Castle Review: We're Going To The Chapel...

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Welcome back, Castle fans! After what seems like forever, the ABC hit returned this week with the first new episode of 2012, "'Till Death Do Us Part." The episode carried us through a fun murder and ended with the much anticipated wedding of Ryan and Jenny. How did it turn out? Let’s discuss now!

The Pick Up Artist Goes Down. In more ways than one. The weekly case focused on a pick up artist who played women to find out espionage secrets. This was a fun twist, being that it dealt with his career instead of just trying to pick up women. The best parts about it? The code names for the pick up moves (that Espo later used) and the victim’s ledger of conquests. In that ledger was a woman we were getting ready to see walk down the aisle...

Sharing Chinese Food

Ryan’s Wedding Is Finally Here! The latest installment featured the wedding of Ryan and Jenny, and although it was the shortest scene ever, it was pretty sweet. I had hoped that more time would be spent on the event, especially after the lead up to it. But, hey, us fans will take what we can get.

The Highlights:

After finding out Lanie is bringing a date, Javi searchers for the perfect plus one. Loved that both wanted to bring someone because the other one was. What made it awesome was that their dates ended up being a cousin and a gay man. Here is hoping to a Lanie/Javi rekindling. Espo is too awesome to be alone.

In preparation for the wedding, Ryan goes on a cleanse with Jenny. I didn’t care to much for the idea until it led into the donut fight between Ryan and his partner. This was awesome.

The wedding of Ryan’s character marked an especially special occasion. Seamus Deaver walked down the aisle towards his real life wife, Juliana. The two have been married since 2006 and got to experience a short but sweet expensive wedding on TV. Ryan’s excitement felt real in the wedding scene, and no wonder, he was getting ready to “marry” his wife all over again.

Beckett and Castle decide to be each other's plus ones! Although there wasn’t really any movement on the romance situation, Beckett is definitely starting to put herself out there again. Besides, the girl looked gorgeous!! Stana Katic is seriously beautiful. I couldn't have been alone in my reaction of seeing those two walking down the aisle hand and hand to their seats. I’m willing to bet the rest of the Caskett shippers were smiling at their screens, too.

Some Side Notes:

  • Beckett called Espo “The Situation.” Hilarious.
  • Castle referencing ABC’s 9 p.m. time slot, The Bachelor
  • Castle finally got to rock his writer’s vest again!
  • How amazing did Alexis look in that black gown? 
  • Kinda loved that Jenny was one of Bailey’s conquests. Pretty awesome twist for the wedding, especially since Ryan already knew. At least one couple on the show is honest with each other. 

Overall, a pretty solid start to the new year. The only downside to this episode was the shortened wedding, but there was a lot to pack into the hour. The case was typical Castle: fun, twisty, humorous. So I leave you with this Castle Fanatics: did you wish the wedding scenes were longer? Was the first episode of 2012 a letdown or did you enjoy it as much as I did?

Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “Till Death Do Us Part.” Make sure to check back later in the week the Castle Round Table, too!


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loved this week's episode. The stuff going on between Javi and Lanie were my favourite scenes.


dare i say it i found it a bit boring.


I really did not care for this episode. It seemed so SLOW. I looked at the clock and realized that it was only 10:30! My mom told me she felt the same way when she watched it yesterday morning. Oh, well. There's always next week.


I know that a lot of people are complaining that we didn't get to see enough of Ryan and Jenny's wedding. However, I think that the writers didn't make a huge deal about this wedding on purpose, because there will hopefully be another wedding in the near future... Caskett!! Marlowe & co. want to make sure that the story lines don't get too repetitive (there was a wedding in season 2, remember?) and keeping this eppy low key will allow for Kate and Rick's wedding to be that more special when it finally rolls around!


i love the episode. castle and beckett are so cute together, i want them to be together but i still want that sexual tension to be drawnnnnnnnn out forever. btw when did they start calling eposito "espo" that was so random. YES STANA KATIC IS FREAKING GORGEOUS.


I agree with most of the other posters here: There definitely should have been more of the wedding! Significant glances between Castle & Beckett during the vows, and then the two of them dancing at the reception. Maybe even a bit more of Espalanie. Looks like they're headed towards reconciliation. :) Promos for next week look amazing, too! Can't wait for Monday nights! :)


I do have to say that I was disappointed that there wasn't more of the wedding shown after all the build up. Still, it was a good episode, with nice beats between the characters. Beckett is looking decidedly more healthy these days and much more relaxed. Nice to see her and Castle bantering again.


I thought it was an episode with better moments than as a whole. The "mystery" was not compelling and the murderer was apprehended pretty easily. However the core cast moments like the cleanse and the donut fight were strong and I thought Espo did a good job showing his jealousy. The brief angst over
Gyrating Jenny" was well played and I liked that it was brought up and resolved without any excessive drama over Chinese food. Castle and Beckett had a nice rapport and the "numbers" conversation was pretty honest and real. By the way, Stella looked amazing, as good as she ever has and that is really saying something.


What a great episode! I love that Seamus and Juliana are married, and all their scenes are adorable. The wedding was lovely, even though we only saw a bit of it, but I think I remember seeing something where Seamus said they actually had the ceremony and their family were guests on set for it. I loved the scene where Ryan finally eats and asks them if Jenny was in the ledger, and how surprised they were that he already knew. He and Jenny definitely have the healthiest relationship on the show. :)


I really enjoyed this episode. Funny! Loved how Ryan attacked Javi over a donut. LOVED the number conversation. Their banter is a riot! The three pick up artists explaining their ex-stalk-tion was also funny. It was a fun episode. And I agree, needed much more wedding time. As built up as it was, I was expecting much more. There was more wedding in A Rose for Ever After than in this one.

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