer's never disappoint.


There were a few original witches not just klaus' mother. That being said.. whoever or whatever is in the coffin doesnt necessarily have to be a vampire, that could be the reason why the coffin is sealed with magic.


i'm excited to see cassidy at VD. she really did well at smallville...maybe she's the mother of originals and the salvator brother's?


we saw Klaus bury his mother! she could've been in the coffin neutralized like his brother are! Cause than he hadn't a fancy truck to transport them. So it's quite possible The Original witch is in the 4th coffin. but I'm cheering for the original DG to be in the coffin!


@ Nawty-Angel the original witch was Klaus' mother and he killed her so i don't think she is alive and she can't be a vampire either because Rebekah said that she was a servant of nature and she can't be vampire, because they are monsters of the nature.
And is there anyone who not knew the Salvatores or the originals?

L stefan

actually there's an interview with julie plec who said, she is only a character that we will see in non present day mystic falls.

L stefan

it says 'we'll first see the character, in 1912.'
she may be another character that comes from a flash back to the present day?


So she only appears in a flashback??
It is also interesting to know Samantha Gilbert then isn't going to be Klaus love interest! Wait so is it a possibility sage is in the coffin? Really want it to be an original witch!


so with this character appearing there will be a lot to handle!? The Bennet witches, Sage! But I wonder will Sage portrayed that VampWitch which I heared about( should be played by D.Pannabaker!?)! And why will this flashback happen? Who will tell the story? Damon, Stefan or Sage byherseld!?


Also, Sage from the book series was a hot guy vampire who Elena suspected was an "Old One" but never knew for sure. Be interesting to see how tv series portrays this character.

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