Gossip Girl 100th Episode Photos: Released!

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Gossip Girl's 100th episode, and the royal wedding it centers around, is right around the corner and the CW has released a dozen photos from the milestone event that will surely have fans buzzing with anticipation.

Just so everyone is clear: The show returns Monday with "The End of the Affair." Then "Father and the Bride" and its bachelorette party fun take place the following week. Then the wedding episode, titled "G.G.", on January 30.

It looks like Blair Waldorf, looking stunning in Vera Wang, makes it to the altar ...

Marrying Louis

Doesn't exactly look overjoyed, does she?

Whether any vows are exchanged remains an open question, of course, as do the following mysteries that the photo gallery below may offer some clues about, if not clear up conclusively ...

  • Does Chuck Bass make it to the big day?
  • Who walks down the aisle with Dan?
  • Who are B's bridesmaids?
  • What is Georgina's deal?!

Theories abound. Click to enlarge the photos and sound off below!

We Smell a Scheme
Stunning Bride
Daniel, Serena
Bad Altar Girl
Chuck and Blair on Her Wedding Day
Blair and Her Mother
Blair and Her Two Dads
At the Church
Do You, Blair Waldorf ...
Blair and Her Girls

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In one photo, it kinda looks like she still has a baby bump! What the.....




Blair's hair looks better when she gets out of bed then at her royal wedding...


My money is on it being a dream of Blairs


This is making me nervous. I really hope they don't get married for real...
(Then again, I hoped this with Lily's wedding to Bart, and look how that turned out)


@Amie agreed completely. I've seen the movie that the mid-season premiere is based on called The End of the Affair (or something). The idea behind it is a woman prays to god to save her lover when she thinks he's critically injured/almost dead. (she's married to someone else). She promises god to stay away from him in exchange. When he recovers, she keeps that promise. Blair doing that for Chuck makes absolute sense. But the Blair of S1-2 would stick to it never letting anyone know of her struggle. No constant tears or complaining about the situation. Blair would get it done with a smile on her face. This new Blair bothers me in that regard because she wears her weakness on her sleeve. The old Blair saw emotion/pain as a tool to use. Writers get it together!

Kimberly anne

I think Blair is looking at Chuck!!!


Ick Blair's hair! Did the stylist take the week off or something, or did they get the intern to do it?! It's terrible! Though it's been terrible for the past few seasons but this just takes the cake


I have to say that I do not feel sorry for Blair at all. If she is unhappy, its because of her own actions. No one forced her to accept Louis's proposal, no one forced her to stay with him, no one forced to do anything actually. She was the one who cheated, lied, schemed and played with fire. Louis was kind and sweet to her, he told from the beginning, SHE WAS THE ONE TO MAKE A CHOICE. After her night with Chuck, she should have ended things of with Louis, but she did'nt. Then there was the uncertainty about the father of her child...lies there too. Louis started mistrusting her because Blair did everything to arise suspicion. Wouldn't your fiancee be suspicious if you kept on inquiring about your previous lover and always finding a reason to go see him? Yes, Louis did some stupid things, which made Blair selfishly say YOU DON'T TRUST ME...then she turns her back and once Louis is out of town she runs back to see if "Chuck is busy scheming against her".



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