Gossip Girl 100th Episode Dream Sequence Pics: Released!

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The CW has just released a new series of photos from the much-touted 100th episode event, featuring Blake Lively as Serena - or should we say Marilyn Monroe - with Nate, Chuck and Louis as her backup dancers.

The setting for this unexpected scene, as first reported after a set video somehow leaked earlier this season, is Blair's foyer. The chorus line alone would be noteworthy, but that's not all: Queen B shows up too!

With Serena portraying Marilyn and singing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," Blair appears as Audrey Hepburn a la "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and the two supposedly start a tug of war over ... Dan.

Check out the earlier 100th episode photos we posted from the January 30 event, "G.G.", then click to enlarge the new set below and see if you think Blake makes a convincing '50s / '60s bombshell:

  • Serena the Goddess
  • Serena's Dream
  • Serena's Dream Sequence
  • Serena the Goddess
  • Serena in a Pink Dress

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People really think Dan and Blair will end up together?? Even if you want them to get together anyone with any sense can tell where the show is going. Chuck and Blair will be together in the end. Dair fans are funny.:)


@ Lila part 3
Season 4 and 5: Blair and Dan does makes sense! Why?
Dan has been there for her every step of the way and he loves her and he have not even try to undermine her like the great Chuck Bass did in season 2 when he was in love with her and not telling her. Shocking right?
So Blair deserves to experience that unconditional love that Dan is showing her, that are my opinion anyway.


@ Lila part 2
Season 3. I just have to write a few words: Hotel trade, then had the balls to give her a ultimatium to be at the ESB, Jenny, propose to Blair just hours after that. That just screams happy pure simple love right?
Sure he did some good things to her in S3 but that just flew out the window on what he had done to her.
Season 4: They both had become so boring, it was like watching paint dry when they were together. That piano sex was dull it made try to watch what the brand of the piano was.


@ Lila Oh they do makes sense my friend, Blair wants pure simple happy love, and there has been hints to that fact thanks to Dan.
And I think we can established that Chuck hasn't done that in a good way since season 1. "Watch from season 1". You mean when Chuck shoot Blair down when she was weake and vulnerable? Comparing her with his ​​father's horse? Or when he stood her up in the last episode? Season 2. Scheming and undermine her because he loved her? Granted he was good when he bought her that dress and fixing so that she became prom queen and that he went to 3 diffrent countries to buy her favorite gifts.


@Jonas: no it doesn't make sense that they would be interested in each other that way. And no, that's not stupid at all. It's ridiculous to pair characters up just to get a new couple when it doesn't make sense that they would ever get together. And Chuck and Blair do belong together. How can you say that's the most stupid thing you've heard?! Watch from season 1.


So you do not like it to be a Blair and Dan romance because they, Serena and Chuck are the only ones who hasn't been with each other during the show? That's the second dumbest thing I've heard after "Chuck and Blair are meant for each other", like I have read 100 times before. That's a brilliant rhetoric!


As predicted - only Archibald looks the part 8)
good thing that boy is just THAT good looking!


it's SERENA'S dream
blair isn't the only one who has had a dream! remember chuck's dream!
can't wait to see this scene! ;P


Everyone, it is Serena's dream. In the video that was released on twitter earlier this season showed Blake Lively at the end mentioning something about 'I wish they'd give me another dream.' In this weird voice, so it is definitely hers.


I like these photos, I think the cast really enjoyed making this dream sequence! I vote it is Dan's dream, maybe because he is sort of like assessing what is happening around him, Blair needs his help, Serena still wants his attention and all the other guys represent the swoon of men surrounding both Serena and Blair, but they only want Dan.